FutureNet English Training Webinar 2018 04 03 Hugh Paul Ward

“We’re here to share with you the
wonderful business known as future net
future net has been around since way
back in 2012 and has developed into a
very sizable and very honest company the
exercise on this presentation is to
share with you the opportunity with
future net it is absolutely phenomenal I
hope you’re going to like it
and I know certainly you might like one
two three or all four parts of what we
do but in a nutshell future net is the
new social media platform that pays you
in Fiat that’s your standard currency or
in cryptocurrency your choice you could
get paid in u.s. dollars in Euro and
pounds in almost any currency you wish
or you can get paid in cryptocurrency
and we’re going to talk about that a
little bit later as you can see over
here on the platform you will see you
can add friends and you can add
unlimited friends this is a close
community we don’t have Big Brother
watching us it’s a closed network a
closed community and very safe
environment and you can add unlimited
friends there are other companies that
limit you to 5,000 friends you can put
10,000 people 20,000 people a million
friends if you wish on this platform of
course it’s free entirely free to
everybody starts for free and it always
will be free now on our platform you can
do many activities you can like share
post you can comment you can set up fan
pages you can upload photographs movies
videos you can market business on this
there are so many things you can do with
our platform we have a shopping channel
on there we have games on there we have
three business opportunities for our
entrepreneurial minded people and we’re
going to show you that on this
presentation now you have already built
social circles before Facebook for
instance was created by you and me and
all our friends because it was we
who not only added or built the
community by sending out our link we
also built the content on the likes of
it’s our content it’s our photographs
our holidays our movies that we uploaded
our chat that is our communication and
on all the other platforms you just
don’t get paid we have snapchat we have
Instagram we have LinkedIn we have
YouTube you just don’t get paid for
using those platforms with this social
media platform we pay you in fact we
have created an environment which we
believe it’s the easiest place on the
internet to make money with future nets
so let’s have a look at who future net
is future net as I said was created way
back in 2012 and there are two
phenomenal machineries two remarkable
gentlemen that came together many many
years ago and they had the vision to put
together this fabulous platform Roman
and Stefan our one gentleman’s from
Poland the other gentleman is from
Germany and they both live and reside in
Dubai so our headquarters in Dubai but
we also have satellite offices in other
parts of Europe and Asia and we’re
expanding all the time there are more
than 150 full-time staff on this project
between programmers customer service and
IT departments product development
marketing about 150 people and that’s
continuing to grow as our community
grows so does the corporate body as well
now at this point in time we are
approaching somewhere in the region of 3
million users and that’s that’s a fair
size of a business but we want more we
want to hit 10 million users 25 million
users a hundred million users and more
on the planet today there are about 7
billion people and about one third of
them are already connected on Facebook
two million people on Facebook so we
want to approach not only those two
billion people but we also want to tap
into the other five billion people
particularly those of course that have
internet access and we’re going to show
them how that they can have a fabulous
time on the internet they can have
fabulous opportunities to make money
from the comfort of their own home
either behind their smartphone or behind
their laptop or PC or Apple device they
can make money and we believe we’ve
created a platform to make it the
easiest place on the internet to make
money we’ve already generated sales in
excess of 600 million US dollars and
based on recent sales if we were to
continue our current level we are
probably and most likely going to the
next billion-dollar company in the
industry it’s very possible in the next
12 months this company could be a
billion-dollar company how would you
like to be part of the next billion
dollar company none future net we have
this we have this strap line it’s it’s
we are or the online world and the
offline world where we come together on
this presentation for instance we are
both online you’re physically where you
are I’m physically where I am but we’re
connecting live on line only internet
but this company gives us the
opportunity to meet at national events
we do massive global webinars and
seminars where we come together we pick
very nice locations where the community
can meet we can meet the owners we can
meet our successful entrepreneurs we can
meet our staff at these major events we
also are opening a range of future net
cafes we want to have franchise that out
right across the globe so we want to
brand future net so that you can go for
coffee and meet someone and talk about
this fabulous idea we’re also opening
restaurants and we’re continually
looking at new businesses new ideas so
that the online world and the offline
world can come together not
however at the platform here if you
haven’t seen it before you’re probably
familiar enough with this kind of layout
on the left-hand side here it’s quite
interesting we have a future net store
where we have our future net branded
products we have a shopping platform
with over 400 million different products
that’s incredible anything you can think
of well nearly anything you can think of
400 million project choose clothes
travel holidays flights accommodation
umbrellas anything at all iPhone some
songs doesn’t matter we have about 400
million products over there and you
could enjoy that at the click of a
button go search and find what you need
none the point of bringing this platform
together is because these are what’s
known as affiliated links and if any one
of our community goes purchase something
there is a commission there is revenue
that comes to future net and here’s the
good news
future net is very happy to share 80% of
its entire revenue back with you back
with us back with the community all the
other social media platforms they take
the money for themselves
this platform shares it with us the
members we built it it’s our community
it’s our content we play the games we do
the shopping so they share the money
approximately 8020 the company need 20%
to run the organization to pay the staff
to develop new products and IT to pay
their taxes and of course to make the
profits but any percent of that money
comes back to awesome that’s what’s very
exciting so and then at the very bottom
you will see we have here in the
business section for those that are
interested for our entrepreneurial minds
we have three fabulous business
opportunities and you can do one part
two part or all three I do all three in
the center here you can upload
photographs videos you can like comment
share you can post you’ll see some
advertising around the platform as well
because that generates a lot of our
revenue and in fact the advertising
revenue that we generate also goes back
to the members
now the biggest social media platform
out there last year did about 27 billion
in revenue 27 Baden and we all use those
platforms but we use them for free so if
we use these platforms like free even
Google the year before last I believe
Google gets 74 billion of turnover now
Google’s free I use it for free users
you use it for free so how do they do 74
billion how does Facebook do 27 billion
where does it come from it comes from
advertising people advertising on the
platform and this is the money that we
want to generate and it’s it’s almost
like chicken and egg we need more
members we need a larger community and
then we attract more advertising of
course that is the revenue that comes
back and a share with our members so
let’s take a quick look at some of the
different product areas the first one I
want to talk a bit about the future net
I believe if you’re in our community and
you want to help us develop the
community if you’re interested in
building a business with us for those of
you are I think you need to check out
this store here you need to get yourself
some merchandise things like the future
net baseball hat we have this because
when when I’m worrying this people will
say to me what’s future net and I go oh
how do you herd well let me show you so
instead of me asking people can I show
you future net they an ask me when they
see the brand we have three umbrellas we
have one in the back window of the car
we have two in the house so when people
see the future net umbrella they say
what’s a future net when we’re having a
cup of coffee or a cup of tea we serve
people in the future net mug so people
say hey what’s this future net of course
when people ask you then you’re not
selling you’re just telling so no sales
involved if you get these products these
will help you get customers we do future
net pens we do future net perfumes and
so if somebody says what’s your
aftershave you go it’s future
of course nigga its what its future net
I’ve never heard it what’s future net oh
let me show you so these things help you
get you business I might say to you
would you pass me my future net phone
because we have a smartphone it’s got
the future net logo on it and if I say
pass me my future net phone they would
say your what phone awesome my future
net phone they go oh this one what’s
future now and again that can get me a
customer or I might ask someone excuse
me would you pass me my future net pen
they say you’re sorry you’re view your
what pen my future net pen please and
they go this pen and they see future net
on and they gonna let me show you
so this branding is very very important
and of course lots of our members buy
these products that brings profit into
the company of course we share these
profits back with you even if you don’t
buy these products yourself if other
members are using these products that
brings us money and we share that back
with the community now if you think
about it you are a walking marketing
machine think about that everything you
were touch use people see if you’re
wearing a Nike top or if you’re wearing
you know a certain brand of shoes or a
certain clothing you are marketing for
that company by wearing their clothes it
tells other people hey this guy likes
Hugo Boss hey this lady lied to Louis
Vuitton hey this whatever the brand is
buy the car you drive for those of you
that drive a car that tells other people
next door hey this guy likes BMW pay
that girl likes Toyota this guy likes
Mercedes whatever it is your car what
you drive what you were you are branding
all the time and it’s time for you to
get paid for that and this is how it
brand use our products you will get paid
that’s how it works it’s very clever
marketing and lots of people are
changing their lives in fact with these
fabulous opportunities now we also have
our major shopping platform this is our
what we call affiliated online
shopping shopping today more and more
people are going online in fact some
people go to the shop first check out
the item for size and then go home and
place the order from the the privacy of
their own home so online shopping is
really hurting retail today it’s really
hurting the high street the shopping
malls it’s hurting business so we want a
slice of that massive industry home
shopping and a ten years ago probably
most of us we didn’t do any shopping on
the internet maybe I think I think the
first thing we did was the airlines
a lot of the airlines made it mandatory
to cook your flight on the internet and
that was our first experience we used to
go into the travel agent but then all of
the the the airlines made us go online
and that was our first introduction
where we were we comfortable starting to
to buy stuff on the internet but but now
everybody buys something Amazon eBay
Alibaba there’s so many of these
shopping platforms and there’s a lot of
money here as well here’s the good news
if you’re buying anything online please
please please try here first come to
future net click the shopping platform
go search for your items and guess what
in many many cases this site will bring
you straight to where you were going
anyway bring you to Alibaba it will
bring you directly to Amazon and eBay to
get the same product you were going to
buy but the good news is this if you buy
through this link the profit the the
Commission is a commission given to
future net and future net shares this
money with you and this is what’s
exciting so you have to understand the
massive product range and the revenue
streams that come to future net games
games is massive as well there are so
many people playing games I know a lot
even if the business community they play
games to clear their mind it used to be
they went to golf course but that took
three or four hours to play a round of
golf just to clear the mind so they can
come away fresh and go back to business
but this is now replaced if you see
people on the train if you see people on
the bus you see people on the street
they’re all walking around
with their phone like this they don’t
have the phone like this if you look at
people they’re not doing this they’re
doing this they’re actually online or on
the internet playing games they’re
shopping the communicating they’re
snapping they’re instagramming they’re
facebooking their future netting that’s
what they’re doing we want them to
future net because we believe this could
possibly be the future of the internet
if we can build a massive community and
of course I’ve already said if you want
to come and meet the owners that’s
fantastic I mean when was the last time
you met the owner of Facebook when was
the last time you met the owner of
Google when was the last time you met or
even know the name of the owner of
Instagram guys here we are transparent
we are a real company with a real
heartbeat you can come see us you can
come meet us many of our international
events you can meet our staff you can
get involved and you can change your
life with a revenue with the income
stream that I’m not going to share with
you so travel the world become part of
something bigger something better guys
and I also want you to remember we’re at
the very elite early stages of
development it takes time it takes more
support staff it takes more technology
to develop and develop and develop and
we’re constantly changing we’re
constantly growing so I want you to
remember that as we grow please allow us
to grow grow with us and that then you
can share the benefits you are a pioneer
and for the pioneers it’s not always the
easy phase the easy phase comes later
but right now if the pioneers that are
going to make the money it’s phenomenal
and I’ve already said again why not try
our future net cafe if you are
entrepreneurial minded of course you can
have your own franchise your future net
cafe where people could come in where
we’re going to do our own branded coffee
our own food range you’re going to be
able to charge your phones for free
we’re going to have pods in there as
well where you can experience the future
of the Internet when customers come to
our cafe we’re going to give them better
deals than they would if they stepped
outside our Wi-Fi so outside the cafe
you get one daily step inside
then you’re going to get better offers
inside our cafes and of course it’s a
great place to meet and network and
develop your community and people will
understand who future and it is ah
that’s the coffee company no no no ah
that’s the car company no no no
oh that’s those guys that make the games
no no no no no no future that is bigger
now we are future net you are the future
of the Internet we also have a company
ladies and gentlemen that supports its
community this company is having major
success right now and of course they
reach out they reach out to the less
privileged they help many many charities
you will see on our charity site a
future net dot or you will see there are
charitable organizations and how we help
our members or members kids and go to
our website and read all about that of
course we also do some sports
sponsorship again and the idea here is
is that it helps it makes future net
easy for you when you hear about us
sponsoring table tennis golf
horse-racing motor car racing boxing all
of these sporting fraternities hoops up
here you can see the Barcelona team with
our owners and I’ve been to one of these
games guys it’s incredible we even have
our own futsal team it’s an indoor
soccer league and it’s phenomenal the
branding and in the future that’s going
to make it much easier for you to
develop you Jeanette because people will
have heard people will know the name
people will know brand so here’s the
question how would you like to make
friends and make money that’s the idea
make friends make money the online world
and the offline world come together it’s
the social media platform that pays you
in cryptocurrency you’re going to hear
all of these phrases coming from a
company and that will sink well in the
minds of people all over the world so if
you want to make some money you’ve got
to be active ok some of our revenue
streams are free we give you free money
but you’ve got to be active you’ve got
to be honest
we need members on the site we need you
communicating we need you talking so the
longer you stay on with a special
scripture that gives you free money for
communicating particularly for chatting
on our on our messenger you can chat
away that’s where you’re going to get
the bigger pay for communicating or if
you really get active what we would like
you to do is help us develop and build
this community of shoppers all over the
world why not become really active
because this is where you can become a
millionaire or you can live the
lifestyle of a millionaire that’s two
things that we offer we offer you a
place where you can make a million
dollars because we’ve done that for so
many people in January 2018 we created
five people in one month they made over
a million dollars in one single month
with this project you’re looking at
right now for those of you that can’t
cope with that big number we are
creating tens of thousands of people
tens of thousands of people not ten or a
hundred or a thousand tens of thousands
of our members are living the lifestyle
of a millionaire they are making what a
millionaire would make in a year with
this program and that’s not hard to
calculate it works out of the pot if
you’re making extra money into your
house let’s call it $2,000 a week
let’s say you’re making an extra eight
thousand dollars a month with this
program guys that is very very
achievable a little bit of hard work a
little bit of education follow our
system and you can live the lifestyle of
a millionaire part-time part-time from
home guys and down it’s really really
changing lives not one of our biggest
areas of growth has been our range of
digital products not everybody knows
what to do products are digital products
are products that you can’t touch
physically like the Internet is digital
you can’t really grab and hold it cloud
storage you know when you store your
files up in the cloud we have our own
cloud service and that’s that’s known as
a digital product we also have physical
products like this now there is more
profit in those digital products than
there are
physical products physical product like
a like a like a cup or a mug or a
telephone and the problem with physical
products is you’d have to order them you
would have to ship them wrap them
warehouse them store them stack them
develop them it’s it’s there’s so much
cost for instance if you were trying to
sell iPhones I can tell you the profit
would be the little white piece here and
here the cost would be this screen yeah
so there’s too much money in the
manufacturing and the development in the
technology in the word housing in the
branding all of that money is absorbed
here and a little bit of profit is the
white area but if this was a digital
product like the internet or like like
cloud storage or video email then the
black piece is the profit and this is
the cost so the point is there’s more
profit in digital products than there is
in physical function if we take this as
an example again the cost of this cup
right this mug would be this section
here the profit would be the handle okay
because we need to manufacture this we
need to brand it we need to print it
we need to warehouse it box it store it
on a shelf we need to ship it across the
world so all of this would be the cost
and we would be left with this little
piece of profit but if this was a
digital product then this would be the
cost and this would be the profit so
here’s what I’m saying to you if you
want to become an online millionaire
you’ve got to get excited about
marketing digital products and we have
them here for you very easy to do and
you can actually join our program for
free if you buy our products buy our
products we put you in this program for
free let’s show you how it works we use
a system called media points I mean for
instance if you fill in your profile we
will give you a thousand media points so
tell us what you like what movies you
like give us some information and you
can get up to a thousand three points
and you can take these points and go
spend them on our products
okay so we’ll give you free money uh
just simply for filling out your profile
but let’s say you wanted to go and buy
some digital products
what we asked you to do is go and buy
the media points and then take them to
our online store and spend those points
for the products so for instance if we
go over here to the first category here
this is what we call our $10 reward
structure let’s suggest that you spent
$10 with us on the Internet let’s say
you needed some video email or some
cloud storage or maybe you wanted to
write a blog for yourself and unique you
need that product to develop your
internet or your online business well
why not use future net blog you can
simply go here spend $10 and if you can
see above the $10 that we will give you
a thousand points and you take those
points and you go to our website and you
spend them you buy products within it
but if you spend $10 with us we will
place you for free that’s you there into
our software and from here you can start
generating an income absolutely for free
guys spend $10 we put you in the program
for free $10 is for the products now if
you went to a shop today and you bought
$100 of groceries it’s quite likely that
the shopkeeper will say have you got one
of our cards have you got one of our law
in the cards let me scan that for you
I’ll give you some points and every time
you come back into our shop and you
spend more will give you more points and
in the future you can come back in and
we’re going to give you some value we’re
going to give you some benefits we’re
going to give you some discount because
you’re a loyal shopping customer well
it’s the same here spend money spend $10
we give you the points and we put you in
our software for free
and we’ve calculate the commission for
you absolutely for free but this is
where future net is better than all the
other shopping platforms out there
better than all the retail stores
because when you go through the shop and
spend your money you get nothing on the
next customer that comes into the shop
you only make points on what you spend
with future net we pay you on what the
next customer comes in and the next
customer and the next and the next and
the next
imagine that imagine going shopping and
getting your groceries this weekend
imagine spending 100
and as you leave the shop the next
person that comes through the cash
register imagine you got paid 5% of what
a customer spent and then the next
customer behind that one and then the
next customer on the net imagine you got
paid on everybody that came into the
shop well that’s what we offer you here
we will give you an affiliate link any
customer tied to your recommendation or
not even through your recommendation if
another member puts them into your
program you are entitled to 5% of what
they spend guys it’s incredible none the
more you spend the more benefits if for
instance let’s go over to the next one
if you spend $25 with us on our digital
products we will put you right into the
$25 reward structure for free you’re in
there for free you’re actually in two
structures you’re in the $10 program and
the $25 program if you spend another 50
online with us we’re going to give you
5000 points you take those points and go
and buy products that’s fantastic but
but then we put you for free into the
program the next customer that comes
after you on the next and the next and
the next and the next we will pay you up
to 80,000 customers in our online store
you know in your local shop you could
not fit idiot thousand people you might
be able to fit 1000 people in a big
store they don’t even have car parking
space for a thousand people but because
we’re on the internet because we are on
line up our online digital store we can
structure eighty eight thousand five
hundred and seventy new customers into
our software right behind you so it’s
incredible get placed start earning some
money and gemin know if you spend more
money for instance let’s say a customer
comes and spends another $100 we will
give them 10,000 points for the hundred
dollars they’ll go to the shop and spend
it on our digital products these are
future net digital products you can
spend that money on those products and
start using those products to help you
create your brand awareness to develop
your business on the internet but and
because you said $100 we will place you
in our
dollar reward structure if you don’t
spend on undercover you don’t get into
the program spend $100 and we add you to
our software for free every other
customer in the world
that falls behind you in the structure
anybody anywhere the word online the
falls into this structure behind you
you’re entitled to a five percent reward
whether you know that cost or whether
you don’t know that customer we will pay
you five percent none for those
customers that spend five hundred you
can see there in the center you get into
the five hundred dollar reward structure
if you spend a thousand dollars so the
more you spend the more of the greater
the potential you can spend anything
from ten dollars up to sixteen hundred
eighty five dollars if you want to get
in all six structures that’s what I did
we call this the Royal program you are
considered a Royal within the future net
P if you spend sixteen hundred and
eighty five dollars on our products not
everybody has sixteen hundred eighty
five dollars you might stand eighty five
dollars the first day the next day you
would spend another hundred so you can
actually add to this if you wish or you
can start in day one 1685 to get into
all six of our reward structures know
what I’m gonna show you is I’m gonna
show you how to earn anything from 50
cent up to seven point four million
dollars listen to me again I’m not going
to show you how you can earn anything
from 50 cent up to seven point four
million dollars guys this is incredible
have a look at how it works
um the community develops just like just
like Facebook Facebook did this you send
out your link customers join facebook
they send out that are linking more
customers more customers every business
develops like this and you can start
building your social circles and anybody
in the community related to you in the
community you will get a five percent
reward not the first thing you might do
is you might just share with a handful
of people let’s say you know a thousand
people and let’s say let’s say you
showed it
a hundred people you sent this video 200
people and let’s say three people says
yeah looks good I’m going to do it so
imagine you only ever found three
customers in the whole world that would
like what you’re watching right now well
there would be three people in your
community there would be three shoppers
and anytime and even one of those
customers buy something we will pay you
that’s the secret
none as they tell a few people let’s say
they told three people each now there is
another nine people in the community
plus year of three that’s 12 and total
then they tell some people they tell
some people and everybody starts telling
a few people about the new social media
platform where you can make money this
is the big difference you can make money
from your phone I asked you this
question how much does your phone make
you every month
most people say my phone doesn’t make me
money it costs me money haha no our
phones make us money we make money even
when we sleep with our telephones
because we have future net apps we have
future net products on our smart phones
and we make money with our phone our
telephones make us money guys it’s
incredible so if everybody just tells a
few people two or three people each the
community starts to grow and grow and
grow and it’s incredible the maximum
customer community in your structure is
eighty eight thousand five hundred and
seventy two now I’m going to show you
how we do this let’s do a little bit of
training on our call let me show you how
this works how do we get this number
eighty eight thousand five hundred
seventy-two please go to the flipchart
and explain it it’s very very simple
imagine you get started right now and I
know that you know thousand people okay
I bet you know a thousand people and you
probably know a thousand people by the
first thing how many people were in your
class of school how many people were in
any sporting organization you were
involved with how many people were at
your wedding how many fuck friends and
family do you have how many people you
work with
how many email addresses you have how
many people are you connected to on
social media
course now you know everybody knows a
thousand people well imagine you
selected ten percent of these saint-just
100 people and imagine you decided to
send this link this video to these
hundred people today would it be
possible that maybe just three of these
people say hey I like that that sounds
I’m gonna do that so would it be
possible for you to get us three
customers in the whole world to join
future now I think that’s very possible
in fact I got 7 people in my first day
so I think three people is very very
easy to do not if you can’t do it in a
well could you get 73 people in a whole
week to join future net I think that’s
very easy very part-time could you find
three people in one month that’s very
easy isn’t it if you do so it’s very
simple we all know a thousand people
short to a hundred and let’s say we get
three Royals in our program and let’s
also say you guys interview one month to
do that okay one full month you get
three customers in future now imagine
that we should finished imagine you
didn’t do any more
imagine you told nobody else just three
but you work for these three to
duplicate the system so you have these
three do what you did because there are
no a thousand people if they sent this
video to a hundred people each and let’s
say make up three inch know there are
twelve people in your shopping community
any time any one of these customers go
shopping we pay you you can be on
holidays you can be at work you can be
sleeping but if any of these customers
spend money we pay you at this stage
also we will give you a free smartphone
when you have 12 Royals in your
structure none that you done you find
your three these guys are fun they’re
three but what if these nine people
they’re no different than you they just
get started they show this to a hundred
people and let’s say they’ve got three
people each
now there is 40 people in your community
27 plus 3 is 30 39 and youth is 40 there
is 40 in the community how many did you
find in this example 3 very simple so
that was the first month this was month
2 second month
this was the third month how many people
in the community in the fourth month if
everybody just finds three Royals in one
month well 3 times 27 is 81 so in the
fourth month you would have a hundred
and twenty customers approximately in
your business a hundred and twenty
customers in your shopping community
because you’d find three they find three
they find three and these new people
they only find three people in a month
every only produced three customers
three sales none what happens in month
five very simple or by the way guys here
we give you a laptop or a tablet and
just after this we’ll also give you a
free holiday up to three thousand
dollars that you can go travel the word
and have a nice holiday so not only are
we a social community that pays you we
give you prizes for helping us build the
community so we’re giving you money and
we’re giving you prizes
I haven’t spoken about the money yet
this is very exciting now these are
eighty-one brand new members that have
joined future net and let’s say we teach
them to do what I’m teaching you right
now these even want people they
everybody knows a thousand people if
they only showed it to a hundred of them
and let’s say 97 people said no not for
me three people said yeah I like it
then you have any one x three is 243
customers in your business plus these
plus B’s plus these non your community
is starting to grow
there’s over 360 customers in your
business any time any one of these
people anyone to work buy something on
we pay you not what would happen in
month the six what happens is this is
729 okay because if these guys bring
three customers now you have seven
hundred twenty nine brand-new customers
in the sixth month if they find three
people only 220 at seven in the seventh
month you now have another two thousand
customers in your business
the total customers in your business is
over three thousand people you built a
community like you did in Facebook with
over 3,000 people but you only produced
three of them yourself this is very part
time you did it in your first month they
took a month they took a month everybody
does this in one month you could become
a multi-millionaire please listen to
this what would happen in month in very
simple 3/7 is 21 3 is 24 to 26 3 1 2 3 &
2 to 5 3 to 0 6
if these customers the brand-new they
produced 3 sales 3 new customers then
you have 6 and a half thousand brand new
customers in your structure in your
business it’s incredible not if you get
four customers you’ve only got three
imagine you get a fourth cut if you get
a fourth customer it falls in to the
next empty position if any of these guys
get more than three customers it spills
if your introducer has more than three
customers the next customers go into
your business so it’s a three by ten
forced filled community it’s incredible
none we have a bug six if what about
nine thousand customers in the business
or by the way I forgot to tell you we
give you a brand new BMW here and we
give you a Porsche Panamera free here as
plus a whole lot of money we haven’t
spoke about the money yet these are just
a prizes so it’s incredible if you build
a structure no these guys are brand new
just like you might be new right now
these are brand new what do we ask them
to do don’t ask anybody to do anything
that you don’t do
okay but please teach them to follow and
duplicate your effort these people know
a thousand people why because you do so
today until today so these key people of
course know a thousand people we don’t
want them speaking to a thousand people
let’s select a hundred people out of the
thousand let’s find in three Royals in
the program now that’s very good only
three is required if these guys find us
three customers in month nine guys guess
what’s happened your community three
ones is three three six three obtain
three five to fifteen to one sixty three
sixty three of t1 is 19 in one month
nineteen thousand brand-new customers
come on the internet come online join
the program and you get paid nineteen
thousand times you get paid on all of
these customers you get paid five
percent on anything these guys purchase
a much much you can get five percent on
every seal on every line in your
business it’s incredible
five percent five percent five percent
this adds up to serious money let’s take
the last step because we will only pay
you in a community ten generations so in
the tenth month or on the tenth
generation these are new people if they
only find us three three threes are nine
three it’s our twenty four three sixes
or 1802 that Dover is twenty three nine
to 27 to 29 three ones is three two is
five look what happens 19,000 people
find three Simms you you find three
everybody does the same thing they find
three everybody just gets three you
don’t get more than three you don’t need
any more
these guys just find three no there are
59 thousand new seals in the next month
in the tenth month if we add up all of
these seals ladies and gentlemen that
number in your community is eighty-eight
thousand five hundred and seventy two
but that’s what we mean our software
permits 8570 to customers to join the
shuffling community after you end
customer text in your structure you make
money every time they order something
guys this is phenomenal
none when we go back to the slides and
we see the money here are the potential
it’s phenomenal if you did this you
would make 7.4 million dollars if you
completely structured you will live 7.4
million dollars if these customers spend
again you will make that again and again
and again anytime one of these customers
orders are reorders you get paid for the
life of the customer it doesn’t cost you
anything any month you don’t need to buy
anything new yourself it’s incredible to
get this revenue they determine if you
get 10% of that you know all you’ve done
is 3 but if you can 10% of that let’s
say you only ended up with a community
of a thousand customers well then you
get 10% of 7.4 million 10% is seven
seven hundred and forty thousand three
quarters of a million you would make
three quarters of 1 million if you did
10% of this if you did 1 percent of this
example 1 percent this company would pay
you $74,000 one percent two percent one
hundred forty three percent so it’s up
to you how much or how little you do
it’s your business
I mean ask any business owner how often
do they open their shop all day every
day all day every day yeah so how often
are you opening your future net shop
with this video it’s open 24/7 send the
link up before you go to bed send ten
people it’s better to pick up the phone
and say to your friend hey I’ve just
seen a great video would you have an
arse to set aside I really want you to
see this what’s in the bud it’s about
making money
right okay send it to me okay I’m gonna
send it now
and I’ve called you in one hour she sent
him the video
: after would get them connected and
start building the community that’s the
best way to do it and teach you more
about that training so let’s go back to
the slides now she put the money to the
so here we go just let’s go back to the
presentation and this is how the
community develops people telling people
any one of these customers anywhere in
the structure purchases something you 5%
and in that example there you only give
us three customers in your life very
very achievable idea and here here it
says it on the screen every business
needs customer the local hotel needs
customers the restaurant needs customers
the taxi company needs customers
Facebook needs customers Google needs
everybody needs customers guys so dis
future never your job word-of-mouth tell
a few people to watch this yeah you mean
I don’t explain it just say watch this
let me train you you need to learn two
words here they are
watch this can you say that if you can
say those two words you can do this
watch this what is it it’s a great video
listen listen to it let me let me know
your opinion as soon as you’re finished
and you know how long the video lasts
you call them immediate it’s over tell
them to turn off their phone turn off
all distractions set aside the time and
listen and that’s how you build the
community 3 9 27 81 there you go I think
my mom’s was okay I calculated up here
but here we have it on the screen now
you might say to me does this work guys
it’s already working our communities
well over 2 million members on its way
to 3 million members so don’t tell me
idiot thousands not possible of course
it’s possible you could take a little
fraction of this or all of it and there
are more bonuses on top guys now every
big business does this Apple is doing
this eBay does it virgin does it Walmart
doesn’t Tesco does it Amazon if you go
to any of those names that I’ve
mentioned and go to the website and go
down to the bottom you will see
affiliated click that
and you will find that that Apple will
pay you for getting them customers Tesco
will pay you for getting them customers
Walmart will pay you for bringing them
customers eBay Sky Television Amazon
will pay you for bringing them business
future net does the same thing we pay
you for bringing business but we’ll work
better if we pay you in all the rest of
the customers not just your own all the
other companies only pay you and your
customers we pay on all the customers
that come after that ten generations
deepened referrals guys this is an
exciting program we how created
millionaires with this program not we’re
going to talk about the money so I want
to put a little disclaimer in here you
cannot guarantee me your effort so I
can’t guarantee you anything it’s up to
you are you willing to learn have you a
burning desire to succeed are you
willing to work are you willing to
commit it takes time and effort to build
this it’s up to you it all right on your
shoulder our program works it’s do you
work it it’s as simple as that guys I
wish you every success any examples I
now give you hypothetical examples and
it’s again it’s up it’s up to you to
make this a reality
our first commission is what we call our
friend bonus we will pay you 5% on
anything that any of your structure
purchases in the ten dollars 25 50 100
500 a thousand you will get 5% of
anything they spend none I just want to
do a quick calculation here and this
gets very very exciting imagine imagine
we’re talking about royalty of three
Royals out of a hundred people you got
three rolls
you’re going to get a whole lot more
people who come in for ten dollars we’re
gonna get a whole lot more gonna come in
for fifty dollars eighty five dollars
but in this example I was looking for
three out of a hundred that would go
royal if you become a royal in our
program guys you’re going to get five
percent of that order not product order
now the product order for a royal is
1685 can you see that on my phone 1685
we pay you five percent so let’s
multiply this by 5 percent multiplied by
five percent equals you will get $84 on
every single customer now there are 88
thousand customers so x idiot thousand x
80 in thousand oaks the wrong number
$84 x it five seven to the population
let’s do this again 1685 is the the full
order x five percent you would get
eighty four dollars on every customer
the total amount of customers possible
is it it five seven two equals seven
point four million dollars if you
complete that sculpture if you do 10
percent of it let’s say let’s see you do
thousand let’s say you don’t do idiot
buzz let’s say you only achieve a
thousand members 1685 1685 multiplied by
five percent equals eighty four twenty
five if you only had a thousand
customers in your structure you would
make eighty four thousand dollars if
you’re two thousand in your structure
not any a thought just two thousand
you’d make a hundred and seventy
thousand dollars so the more effort the
more time the potential of guys is
incredible you get five percent on
anybody and it’s pies off products in
your structure so here’s the mods here
on the screen you can see here you’re
getting five percent of the ten dollar
order you’re getting 50 cent on every
customer the potential here is forty
four thousand we’re in the world and you
spend 10 dollars on the internet and
have the potential to make anything from
50 cent up to that massive forty four
thousand dollars for just a 10 dollar
order in the next program you’re
spending $25 to join that program for
free you buy our products we put you in
for free every other customers buys
product we put them in for free you’re
getting one dollar twenty-five and every
customer you could make one hundred and
ten thousand dollars in this program
here you can make two hundred and twenty
thousand in all three of these if you
spent eighty five dollars you could make
anything from 50 cent up to three
hundred and seventy five thousand dollar
or a fraction of it’s entirely up to you
again if we go into the bigger programs
the more you spend the greater the
potential and the mallet is there please
come to one of our trainings and we’ll
explain anything that you need to know
about this you can make between fifty
Cent 7.4 million dollars okay that’s
what’s exciting about we also offer a
matching bonus what that means is you
get up to 50 percent check match if you
showed this to me I like it and I get
started you can qualify for a 50 percent
check so let’s say I go and make myself
a hundred thousand this company will
give you a fifty thousand check match
bonus let’s say I make one thousand you
get five hundred check match bonus so
you can get up to a fifty percent check
match on any customer you bring to us if
you come in for just ten dollars
yourself then your check matches a 10%
bonus if you come in for twenty five
dollars we give you a twenty percent
check match the fifty dollar program you
get a thirty percent check match on any
of the top three you get that fifty
percent check match bonus guide that’s
in in a bowl we have people making a
million dollars from this their
introducers make 1/2 million bonus on
the fifty percent check match alone
never mind this one that we’ve covered
and there are many income streams we
have a career plan we even get those
phones laptops those holidays out those
free cars so here you get the phone here
you get the laptop in here you get the
holiday here you get the BMW and here
you get the Porsche Panamera brand-new
car for free all the gifts are yours if
you help us go to the community there
are a few guidelines there are a few
terms of conditions you’ll read that in
our marketing plan you can pay into this
program using crypto currencies such as
Bitcoin theorem
– Bitcoin cash with different
cryptocurrencies we can payout and
cryptocurrency as well we can also use
net teller we can do a bank transfer we
can send the money back into your bike
like this is a beautiful arrangement ah
you can use your cell phone you can use
your laptop to do these payments
it’s incredible would you like an
adventure like this to excite you guys
does this does this wet your appetite it
really really excites me it’s for normal
now that’s just one of three programs
let me now tell you about our fabulous
advertising program we also have an
advertising program were people looking
for customers people looking for
affiliates in their businesses can find
them in our traffic exchange so
advertising is a big big industry today
in fact businesses are spending well
over 1 billion dollars a day
they used to spend much of their money
on the radio and the television but the
advertiser today realizes that you and I
aren’t sitting in front of TV anymore
where are we we’re in front of this
online we’re on the internet most of the
day so the online advertising dollar is
moving online and you can get a slice of
this as well so in addition to what
we’ve covered on this seminar let me
know I tell you about another program we
haven’t even do this as well
you could do one or two or three parts
of what we do you to do all three parts
this is our future ad Pro service we’ve
been operating this since 2016 very very
classy products very classy lifestyles
been generated from our advertising
program it’s very simple if you want to
advertise you can advertise for $10 or
$50 on our traffic exchange so if you
have a hotel or a restaurant car wash or
maybe you have a business from home
maybe you maybe you’re an accountant if
you’re looking for some customers you
know you don’t need a shop to do that
you can you can you can offer your
service on the internet maybe you have a
health product that you’re selling maybe
you own a home-based business maybe you
don’t have anything to sell you could
market eight your favorite charity so on
this traffic exchange you can have what
we call an advertising package for
either $10 or $50 this presentation I’m
going to look at the $50 advertisement
package buy advertising on our platform
we allow you to advertise your website
your products your charity your business
you can advertise those and we will
guarantee for that 50 dollars at 800
of our community inhundred of our
customer will come and have a look at
what it is you’re selling now it’s
entirely up to you to turn that into a
profitable sale if you have a good
website yeah that will convert customers
if you have a good offer yep that would
get your business but if you have a
boring website and you don’t have any
good offers for our customers will land
you know if it’s money well spent
because you can go back to your IT team
you can go back to your marketing
department say hey guys my websites not
converting I’m not doing any business
here that’s 50 dollars well spent
because we’ve proven to you that your
website’s no good or your product offer
isn’t that exciting so great websites
green offers are fantastic for
converting us that’s up to you what we
do is we bring you the traffic because
every website needs traffic every
business needs customers so where do
they want to get them they want to get
customers on the Internet
that’s what future ad pro is you package
advertisement packet that’s it we give
you an invoice that’s it nothing else
not off your own free will and optional
if you wish to watch just ten of our
commercials ten of our other merchants
advertising products then you can
qualify for a share in the profits that
the community bring so let me explain it
again if you’re an advertiser you can
advertise and we will send customers to
have a look at your website okay that’s
it nothing else on the other side of it
if you wish by your own free will to
watch ten of our commercials ten of our
ads you see the guy that owns a carwash
advertising on our program or that the
guy that owns the driving school
advertising on our platform the guy that
owns the restaurant advertising our
platform they need car insurance they
need other restaurants they need travel
they need many products and services so
there’s no reason why on one side
they’re an advertiser on on the other
side they could be a very valid customer
but if they wish by their own free will
to watch ten of our ads every day then
they will qualify for a a profit share
in the Commission in all the revenue
generate on the platform how it works is
very simple if you watch 10 ads 15
minutes later we pay you 15 minutes
after that again we pay you again 15
minutes after that we pay you again
unless we’re doing some server updates
or internet interruptions but generally
every 15 minutes you get paid that’s
four times an hour that’s 96 times in a
day we pay our customer when was the
last time you got paid 96 times in a
never mind in a day so think about this
spend $50 advertise your business
advertise your product advertise your
favorite charity watch ten of our
commercials and then we will pay you
every 15 minutes for the next 24 hours
as long as you watch 10 more commercials
again fine you’re qualified again and
again and again it’s very simple to do
here’s the bottom line if you can do
that and you won’t do that click a mouse
you can click next slide guys you and
make money with our advertising program
it’s very very simple
in fact it lasts for about plus or minus
120 days it could be on in 30 days 135
days some days sometimes 115 days it
really depends on the revenue that’s
coming in but we share that back with
our advertisers and every $50 can become
$60 okay every $50 can become $60 now
here’s the good news
you don’t need to introduce anybody
that’s what people like you don’t have
to market and people find that very very
easy in fact lots of my customers are
finding customers because they say to
their friends hey find a program where
you don’t need to introduce people and
you can make money and they go look I
find a program where you don’t need to
introduce anybody and you can make money
you don’t need to find anybody no okay
I’m in so they join it and they tell
their friend hey I just find a program
where you don’t need introduce anybody
and you think oh you don’t have to find
ok put me in and all of a sudden by not
happy to get anybody they can get lots
and lots of customers interested in our
program and this community is growing
rapidly very very sick
split please do get back to the person
that shared this with you and find out
more about our fantastic advertising
program here’s how easy it is let’s see
can you do it so this is just an example
of some of our advertisements here’s a
company looking to sell some weight-loss
products if you’re not interested you
don’t have to buy anything here um but
by all means if you want to support our
advertiser do your own due diligence you
know it’s up to you to check out these
companies yourself we just advertise
them we’re the publisher they’re the
advertiser you are the customer it’s up
to you whether you want to we don’t vet
these companies it’s up to you whether
you want to purchase their products if
you don’t want to purchase them we still
pay you so in this case you have to
watch the little green line go across
the screen this is a countdown a little
bit like on YouTube when you go to
YouTube there’s a video a little advert
pops up on the video and it goes five
four three two one skip ad it’s a little
con done and of course you can watch the
add-on if you want but here’s the same
idea the little green line is five or a
three to one you don’t have to buy me if
you don’t wish but by all means if you
see something interesting check out the
validity of that all for yourself and by
all means try the product
here’s another company they’re looking
for customers in the restaurant if this
is in your location by all means go and
give them some business try them out and
let us know what you think if you’re not
interested just watch the little ad for
about five or 10 seconds and then watch
the next one
here’s an electronics company if you
need some gadgets yeah give them a turn
if not you don’t have to buy anything
the next one gives this guy is looking
for out driving lessons so if they offer
driving lessons in your area and Urich
strict by all means support our
businesses here’s another restroom now
this restaurant is very close to where I
live I haven’t been to this one yet but
I can promise you the next time I’m in
this town here yep I’m gonna call in
here get something to eat why because I
keep seeing this it’s advert I mean it’s
working I want to try this on why I
support our customers I support our
advertiser and view tube please support
our advertisers here’s a massive
companies that are looking for your
phone business you’re gassing your
electricity service again if they supply
in your jurisdiction by all means check
them out and see have they a nice offer
for you if not just watch the ad and
watch the next one and of course if
you’ve nothing to advertise why not
support your favorite charity allowed
them the benefit of the advertising
space let them get the donations let the
charity win and you also win ten ads it
takes about guys five minutes of your
day and I’m a friend of mine seven aces
oh I don’t know if I have time to do
I don’t know if I have time to watch
these answers I mean it takes about five
minutes I’m very busy
hold on watching ads every single day
you see how much you get paid depends on
you it depends on what status you have
it depends on have you downloaded her
apps it depends how many ad packs you
have yourself because every ad pack you
have gives you more revenue from the
profit and have you got five minutes but
this guy was in where am I gonna find
five minutes I’m to this listen you’re
watching adverts every minute of the day
you’re seeing them on Facebook you’re
seeing them on Google you’re seeing them
on the big billboards as you drive down
the motorway you’ve seen them in
newspapers magazines you’re hearing them
on the radio you’re seeing them on the
television you you can’t stop them
you’re watching a movie
enough comes an advert can you tell me
whatever is coming up next
no it just pops up same with our system
we have a retainer we pop up adverts you
watch somebody pay you it’s simple it’s
brilliant everybody’s doing it anyway
guys why not get paid in fact you don’t
have to tell anybody about it you don’t
need to get customers but if you do have
a look at this there’s another fifteen
percent commission depending on your
status yeah you can have a status it
cost nothing annually you can pay up to
$180 a year if you wish and then you can
get commission five generations of
advertising cuts on this it’s very
rewarding please do attend one of my
trainings to understand how this program
works and now we come ladies and
gentlemen to the last part of future net
there are four parts in total we have a
free social media platform we can hang
out upload photographs like share and
post they give you a little bit of free
change for your efforts and for your
time we have our digital products this
is what I explained here
buying digital products getting into our
programs for free we can make up to
seven point four million dollars plus a
fifty percent check match we have our
advertising program as part three we’ve
just looked at that we even turned fifty
dollars into sixty dollars simply by
watching ten of our commercials of our
advertisers every single day it takes
five minutes and that brings us to part
number four very exciting introduction
to the next big thing ladies and
gentlemen this technology have been here
for almost ten years it was developed in
2008 the white paper was released in
2009 the blockchain and cryptocurrency
is it’s a bit
well it’s massive you will be doing most
things in the future through blockchain
technology you will be buying houses you
will be booking appointment with the
dentist or doctor through the blockchain
you will be voting on the blockchain you
will be doing smart contracts for
everything on the blockchain you’ll be
doing e-commerce that you will be if
you’re using money on the blockchain
it’s incredible it is the next big thing
guys and it’s certainly starting to get
very very many many people are quite
interested in it we’re gonna talk now
about digital money and you know my
dad’s a digital money what’s digital
money can you can you touch this stuff
well listen can you touch the Internet
you know you use the Internet
it’s it’s incredible everything’s going
digital if you think about it music went
digital it used to be in the old days
vinyl then it went to see what’s a tip
magnetic tip then it went to cd-rom then
it went to now it’s digital it’s if you
download the music touch it it’s you
know you can talk to – we have a machine
in the house we talk to and say play
this song and it just blew it’s here
like that digitally no record nothing to
touch digital music television has gone
it used to be analog it’s not a digital
radio has gone digital your many of your
watches are digital the next thing to go
digital is money guys money has already
gone digital and it started as
back in 2008 the very beginning office
it was developed by a pseudonym name are
a group of people called Satoshi
Nakamoto not all some Japanese to me
Satoshi Nakamoto they developed this
technology with a few programmers and
they started to release it onto the web
way back 2009 and of course it got very
very interesting let me just go to the
flip chart show you a one way – way to
explain the new age of digital currency
let me remove this for a moment our
fabulous digital product the blockchain
is this brand-new technology and the
first program to run on the blockchain
was the crypto currency called Bitcoin
now many of you are Bitcoin but it’s
interesting many of you don’t have any
Bitcoin it’s incredible lots of people
have heard of it but they don’t have it
um it’s been like gold everybody’s heard
of gold but have you got any gold it’s
got any pure gold no you might have
might have jewelry grade gold that’s not
money that’s not pure gold and the same
with Bitcoin it’s incredible so what
actually happened was way back in 2008
was the first signs of the blockchain in
2009 they released the first white paper
and there were a few people interested a
few programmers in the beginning and it
had zero value it was worth nothing
not many people understood it not
anybody knew what it was but on one
occasion one of the programmers was
hungry an accept a message out to the
network Asus guys do me a favor if
someone would order me two pizzas have
no money right now if you order me to
pieces get them sent to my house I will
give you ten thousand five bitcoins so
one of the guys if you can pass bitcoins
that’s hmm I’m sitting up all night I’ve
got six computers working on this
this guy’s gonna give me 10,000 bitcoins
for to pizza I’ll do it
so what actually happened was somebody
went on both the two pieces got them
sent to this guy’s house and he sent
these 10,000 coins through the
blockchain to the guy that bought him
the pieces that was the first known
transaction you see when money goes when
people accept one thing for another
it’s considered money in the old days
money was vegetables if you had
vegetables and you wanted rice you would
bring them to the market and you would
change the vegetables for the rice
or you would exchange water for milk or
cheese for for meat or fish for flour so
it was called natural money many many
many years ago and then money turned
into gold somebody found gold in the
ground it became the money and then
money became this stuff here the dollar
the Euro the pound of slowly the
Japanese yen the paper it was money
until 1971 and after 1971 this is not
money and many of you think you have
money in your pocket or money in the
bike nobody has money in the pocket
nobody has money in their bank this is
not money if you take this to my tongue
try and buy yourself a coffee the
shopkeeper go what’s this
you say it’s a dollar I want to coughing
we’re from the United States this is in
the United States we don’t take this
it’s not money this won’t work here
we take pound sterling in the UK and
likewise if somebody from Europe from
Germany goes to America they can’t get
anything to eat with Europe doesn’t work
or if somebody if you take dollars talk
to China and try and buy something that
the Chinese don’t want it you know so
this is not money this is called
currency okay and I do a whole seminar
on the history of money but this is
called currency it’s not money and the
problem with this is the government’s
printing there’s the central banks are
printing this I believe both Europe and
the United States are printed between 60
and 80 billion dollars each so I think a
US might be printing like sixty billion
dollars per month you imagine I’m just
printing this so here’s my question
there’s a $1 bill what does that cost to
print what does that cost it cost about
3 cent to print this $1 bill
now here’s a $5 bill right the same size
same amount of paper same amount of ink
what does this cost 3 cent this cost 3
this cost 3 cent so why is one of 5 and
101 it’s just cuz it says 1 on 5 on it’s
up to us it’s what we believe it is but
the end of the day guys it’s nothing
more than paper you put a match to this
it burns it dissipates it’s gone it’s
not money and the government are
printing more and more and more and more
and then here’s the problem if you’re
making 500 dollars a week and the
government are printing 80 thousand
dollars a month
what’s your 500 worth it’s nothing it’s
like it’s like taking a it’s like taking
a glass of orange of concentrate orange
and adding some water but if you keep
adding water and adding water and I in
water to the orange what happens to the
taste it loses its value it loses its
work it loses its you can’t taste the
orange because it’s full of water and
this is the same with the currency you
have in your pocket because the central
banks are able to print as much as
business they want uncontrollably
therefore what you work hard for is
depleted there there’s a cancer in money
in currency and it’s called inflation
it erodes the value of this you know
$100 was was money off years ago but
right now it’s lost about 98% of its
worthless in 10 years from now this $1
bill both of the perching Park 50 cent
10 years after that it’ll buy you 25
cents would ten years after that it’ll
buy you 12 and a half cent six and a
half cent every currency since the
beginning of time has gone to zero
they’re all losing their value please
don’t save this stuff please don’t put
it in a bank it’s pathetic it you know
you hear about people saving for the
retirement further or the 401 K and but
they time to get to retirement age
there’s nothing there for them why
because 40 years ago if somebody says
save this stuff
and there’s going to be $20,000 for you
when you retire when you’re 60 well 40
years ago $20,000 sounded like a lot of
$20,000 wouldn’t put a roof on your
house today
so you’re saving and saving and saving
for something that’s no good because it
loses its value
think about this 20 years ago if you
went to the shop you could fill a
shopping trolley for $25 10 years ago it
took $50 to buy the same groceries today
it takes $100 to fill the trolley
are you buying more goods no you’ll find
the same stuff that you need every week
but it’s costing more of this so the
further into the future you go the less
this is worth does that make sense so
when this current e was created there
were only 21 million of them 21 million
bitcoins so the good news is is not
going to be 22 million there’s no
government there’s nobody going to print
more of it it’s finite there can’t be 23
million 100 million that’s it there are
no more and when you have less of
something with demand on it then it has
a value and what actually happened it
from 0 to 10 cent it took 15 months 15
months for a Bitcoin to get a value of
nothing up to 10 cent 18 months then it
got quite interesting and hit a peak
here of about $600 for a while then it
went on to about $1,200 then it went on
to about $5,000 then went home to about
20,000 dollars almost and now it’s
sitting on a thousand dollars so it goes
up and down up which word is the next
move well we don’t have a crystal ball
but things move on and on upwards well
you’re dealing with a currency that
cannot be manipulated no government no
server no you know it’s the people’s
money and that’s back to bar training
when you had vegetables and you exchange
that for rice it was people-to-people
peer-to-peer person-to-person there was
no government
there was no paypal there was no credit
cards it was person-to-person
transactions Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
on the blockchain is person-to-person
transactions I can send you one dollar
ten dollars a hundred million dollars
and I can have it in your wallet in your
account in ten minutes or so in about
ten minutes I can move that money to you
without the bike without the government
directly to you no you haven’t
person to person simple as that this is
the real money this is the digital money
we’re talking about know how many
Bitcoin would you like right now if I
was able to give them to you what’s the
how many Bitcoin would you like right
now if I was able to give them to you
this is ten 100 thousand ten thousand
million no there aren’t a million
Bitcoin there’s only well there is it’s
twenty-one billion you can’t have any
more than 21 million the right answer
was 21 million so why didn’t you get
Bitcoin one was here it was free why
didn’t you get that by Bitcoin was $0.10
why didn’t you buy Bitcoin it was $300
or $250 why didn’t you buy Bitcoin mint
was $600 why didn’t you buy Bitcoin when
it was $1,200 why not because you didn’t
trust it you didn’t understand it
because there’s no company behind
Bitcoin there’s no education behind it
so we offer education on digital
currency to our customer base but better
than that future net have developed its
own cryptocurrency called Butera and on
the satiric of the currency there are
100 million points in other words we are
5 times the size of Bitcoin five times
the amount of coins more coins to go run
none here’s good news the beginning of
February 2018 exit arrow had a zero
value if you became a royal you were
given a gift of 50 the turo did you take
up that offer were you around in those
days so the early adopters the Pioneers
the people that
the currency without the greatest reward
today Fitzgerald is a but with seven
dollars or so and it’s only at this time
of recording less than eight weeks old
and it’s already sitting about somewhere
between five and seven dollars now think
about Bitcoin Bitcoin took fifteen
months to go to $0.10 and we’ve taken
less than 8 weeks to go to $7 where do
you think the next opportunity is number
one with the tutorial we have many many
advantages the first advantage is this
our currency moves person-to-person
instantly we call it four seconds or
less four seconds or less is instant so
if you went for a cup of coffee and at
the current time you’re trying to pay
with Bitcoin you wouldn’t get the coffee
because it takes a minimum of 10 minutes
to pay the shopkeeper there is a
ten-minute verification blocksize before
the shopkeeper gets the bitcoins so then
say I’ll have a coffee and that’s it
stand over there for 10 minutes and your
coffee is getting cold
with featural you buy a cup of coffee
the shopkeepers paid instantly four
seconds or less so that’s the first
advantage the speed of the transaction
is instant the second thing that we have
going for the turo is this we have a
fixed transaction fee and what does that
mean a fixed transaction fee well it
means this if you were buying one cup of
the transaction fee is travel 0.6 0.12
or 0-6 of the futur that’s the
transaction fee well if you plot 4 cups
of coffee
C doesn’t go up if you bought 10 cups of
coffee the fee stays the same if you
bought $30,000 the fee stays the same so
for our merchants this is a phenomenal
currency because companies like PayPal
companies like visa they charge 3% 5%
the bikes they charge these serious fees
and the more you spend the bigger that
fee so if you spend a thousand it’s 5%
of thousands if you spend 100
it’s 5% of a hundred with us the fee
stays the same regardless of the size of
the transaction the next thing we have
is we can add 10 transactions together
what does that mean well it means this
if you want to pay the phone bill the
electric bill the insurance whatever it
is you can take 10 digital wallets and
set them all at the same time with one
fee so multiple transactions fixed fee
and massive speed instant and that are
some of the benefits of this material
coin we are ready on three or four
exchanges we’re applying to be on some
of the bigger exchanges and what
actually happens is the more demand on
our coin that greater the price so with
Bitcoin there was only about a few
programmers who under student at the
beginning with future net we have a
community of over 2 million members so
therefore there’s a bigger demand
we offer mining packages we are the more
exchanges if we appear on more exchanges
that brings us more market cap that
brings us more utility of our product
and that will put pressure on the price
of our coin because economics works like
this it works with supply and demand
beginning right now there is massive
demand for our coin but the supply is
not there why because we’ve just
starting to admit we’re just the
blockchain emits coins every minute with
Bitcoin they met coins every 10 minutes
every 10 minutes bitcoin releases coins
into the world with your alerts every
single minute bitcoins ten minutes we
are one minute so the supply is limited
the demand is massive what do you think
is the possibility of our coin clean up
in value guys it is phenomenal the
potential you can buy yourself a cloud
mining package you can you can you can
mine for yourself you can buy your own
mining rigs pay your own electricity you
can go to github and do it yourself of
your technology or you can do what I did
you can buy a mining package from future
they put the churro in my account every
minute if you buy a package right now
and one minute you’ve got coin the next
minute we pay you again we pay you 60
times per minute 60 times per minute you
get paid for turtle into your wallet
imagine a biker card that pages 60 times
yeah sorry 60 times an hour every minute
we could coin in 60 times per hour in a
day it’s amazing in a year we pay you
over half a million payments if you
spend $100 with us we will pay you over
half a million times coin into your
digital wallet
of course the contract for two years so
you get over 2 million payments of
into Europe FN or your future net
digital wallet if you buy a cloud mining
package now is the time to start the
community right at the bin not now like
you want Bitcoin idiot thousand don’t
you one of the 10 cent do you want the
taro at seven dollars how do you want to
pay it by Peter when it’s $100 it’s up
to you what also is interesting is the
economics I asked people this would you
rather a thousand a pip coin or a
thousand et cetera when I ask this
question for people who cooked
apparently most of them say I’ll take
the Bitcoin I said why would you take
the Bitcoin
well bitcoins been around since 2008
I’ve heard of it it sounds reliable
everybody knows I’ll pick this sutra net
or Patrol is a new one and why would I
do that here’s why for your thousand of
Bitcoin to grow to two thousand a
Bitcoin needs to go from 8,000 to 16,000
but your thousand of keturah only needs
to go to $14 to double your money it
needs to go to $28 to double again it
needs to go to $56 to double again it
needs to go to 100 to $12 to double
again so your thousand dollars to two
thousand four thousand
16,000 could you do the same exercise in
Bitcoin Bitcoin needs to go
sixteen thousand thirty two thousand
sixty four thousand a hundred and twenty
eight thousand for one coin do you ask
me this do you believe it’s possible for
a Bitcoin to go from 50,000 to 128
thousand faster than a factory go from
seven dollars to one hundred dollars I
would rather my money in Potrero because
as a community we can build a value we
can start building the utility bringing
on the merchants we can start rising the
price we could put pressure on from
mining pressure on from utility pressure
on from more exchanges to rise ISM I
think it’s easier to get from Sabbath to
100 and it is to get from eight thousand
one hundred and twenty eight thousand of
coin no greatest respect for Bitcoin I
love it I hold that coin myself I get my
hands on as much Bitcoin as I can what
I’m saying is because of the price of
the turo today I would rather be getting
in at this price that at this price and
that’s the opportunity let me go back to
the slides now finish this evening to
presentation here we go and let’s finish
up so digital money just like Bitcoin
we’ve heard that patrol has just
launched in 2015 all our coins will be
emitted in a 10-year window we talked
about natural money that fish sweet rice
vegetables yeah
then money became gold and silver and
platinum then money became the paper
your customer then it became electronic
that’s fees in MasterCard PayPal but the
future of money is digital currency guys
that’s the age we’re in if you want to
be part of that exciting industry and
take your Commission’s out in futur you
can take your Commission’s out in
Bitcoin it’s incredible I told you about
the guy that took two pizzas for 10,000
coins guys those 10,000 coins over 8,000
each if this guy had to kept the 10,000
coins instead of giving them away for
those two
Pizza he will have eighty million
dollars right now eighty million dollars
this is possibly the most expensive
pizza order in the planet so the New Age
is our fraternal coin I’ve already told
you the key features one minute blocks
100 million coins I’ve over 10 years for
second transaction time
well that’s instant I call for seconds
instant but I mean you get your coffee
and stir it the shopkeepers paid fixed
fee regardless of the transaction size
and several transactions in fact 10
transactions for the simpie if you want
to get yourself some coin you don’t
understand it just buy a pack okay you
don’t need any knowledge any experience
you don’t need to understand buy one of
these packs and we’ve been given your
coins every minute for the next two
years but you should buy one of these
every day if you can or every week just
keep topping up compound your mining
compound compound you know if you can
afford another thousand pack buy another
thousand build it up build up the power
build up the computing part get more
coin yeah if you want to create wealth
tie up to you hope you all make the
right decision if you want to promote
the program we have many bonuses like
direct bonuses career bonuses uni-level
bonuses matching bonuses car bonus
we’re giving away up to $10,000 a month
for anybody that wants to build this
business series guys we have a separate
presentation to discuss compensation
plans and how all this works please get
your hands on it find it in our
so that brings us to the end of our
presentation I’ve taken a hundred
minutes of your time 100 minutes this
hundred minutes could change your life
or somebody else’s life please let them
have a copy of this please get back them
you watch a movie for an hour and a half
or two hours of three hours and you make
nothing you watch this is a money-making
moving what you’re watching right now
how to make money easy online number one
we give free money in our social media
platform for your content or your for
your chat and communications if you want
to take it more serious get into our
digital products buy those products get
into the structure for free and you can
make up to seven point four million
dollars 50 cent to seven point four
million that’s very cool program our
advertisement package is brilliant again
$10 or $50
praticing packages watch 10 ads and we
turn every 50 into 60 or and up to you I
do all four parts
get yourself a mining pack now and start
getting coins every minute you could
make money today tonight while you sleep
you can get up tomorrow morning and you
will have made money without introducing
anybody that is the key and the secret
behind future net i’ve enjoyed sharing
with this with you please get back to
the person that shared this video with
you get your valid questions answered
but most importantly get started not see
can you wake up tomorrow morning with
money in your account that’s it guys I
hope you enjoyed it I will see you again
real soon” – Hugh Paul Ward

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