ClikDelivery Refund: To All CD Members Who Are At A Loss

Hello all,

This is an important message to all members,

As the Trafficmonsoon case is taking an eternity to get solved, we decided to refund members who are in loss in our program, then when the refund process is completely finished, we will either decide to keep the site running as a Traffic Exchange platform or close it permanently.

So we created a gmail address to collect DATA from people who didn’t got their seed money back from our Clikdelivery.

Please send an email to the following gmail address:


Please contact us via the given email address ONLY if you are a member who are in loss.

If you got your seed money back and/or are in profit, do not waste your time by sending an email as we will ONLY send refunds to people in loss and will ignore other irrelevant messages.

Please send an email in the following format to make our work easier:

– Username :
– Total added funds :
– Total withdrawn :
– Total funds still to recover = (total added funds – total withdrawals)
– Payza and BTC address :

Please send only those infos, no need to write a story or make a drama, we will refund each one of you progressively, also, please do not try to cheat us by sending wrong DATA. We will verify each and every account, and if we find that you tried to cheat, YOU WILL GET NOTHING AT ALL!

Please also note that refunding people is a process that’s going to take some time because we will process refunds as the money comes to our accounts.

So please send ONLY one email and wait for your turn, no need to flood our inbox with a bunch of repetitive emails.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Leaders and top referrers please inform your downlines about this update!

Thank you! It was a pleasure for us to work with you all !

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CD – Withdrawal Is Sill Pending Please Wait While We Process It

Hello all,

If your ClikDelivery withdrawal is still pending please wait while we process it. We do not have an exact timaframe as we are in a transition phase. we’re trying our best to protecr reserve funds to not drain it completely after few days.

Also, no fresh funds are coming in, everybody is only caring about withdrawing their money.

Money does not grow on trees, we are doing our best to pay everybody, however we cannot do this without your cooperation.

Adding fresh funds to the system is the best way to support our program and keep payouts rolling.

If you cannot afford adding fresh funds then you should wait for your turn to be paid, and meanwhile, try to promote us the best you can so we can move forward and grow our reserves.

A lot of leaders contacted me and advised me to drop everything but i didn’t wanted. All of this because i care about you.

But some members do not care about the programs, they are just waiting passiveley to be paid.

And even when they get paid, they do not even take a minute to share their payment proof which is the minimum required to keep this program running.

This passivity will not lead to anything good.

I hope everybody will do their part of job after this clear message!