How many People did you Personally sponsor into the Matrix

How many People did you Personally sponsor into the Matrix? I will start i have 31 people in my Team of 106 that took action in the Matrix? Now to consider that i only needed 3 if everyone would get 3 that is a lot more to help other Team members that struggle?

If you struggle to get Team Members to upgrade what is it that you struggle with? I find the most People that struggle are just not talking about the Business they are involved with.


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I also love the matrix side of the business in Futurenet

I also love the matrix side of the business in Futurenet. Of course Revshare side is powerful but I make money here and there from the matrix as well. So far over $4200 in profit since I joined ..not much but hey every little bit counts!

Only $10 to get started..just a 1 time fee! if you are interested inbox me direct!”

“My results are not typical: This proof of earnings is
not a guarantee that you would earn the same,
but it is possible to earn this much or more
with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.”

With Love,

— Happy FutureAdPro Member

Mike Jung's photo.
Mike Jung's photo.

FutureAdPro Strategy? Well, HIS Strategy, At Least!!

This guy needed a strategy to get his FutureAdPro business off to a running start. Yes, there is a good way to do this, and obviously he knows something about it.

His FutureAdPro strategy was to borrow money to get himself some adpacks.

“I should do this more!!

I’m at 74 adpacks, seems to be buying one everyday at this point.

I also went to a few banks to get credit approved so i can get a few thousand dollar approval. Got $4000 already, also got a few recruits who’ll be putting a few thousands in a few weeks, cuz i want to reach 300 packs by the end of the year!

#MillionaireDreams”  – Mr. John Strategy Doe

I wouldn’t recommend this FutureAdPro strategy to everybody, but I’m certainly NOT knocking the idea. I know of people that took out loans to get started in biz and they forever changed their lives for the better.

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FAP: Congrats On $5000 worth of adpacks in futureadpro

Congratulations to my DEAR LEADER lol 경아 for buying another $5000 worth of adpacks in futureadpro! Talk about action taker! My team ain’t sleeping anymore!

We will dominate this 🙂

축하 축하~ 끝가지 갑시다! 8282

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FAP: So close now to 200 ad packs In FutureAdPro

So close now to 200 ad packs, before this week ends, i should be able to reach that here in #FutureAdPro #gofor1000

This is another great program that I highly highly recommend and
here are the main reasons why:

FutureNet has it’s own Social media platform
FutureNet has it’s own Shopping platform
FutureNet has its own Online Games
FutureNet has its own marketing tools
FutureNet has a 3×10 Forced matrix rewards programme
FutureNet has its own Online Shop
FutureNet has its own external advertising
FutureNet has it’s own Traffic Exchange
FutureNet is opening offline with Internet Cafe’s

In rev share industry, EXTERNAL EARNINGS is one of the most important thing to look at as this will help greatly in sustaining the business. #FutureAdPro has it all and nope this are not just plans or ideas anymore , this are already in place.

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FN: FutureNet Matrix, Incredibly Lucrative Opportunity

I’ve started to see an increase in my Matrix earning over the past few days ! What is happening is that people are upgrading and starting to talk about the matrix as well as the AdPacks..

This is great news because it’s a very under promoted but incredibly lucrative opportunity that we have with the FutureNet matrix..

Remember to try and upgrade to the next level as soon as possible and talk to your team about the incredible income opportunity that we have here ! is not only a social network

Do you know that is not only a social network, but it also can give you many other possibilities? On this platform you can publish your posts, chat and add pictures. Moreover, FutureNet gives you following possibilities:

➡ creating your own landing page?
➡ blogging ?
➡ playing games ?
➡ having a cloud ?

Thanks to our quick website maker, in only 5 minutes you can create professional landing page, which will be a great publicity for your business! If you are blogging, through the FutureNet you can share your texts, advices and inspirations with other users. If you need some great entertainment, we also have something for you. You can play various games, and take advantages from that. The last but not least – on FutureNet you can also find a cloud to send and storage your private files.
Check how many possibilities gives you FutureNet! Just try it!

FutureAdPro Strategy: One Way I Present If They Ask For More Info

“This is one way I present Futureadpro to prospects if they ask for more info.

PROSPECT: Hey what’s futureadpro?

ME: Hey how are you? Futureadpro is an a advertising platform that shares REAL revenue with it’s members. Unlike other revshare programs that only rely on new members purchasing more adpacks this company has real revenues coming from its own SOCIAL MEDIA platform such as games, own online shopping mall, real company adverts, matrix and much more.

PROSPECT: Oh that’s sweet

ME: Can I show you a quick 3 minute video that explains about Futureadpro in more detail?


ME: (i give them my futureadpro video link and i say) Its free to get registered and you can use futurenet social media for free as well. I will explain more about the social media side of the business once you get signed up for free. You will love it once i go through that with you. Think about unlimited free leads you can get buy using the social media platform that already has over 700k members 🙂.

PROSPECT: Wow ok I signed up so what do I do now?

ME: Awesome do you have time now? I would like to hop on skype with you so I can share my screen and show you the power of this platform in more details.

Then close the deal hehe..of course most of the times they wont do anything but what makes it work is the consistency! And this is just 1 way to do it and certainly not the BEST or ONLY way. But hope this helps :)”  — Mike (FutureNet / FutureAdPro guy)

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