March 20 FutureNet Webinar: Find Out More About FutureNet 2.0

📢 Tomorrow (Weds, March 20, 2019) there is another webinar with Stephan Morgenstern! Join us and find out more about FutureNet 2.0!

March 20 FutureNet webinar starts at:

5 pm (17:00) CET
8 pm (20:00) Dubai Time
4 pm (16:00) UK Time
11 am (11:00) New York Time
12 am ( 00:00) Hong Kong

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  • Global Business Update

Dubai Opera: Perfect Place To Host FutureNet 2019 Event

Meet Dubai Opera – an amazing place.  The Dubai Opera is a place which seamlessly combines modernity, the courage of thinking and openness to new challenges. Placed in the downtown of Dubai and distinguished by its architecture, it offers a unique space – perfect to dream about the future and to create new ideas, aimed globally. It all makes the Dubai Opera a perfect place to host the FutureNet 2019 event.
Dubai Opera seating
Dubai Opera seating
Dubai Opera stage
Dubai Opera stage
Dubai Opera outside
Dubai Opera outside

Photos From FTO Conference Of March 1

📸 Here are some photos from the recent FuturoCoin Conference held in Poland! Feel the atmosphere of the event and see how the guests played on the exclusive afterparty. 🍸

Of course, it was recorded because they do understand that not everybody could have attended plus not the entire world would fit into just one room. Here is the recording of the FTO conference of Friday, March 1 (03/01/19)

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Whole FuturoCoin Conference Event To Be Broadcasted Thursday

Whole FuturoCoin Conference Event To Be Broadcasted Thursday

😢 You can not appear at FuturoCoin Conference?
Nothing lost! Especially for this part of you, which for some reason will not take a part in our event, we have prepared the 🎥 LIVE relation.

1. We will be broadcasting the whole event, so you will not lose a second of valuable knowledge.
2. A professional film crew will take care of the unique transmission quality.
3. You will feel like real participants of the event.

We start this Thursday at 10:00am.
Save this date in the calendar!

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Winners Of Free FuturoCoin Conference Tickets Announced

Competition during the contest was intense.
⚠️ We announce the winners:

Gratien Mukeshimana
박 서운
Shirit deri
Cassandra Darensbourg
Khbaz Boujemaa
Heitam abu
Grzegorz Frąckowiak
Yossi Levy
Harry JD Tate
Sangwoo Kim
Emil Kubat
Krzysztof Gredka

We have contacted you by email to grant you well-deserved tickets.

Congratulations to the winners and good luck in the next competitions!

Quick reminder: you can still buy tickets for FuturoCoin Conference!
Don’t hesitate and check the available tickets!

Special Offer On FuturoCoin Conference Tickets

FuturoCoin Conference on 28/02/2019!
An amazing dose of knowledge and inspiration awaits you.

Group ticket. Buy 5 or more tickets at once – get a 100 PLN discount on each ticket.
Only 199 PLN for each ticket.

Example without promotion: 5 tickets x 299 = 1495 PLN
Example in the promotion: 5 x 299 tickets = 1495 PLN – 500 PLN (discount) = only 995 PLN!

Tickets can be found here:

Don’t hesitate, be there with us!

Extra Webinar On Friday For FutureNet

We have a surprise for you – an extra webinar on Friday! 📢

You need to see the #TechnicalUpdate with FutureNet Founder Stephan Morgenstern and global specialist Jan Snoek.

The webinar starts at o:

4 pm (16:00) Dubai Time

1 pm (13:00) CET

12:00 UK Time

7 am (07:00) New York Time

8 pm (20:00) Hong Kong

#FutureAdPro #FutureNet #FNwebinar #GlobalBusinessUpdate

FutureNet Global Webinar Friday Jan 18

📢 Learn more about FutureNet 2.0! This Friday there is another #FutureNetGlobalUpdate with Stephan Morgenstern!

The webinar starts at:

5 pm (17:00) Dubai Time
2 pm (14:00) CET
1 pm (13:00) UK Time
8 am (08:00) New York Time
9 pm ( 21:00) Hong Kong

go here for webinar

FutureNet Global Update Jan 18
FutureNet Global Update Jan 18