Secure You Future Financially By Using Crypto Currency

Just to be totally clear with everyone…. The Click Intensity team and I team will stop at nothing until all members are paid!!

Far be it for me to vilify anyone but it is my firm belief the the bane of the revshare industry and certanly CI, is PAYMENT PROCESSORS!! They gouge at companies and create so much trouble for so many people and don’t care! It’s just WRONG!

Tell all your team members that to secure their future financially they need to get into crypto currency and take control away from other entities, banks and processors alike!

For those of you who are so patiently waiting on Payments… Bless you and thank for keeping faith and sticking through the bumps. It will be so very worth It! I assure You! The next 30 days and 60 days will rock the INDUSTRY!!!

CI FOREVER!!! #gocrypto

Getting Ready For A Billion $$$ Ride

* Getting Ready For A Billion $$$ Ride **

After Successful Launch Of FB Shares And FB Fanpage Likes Product ,We Are Moving Towards Launch Of Hourly Login Ads Where You Can Buy Them On Hourly Basis Instead Of Just The Current Option Of Full Day !

As You Can Clearly See , Our Focus In Corporate Is To Be World’s #1 Revenue Share Company In Online Advertising Niche By Offering Innovative Cudding Edge Leading Products And Letting Our Products Speak For Themselves…..

Always remember this one thing in life – A Billion $$$ business is not build around hype but is build on solid products and customer base………

While there might be other short term lurative HYIP’s coming out there everyday offering you 2 % daily , 3 % daily , even 5 % daily and 10 % daily but those are all short term money spinners where few people win and 99 % people end up loosing their life savings

Most of these programs close in 90 days to a max of 6 to 12 months ……

We here at Click Intensity have now already completed 9 months and have our roadmap clear for the next 12 months , 24 months , 5 years , 10 years and so on….

We want to be there for your grand childrens also..

We want to build a business so strong which you can be proud to be associated with and which you can even pass to your next generation……….

And We cannot do that alone – we ofcourse need strong leadership in the field and I am happy to see that it is already cultivating….

Sure we have had our roadbumps across the way like paypal freezing our funds , payza and advcash disputing our transactions and holding funds in 6 months reserve ( Current Payouts In Payza And Advcash Will Only Be Released Once These Disputes Are Cleared But All Fresh Payouts Using BTC Will Be Cleared As Per Normal ) , payment api’s being hacked and we loosing over $10 milllion $$$ , initial early days tech glitches but here is the bottomline – we are still here standing strong paying you guys and growing everyday 1 % excited for the future

This should tell you what your management team is build off and should encourage you to work outside your comfort zone everyday and go share the message of Click Intensity to the world

Very shortly we will be announcing something so big that it will shake the entire online advertising industry and will put us at par with companies like Facebook , Google and other such big giants……

People who work hard now , build their teams and keep them together – I promise will all retire as multi-millionaires from Click Intensity ……

That’s all for now……

Make sure you read every corporate email , every post by me and Tara Mish over the course of next 1-3 weeks as you definately want to be in the loop of what’s coming next……..

As It could mean all of you having a fair chance at 10xing or even 100x ing your money if we work together as a unit…..

I will leave at that for now and let you guys guess 🙂

Nick Johnson

Site Maintenance Notification (ClickIntensity)

Dear Affiliates,
Thank you for your patronage towards Click Intensity. We regret for this short notice.

As part of our sustained effort to provide you with a State-of-art technology experience, we will be performing an Emergency Maintenance Activity on Tuesday, 29th Nov 2016.

Type of Maintenance: System downtime is required to address a problem which is identified by infra team of cloud hosting provider.

Maintenance Window Start: Tuesday 29th Nov 2016 – 11:00 PM CST

Maintenance Window End: Wednesday 30th Nov 2016 – 03:00 AM CST

Service Impact: ClickIntensity services may not be available during the maintenance window of 4 hours.

Schedule: The window for maintenance is scheduled to begin at 11:00 PM CST on Tuesday 29th Nov 2016 and end at 03:00 AM CST on Wednesday 30th Nov 2016.

Should any additional time be required, notice will be provided and the maintenance window will be expanded.

Thank you for bearing with us.
Tech Team

CI: Click Intensity Referral Links Getting Changed

Just want to let you know the the tech team is currently working to change the domain for all referral links so they can be shared on Facebook once again!!

Yes! The Click Intensity referral links will be different now! It is like a “refresh” so that you can be more careful and make it last longer this time.

Please be respectful and do not just spam people with your links. That is unprofessional marketing. We want the world to know us as a family of people with high standards and strong ethics.

Post your links on your own profile and that is fine. Talk with people and ask them “Can I share something with you that I am really excited about”? Then share the link.

We will let you know as soon as the work is complete and links are active. Til then, keeping sharing the vision!

Repurchase and repurchase and compound till you hit 4000 packs

For Those Of You Who Still Don’t Understand The Power Of Click Intensity Advertising Products And Think It’s A INvestment Scheme And Cry Becuause Due to Some temporary glitches company having a delay in withdrawls or cry about revenue share going down, read this again

Just in last 24 hours received over 1600 shares to my FB post , it went instantly viral and over 3,000 comments already making me looking a internet celebrity……

I have purchased 10,000 shares to this post by using my gold coins for $5000……

I am a online marketer day in and day out and have been doing this for 10 years and made millions of dollars…

I spend more money in advertising monthly alone than many of you make in entire year….

( Yes I am bragging and yes I am being arrogant here but at times proving a point is necessary )

Which essentially means I do understand traffic and conversions better than most people do and there is a reason I have a list of 470,000+ people ( one of the biggest email lists in Internet Marketing space )

CI traffic rocks and Thats about it !

I am also testing a log in ad for this week just for test and already got 121 referrals in like last 4 hours…….

This product FB share alone can make u millions if u do it the right way……..

You can make millions selling this FB share product alone…

But i guess you will only do that once u get out of this negative crap drama and focus on actually making sales in this business….

With hourly login ads coming and also FB likes also , shit is about to go whole another level………

While 80 % of you are busy complaining , me and my teams are crushing everywhere and you know what my leaders like Valerie Ann Chamos, Lucinda Lim-Wong, Samresh Kumar Nishad and many others – we always have shortage of gold coins becuase business is happening big and fast on the field and gold coins are getting sold as fast as they come…

So wake up , smell the coffee , stop comlaining about things which don’t matter , repurchase and repurchase and compound till you hit 4,000 packs , refer people to this awesome business everyday , buy advertising everyday and advertise other biz opps and make money there too ( like i crushed a 100,000 people team in another biz opp leveraging my email list and CI traffic ) , ………..keep rocking………..

See you all on top

Ankur Agarwal

P.S Tag your teams to this post of u think they need to hear this message

Single launch alone will put CI way ahead of the trend

*************** Updates **************

1) So As Promised Withdrawls In Bitcoins Have Started

This is a testing week for the APi’s to ensure it’s hack free and we will be doing a certain amount everyday and then speed will increase everyday

2) Along with that , work on FB likes and Hourly Login Ads is in Full swing and I am hopeful for them to go live in this coming week…

3) I do see some of you compalining about a drop in rev share

Let me repeat myself again here : we are not a investment plan company but a genuine business with genuine profits and losses…..

When we make more money, we pay you more…..

when we make less money, we pay you less…..

Bottomline we pay you and yes revenue shares will go down and yes revenue shares will go up……..

If you are looking for HYIP style profits where % given out is fixed or only returns go up , then CI is not a place for you as we will rather stay here for next 20 years and operate a genuine legitimate business and ensure company is profitable so it can last than giving you fast and impossible returns and then collect all the money and run away after 6 months which 100 % of HYIP’s Do….

Also everytime you post anything negative in group, you kill your own profits….becuase you hurt your own business and business of other people which also affects revenue share in the long run…

If you will spread positivity everyday in the group it will have a ripple effect and you will make way more money in long run…..

and vice versa also true………

If you will spread negativity , then you will kill your own profits and profit’s of everyone else also..

So next time you see someone posting a negative comment, think that person is killing your business and immediately notify the admin so that person is blocked from the group…..

If this line of thought appeals to you , you are more than welcome to stay in CI but if not then feel free to leave CI and do business somewhere else as we only want people here with the same vision and thought process like we have and who treat this company as a genuine business and not like a investment plan scam

With that being said, I don’t want a single negative comment inside this group anymore or you will be instantly banned

Admins kindly make a note of this : Tara Mish , Gene Wolff , Azlisham Azizan , Trevor Miller , Yevgen Podzolkov , Valerie Ann Chamos , Daniel Elliott And Others

4) Regarding Payza Payouts they are on hold as we are currently having a dispute with Payza as they were not allowing us to withdraw any profits and have even locked the existing balance inside Payza…

It will take some time as per our legal team and as soon as I hear something from them , will keep you guys updated…

Till then enjoy BTC withdrawls…

5) Last but not the least We are working on some big things behind the scenes and possibly in about two weeks u will hear about it..

Lets just say it’s going to change the game of advertising on the internet for ever and will potentially give leaders , early adopters and investors a chance to 10x to 100x their money in coming few weeks and months…

Also that single launch alone will put CI way ahead of the trend and do something which has never been done in the revenue share industry ever…..and i mean ever…

So stay tuned…….and get excited…

because things are about to go whole another level……….

Leaders will start getting hints about it shortly in next 7 days so they can prepare their teams for what’s coming next…..

Leaders be ready