FutureNet Uses Combination Of 5 Special Online Sectors

FutureNet Uses Combination Of 5 Special Online Sectors

Most of the times when you join into a company – opportunity – you’ll find that they are very limited in what they are actually offering as a product or service. This is certainly NOT the case with FutureNet.

FutureNet Pays Free Users With Bitcoin Every 15 Minutes

FutureNet – World’s FIRST uncensored and encrypted social media network that pays the free user in bitcoin every fifteen minutes. You don’t need to see this to people – only to educate them on it.

Every single person that you come across is a prospect – everyone that you know needs what we have right now. Futurenet is re-wiring human digital consciousness.

Mark Zuckerburg could have been paying us users 10 years ago for “wasting time” on FaceBook while the site made and is growing its billions every quarter. Facebook didn’t want to do this and never will do this because unlike FutureNet, they aren’t FOR the people.

Why I’m Doing Well In FutureNet

One of the reasons I’m doing quite well in FutureNet is because I didn’t give up.
When the other giant revshare got shut down everyone started freaking out and a lot of my team left FN but I honestly I didn’t really give a damn because I knew FN was different then most of the crap out there.
Also after the fallout of that major Revshare this group was also becoming very quiet and everyone started promoting something else. But I kept pushing with FutureNet and didn’t jump ship I just kept my focus in FutureNet because I already saw from miles away that this will become a Solid Giant.
Im really glad that Steve and I kept pushing Futurenet as if there was no tomorrow while others quit.
So don’t get side tracked and KEEP PUSHING. FutureNet is the real deal. If you want to build a real long term business you are in the right place.. IF you are here to look for a quick hit and run then you wont make it and might as well just quit once and for all.” – Mike

Upgrade into the highest Membership in FutureAdPro

Don’t forget to Upgrade into the highest Membership in FutureAdPro as this gives you 15% commissions on Adpacks purchased over 5 Levels …. even if you do not have a big Team or not many adpacks yourself it can be very benefical for you as example… Purchse the highest Membership for 1 month for $16 or 6 month for $95 or 1 Year for $180 you will earn on every direct Partners purchase 8% commissions and on every 2nd Level Purchase 4% . You can pay for your Membership with the Money that you have sitting in the Advertising account! Go for 5 Level commission trust me its worth it.

PS: If you have no Team or you not building then its ok to upgrade as your adpacks grow 🙂

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Q&A For Clicks And Qualifying In FAP (FutureAdPro)

Question: Ok folks I have some questions from my fap (futureadpro) team members. If you click more than your 10 Ads say 15 for example does the additional 5 spill over to the next 24 hrs period and therefore you only have to click 5 to qualify in that 24 hrs period. I always thought no to spillover clicks but some are reporting they have done this.

I’m off to bed but answers appreciated. Nite nite 😀

Answer: yes if u click some ads extra then they are counted for next day….suppose u click 15 days today….then tomorrow u will be qualified just clicking 5 more for next day

How To Do Google Authenticator In FutureNet/FutureAdPro

Here’s a more updated version of how to do the google authenticator if you have switch out to a different phone, meaning if you had it on one phone but change to a different phone.

1) contact support, send ticket saying you need a reset of the barcode in your back office. Make sure you also send an image of your identification along with that (license or passport).

2) support will email you back telling you they reset the barcode in your back office. They will also give you instructions of how to do this if you aren’t familiar or forgot the steps to take.

3) download the google authenicator on your phone, Then you will open the ga app and take a photo of the barcode that is in your futurenet back office.

4) Once you have taken a photo you will then see the the 6 digits and a 30 second timer on the ga app. It will also say futurenet as well.

5) you will then use the current 6 digits and in your fn back office you will put this 6 digits in the space provided and next to it then press check. If it valid the barcode will disappear and you are good to go. If it says not valid that means you didn’t put in the correct 6 digits from your phone or put in the old digits, it has to be the current digits at that time.