Profit Hunters Looking To Load Accounts With Money


Special announcement from the Board of Directors – please do read this !
Adpackpro – the advertising platform with extra value – in future this slogan will gain and become more and more of importance. Advertising stands with Adpackpro upfront
It has been more than one year now since we started with Adpackpro. We , the 5 members of the board of directors have had and still have the goal to give our affiliates a stable financial homebase and a possibility to escape into a better future.
As you might know, there have been several advertisingplatforms, somewhere on some islands that do not exist anymore.
Everything that we launch and do and plan serves the here and now but certainly also the future of Adpackpro, making sure that Adpackpro is/will be standing on a secure basis, keeping all legal aspects in mind.
During the last months we have been working backstage to make sure that Adpackpro even gets bigger in future…in fact, within the next 6 months.
The first step is the Onevision World (basicpackage). With this step we have created a real affiliatemarketing platform with products and big brands. Why? Because they are being asked for and people buy them: worldwide.
If we did not made this step, we would not be able to outstand the other platforms (of which many do not exist anymore)
We would like to stress out that Adpackpro will be continued and that we are working in the background for an even much better version. With Adpackpro we have created a gigantic lead machine with opens you the doors for worldwide affiliate marketing with big brands.
To the point: we are talking about a direction of significant importance. We did not started this to tell you now that we are going to close things up….
Maybe we will see a change in customers and affiliates: so be it. Those who really can see and believe in what we are and have been doing over the last months, are invited to join us on our exiting journey. At the moment you are only just seeing the top of the iceberg. What we are going to do will be quite revolutionary and awesome – our message is quite clear:
You can earn money with it – a lot of money
If you would like to drink a glass of milk on a daily basis, then you must look after your cow and of course feed it.
But if you would like to have a stake instead on a daily basis, you will have to kill your cow….
Putting this last mindset onto the Adpackpro Affiliate Business and the products of the Onevision Holding will endanger the business: your business and your income with Adpackpro.

In other words: Profit hunters who have joined and or try join Adpackpro with loads of money; Members with more than 1 account having installed 1 for their spouse, child, dog and cat, with the purpose to mis use our affiliate commission table and after fast cashing out, leaving our platform with the same speed and hurry they came to us, are not good for our platform and its members. They are putting the longterm income possibilities with Adpackpro at stake.
During the last days, we have been doing some research. We found more the 1400 double accounts, installed over serveral levels. They are there with just 1 goal: how to get the most out of all the levels (not just 2)
We call these members our grasshoppers that are eating and destroying our meadows. We are not going to tolerate this anymore to protect the rest of our honest members.
We will active a measurement that will serve the stability and sustainability of Adpackpro.
As from now, all credits in your favour will be divided into two parts: 25 % for forinstance payout requests as usual and 75 % which you only can use for new advertising purchases within the Adpackpro platform and at a later stadium also within the Onevision World.
We are sure that this step will have a positive influence for all members. In this way we will have the opportunity to plan even better so that Adpackpro will be able to give all members joy and happiness on the longterm.
Step by step we will be offering even more and better methods for payments. Step by step we will offer offline intensive workshop at our headquarters in Oberwil/Basel, combined with webinars to make sure that every member will be able to get the best out of Adpackpro and the Onevision World.
Directors oft he board OneVision Holding AG

AdPackPro: AdPack Question

I have a question: I have 14 Active Adpacks. But I only get 10 for the fee. When is there for the other 4 Adpacks commission? On the home page of adpackpro is a one vision trailer. We should use this? How to find the link.

Response: You don’t have a valid license that you’re entitled to more than 10 adpacks advertising a drawback to enjoy. You Have 2 Options: either you book the one vision world (in the back office says “to the world”) the 95 € a month costs, or you buy in a yearly license adpackpro you entitled to more than 10 Adpacks advertising credits to get. If you choose this option, I recommend you the “Pro” license. This goes up to 100 Adpacks. Productionorganisation I recommend you but clearly the one vision world variant since you so that in the long term in the windows – e-Commerce market can. This gives you a lot more einkommensstöme.

Trust In The OVH And AdPackPro Even After All The Changes

“Thank you for your trust in the ovh and adpackpro even after all the last short excitement through the innovations / changes. My most heartfelt congratulations on your 1/3-goal achieved. Finally 4 DIGITS AND 1000 Active Adpacks. Even though some advertising packages soon disappear, don’t be mistaken, but stay focused!” – One of many happy affiliates/members
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AdPackPro Upgrade Into Into The World

Upgrade info to the world / booking / Bezahlprozess:
Love Adpackpro partner!
If you are on the blue booking button problems with the registration: no problem – here’s the solution: please go back to the registration page and use the green button “become a partner”
The following information: this is important
1.) important! Always use the adpackpro registered e-mail address (if you get this e-mail address and before 01.01. At Adpackpro
Were registered, so should the blue button work) �
2.) for all after the 01.01.2017 registered partner please always equal to
Green button, since we don’t usually you can find in the system
3.) if you can’t make any progress at all, please make a password reset (only in exceptional cases) �
4.) you can either use the registrierungs link which they receive from their upline or as described above the existing button. Your upline will never during registration. Important for the assignment is the correct use of the same e-mail address as with adpackpro.
5.) Payment: credit card service turns the payment to us freely, provided that they have been successfully conducted. If this is done, by this system always at night at 3:00 pm this data to the system of adpackpro and take your adpacks then completely at the pool return part.
6.) they have no cons, if one or two days, the advertising credits extended their packs for this period.
General Note:
Should errors during registration, please write a supportticket and select the department “Tech support” from.

Here is the exact order process, which is mandatory for all those who have more than 100 Packs:

1.) click on upgrade in the red message on your dashboard
2.) are you coming to the smart series / one vision world. There click the green button “become a partner”
3.) this will provide you with the smart connect package for 95 euros. There click on ‘BUY NOW’
4.) then you go below the green button on the ” Grey ” area ” shopping cart ”
5.) then at the bottom on the purple box “proceed to checkout”
6.) there in the check out enter the personal data. Very important: use the same e-mail address and data as with adpackpro.
7.) bottom right you can select either PAY VARIANT MASTERCARD AND VISA.
8.) then click on “sign up now”
9.) enter your credit card details and click on “buy”
10.) possibly Then comes another query from your credit card company (Tan answer the phone, etc). If the payment was successful click “OK”
11.) then there will be a checkout page with the confirmation. This is the most important step done.
We expect to have clarity – more tools will follow. Have fun in the world – the largest growing e-Commerce.
Their senior management
The onevision holding AG