Improving Security At AdPackPro For Benefit Of All

Dear business partners of AdpackPro,


We will continually improve security at AdpackPro for the benefit of all.
So we decided to do it this week (you can see this in the dashboard)
To renounce all licenses – ALL -! You will not be able to book them any more.
Anyone who has acquired a license from 01.01.2017 and linked his business model AdpackPro to the OneVision World will receive a corresponding remuneration in the form of credits in the World.

Until we can further optimize the payment processes (additional payment provider); Unauthorized calls due to false e-mail, double accounts, etc., we also waive the set-up fee in the World; Complete now your business. We prepare
Marketing tools so that everyone can see ALL on a OnePager where is the value in the world for everyone – primarily security for all of us.

Give yourself the chance and benefit – we will bring you MORE!

The management of OneVision Holding AG

Increased Compliance Testing Is Holding-Up Your Payment Request In APP

Your payment request is in pending at the Bank for 2 weeks because of increased compliance testing. It will be after Easter until the release can be given – you can help us ALL by making no negative posts outside the internet against OneVision Holding AG. We would like thanks to all customers, who have done already positive posts and statements. So it in our OPTION how strictly the requirements of the compliance works and how long it takes until disbursement requirements to payout of the bank.
As we have already announced, we will announce the way in which we can count your remaining terms for licenses already paid in the World. Until then, you will stay with us.
Your management

Onevision holding ag – onevision world official announcement channel with smart messenger for windows German

Onevision holding ag – onevision world official announcement channel with smart messenger for windows German – channel number: Fy2-Vg5-Xw0-Pd4-Yh0-Qf1-

As Owner Of A Few Shares In AdPackPro

So, as the owner of a few shares in adpackpro, I must say that I simply can’t afford monthly 95 € for the various onevision-products to pay for it. The Smart Shop via I would quite like it – and if I for instance only 10 € a month had to pay, then I’d be able to afford (a) and (b) of course the smart shop by trying to distribute.
But at € 95 for all ovh-products together – the stemme I don’t.
The Senior Management. I believe that would be well advised to take advantage of the products offered more moderate prices, especially the smart shop by, in fact, for many people, would be an added value.
It would be nice if someone from the management to be able to respond to this proposal.

Today I Have A Total Of 4 People Called For Help

The sunny – Friday:

I would like to get rid of something that is very close to my heart. Today I have a total of 4 people have called for help, the help and support, both in technical problems as well as the product-related questions.

Result: successful

All 4 people that could help until further notice, with two of these people I even personally almost every 40 minutes on the phone and via remote-control me in addition to the current pcs to logged in can intervene, none of these 4 people is In my down-let alone upline and if I get 4 people said that the current upline not really help because this just the dollar signs in a big way. There goes me so easy the bile upstairs, as this is extremely bad!

I’m happy to help, what is in my power, even if I don’t get a single cent. But some upline, please check out a little more to take care of your downline, there is also such a thing as phone and remote-control – it is something you can also use it.
I know it’s exhausting sometime it same again to explain and to answer, but a direct personal support without many participants, you can reach a lot more than you think.

And another thing!
It helps anyone who asks for help – when including one comment to read is like:

“I’m ok not long now”
‘too expensive’
“too little” pool


“ridiculous” is the time where you spend here for this comment
“I’m ok not long now” – maybe more than you think
“too expensive” when you do nothing yes
“too little pool” there are again in the ovh sidebar the travel agency

I’m now a can of “Cider” on and enjoy my successful day, and you? 🙂

With New Sponsor Of The OneVision Holding

With our new sponsor of the onevision holding a great 3TH PLACE WITH ONLY 1 LOSS AND 1 DRAW BUT WITH 5 wins! Many thanks to Holger and Christine for these beautiful jerseys for the SV ober teuri hanging! I’m proud of the boys since it was her first hallenturnier and many teams with 5:0 or 4:0 from the square have swept! 💪😊
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