AdsCash: We Just Made USD Withdrawls LIVE And Processed 2 Already

AdsCash: We Just Made USD Withdrawls LIVE And Processed 2 Already 🙂

Though Normally They Will Be Processed Once Every 72 Hours Straight Into Your BTC Addresses !

As Per The Comp Plan Document , 80 % Of Your Earned USD Commissions You Can Withdraw And 20 % Will be Automatically Used To Purchase Ads Cash Coins At The Current Price Moment You Submit A Withdrawl Request

For All The Doubters Who Left No Stone Unturned To Call Ads Cash A SCAM , This will be a slap in face as now we are paying also…🙂

I wonder what they will say when we hit markets next year and start trading at $4 and earn our early investors 100x profits 🙂

Next Price Increse to 3.7 Cents Will happen In About 48 Hours From Now Looking At The Current Numbers

So If You have Been still thinking , this is the best time to grab your ads cash coins and experience an immediate profit in about 48 hours…

Keep buying coins , keep building teams and tell them to do the same

See you on top


We Just Crossed 3.3 Cents per AdsCash Coin In Price

Congrats Everyone !

We Just Crossed 3.3 Cents per AdsCash Coin In Price !

This yields handsome profits to our current investors already !

As Of Now Price Of Per Adscash token is 3.3 cents and once we sell off the next 3 million coins , it will again increase by 0.4 cents to 3.7 cents per coin

This as per current numbers will happen in next 4 days or so…..

So If you have been waiting on sidelines – don’t keep waiting
Get in the action and see the growth !

Also few things we have been working on :

1) Tomorrow internal wallet transfer of USD funds will start
So many of your downlines who due to some reason have not yet been able to buy adscash tokens becuase they don’t know how to purchase bitcoins , can now pay you in any way or form you want and you can transfer your ads cash balance to them in their USD wallet so they can purchase coins !

2) Once internal transfer option is working , tech team will integrate the withdrawl API’s which should take at the max 72 more hours and then you will be able to with draw your USD commissions into your BTC addresses

3) our AdsCash app is already in works right now and should be good to be released in about 2-4 weeks from now

4) INtegration of first set of products where AdsCash Tokens can be used has alreadt started and in about 30 days from now you will be able to see them

Our Alexa rankings are through the roof and we are about to enter in top 16,000 sites globally in just about 50 days which is an achievment which cannot be taken lightly

People have already started to earn $100-$1000 days here in Ads Cash and I am 100 % convinced that this is just the start – the numbers will be 10x bigger in 90 days from now

Best is yet to come !

Stay focussed , keep buying more and more Adscash coins and keep opening up your levels so you can get paid from your teams across 7 levels ……..

Help your teams do the same

Lets build this To a Billion $$$$

Nick Johnson

AdsCash: USD Commissions For Team Building Are Live

Congrats Everyone !

USD Commissions For Team Building Are Live In Your Backoffice Now In Your Wallet Section !

We have so many people making anywhere from $100/day in income to even as much as $11k usd in a single day and more !

This is just the start…

I do see people hitting here $1000 per day consistently to even $100k/day or more !

Tech crew has done extensive testing the last 7 days before making these USD commissions LIVE !

As per them we don’t have any glitches and all calculations are correct !

However if you feel you have a missing commission or something , feel free to raise a support ticket under the commission category and it will be handled on priority !

Make sure that you only raise the ticket once you know for sure you made the commission

Just becuase you have a X amount of team does not means you will have USD commissions !

USD commissions are generated when someone in your team buys AdsCash Coins and you make anywhere from 1 % to upto 10 % of that purchase based on where in your organisation that person is and if you are qualified for it or not !

Make sure to refer to compensation plan document inside the backoffice again and again so everything is clear for you !

Next the tech crew is now busy working on Withdrawal API’s and we should be able to get that done by approximately 21st and then you can start withdrawing your USD commissions daily In Your BTC wallets !

Step by step everything is falling together and we are crushing it…..

Nick Johnson

P.S The next price increase of 4 cents is very close now and looks like will happen in next 24 hours the moment we sell approx 1 million coins more !

If you have been waiting behind the sidelines – this is the time to get busy taking action

Buy more coins while you still can , introduce daily new people to opportunity by giving away free accounts and help them do the same steps

Easy $1000 days here !

Ads Cash Just Credited My Another 6000 Ads Cash To My Walle

Just Want To Motivate You Guys, No Matter What Your Current Situation, Pending transaction/cancel Transaction.

Ads Cash Just Got You Guys Covered. Ads Cash Just Credited My Another 6000 Ads Cash To My Wallet.

Let’s Rock Together, When We Hit The Exchange Windows. We Literally Become Six-figure Income Earner/Millionaire.

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AdsCash Enters Top 17000 Sites Globally In 50 Days

We just entered in top 17,000 sites globally in a matter of 50 days since Prelaunch Started !

And entering into in top 1000-2000 websites in many countries around the world

Just goes to show what can be achieved when a group of people get together, focus on a idea and make it happen

Can’t wait to see we hitting top 15,000 sites and then top 10,000 sites and create a global revolution in crypto currency market !

With Japan And Philippines Legalizing bitcoins, with lot of south american countries adopting to bitcoins fast becuase of internal government capital control issues , future of bitcoins and alt coins is looking very promising !

What bitcoin is to the finance world , we will be to online advertising world

With over 400K + strong member community growing by 1000-2000 members a day , with strong tech team and with products in place – we got what it takes to be the next big coin and together help many of you retire millionaires and multi-millionaires

Lets do this – get focussed – buy more coins before the next price increase of 3.3 cents per coin and help your teams do the same

Big week ahead – Lets capitalize


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Excited to Announce Opening Up of our 5th Global Office In Sofia, Bulgaria

Excited to Announce Opening Up of our 5th Global Office In Sofia, Bulgaria

Address : Bulevard General Eduard I. Totleben 53-55, 1606 Sofia, Bulgaria

Contact Number : +359 2 805 7187

With This Now we have 5 Ads Cash Global Offices Covering Singapore , Malaysia , Philippines , Bulgaria And Indonesia.

5 Fastest Growing Markets In The World When It Comes To Crypto Currency Usage !

What We have done till now is epic but what we will do in next 90 – 180 days will blow everyone’s mind away !

For Our first group of affiliates they made handsome profits already as coin price went up from 2.5 cents a coin to 2.9 cent a coin…

Next price increase I do believe will happen sometime in middle of this week as we are selling coins fast and moment we sell out next batch of 3 million coins – pricing will again increase by 4 cents and reach 3.3 cents a coin!

If I am you , I will be picking up as many coins as I can everyday and keep helping my team do the same

See you all on top

Nick Johnson

Meet Mr.Morris Williams – Our Zonal Manager For Fast Growing AdsCash NewZealand Market

Meet Mr.Morris Williams – Our Zonal Manager For Fast Growing AdsCash NewZealand Market

One of our major goals in 2017 is to open at least 50 offices of adscash Globally and have local corporate teams so we start getting merchants locally to increase the usage of the coin !

We got the circulation right which is over 400k people now , we got the technology right and rest whole 2017 is all about building usage and then we enter exchange in 2018 and launch our own custom blockchain and take the coin to minimum $4.5 usd though my target price is $25 per coin and help our early bird investors make 100x to 1000x profits on their money

Lets create millionaires and multi millionaires

What is happening is incredible

What is about to happen will be even more crazy as we go from 400k members to 1 million members

Focus , Buy As many coins as you can and work with your teams

See you all on top

Nick Johnson​

2 More Global Offices Details Of AdCash Revealed Shortly

I am in total awe as I right this post !

We just finalized 2 more global offices details of which will be revealed shortly

What a corporate team we are building here and our leadership teams have already proven their mettle by helping us hit over 415k signups in a short time span of 40 days and crossing alexa rankings of less than 20k..

At this rate we will be in top 10k websites globally overtaking even

If bitcoin today can be at $1200 and on track to hit $5000 in next few years , we for sure can hit even $1000 per ads cash coin in next 5 years

Which will literally mean all the people who are getting involved with us at this stage becoming millionaires/multimillionaires for life and achieving their time and financial freedom !

Sure we have our growing pains – who does not

Sure we have tech glitches – with 400k+ members trying to login at same time and purchase etc , its bound to happen

But over all we are managing this pretty well

Almost 90 % of support tickets are closed and support emails have been answered – thanks to our support team who get the vision here and are working 15 hour days right now…

This is just the start – Tons of awesome updates on the way

Keep buying ads cash – keep building teams and have them do the same

Keep it simple and keep it easy

See you all on top

Nick Johnson

AdsCash Tech Team Having Nightmare Handling 410,000 Reps

While I am having fun here seeing the growth and momentum we have , our AdsCash Tech Team is having a nightmare handling 410,000 reps


Everyone please pray for our tech team so they don’t loose weight fast !

Everyone worked literally 20 hours yesterday and today they are already on job ……..

In all of their life and even my life , we have never seen such momentum where we are growing at 3000 members – 5000 members a day , having 410k reps in 40 days time and going insane with the # of tech requests we are getting every second

Next few days will be glitchy with so much happening but we will have fun and relax

Commission run will be processed only once we have solved every support ticket and I have personally ensured that each and every person’s wallet is funded with USD balance which they have paid and everyone has been able to purchase Coins

This will ensure that we don’t loose out on anyone and everyone is happy and satisfied

Its a big task but we will do it in next 72 hours…

Till then keep buying , keep referring and keep having fun

2017 will be exciting