Letter from the joint owners Roman and Stephan (FutureNet – 10-10-2012)

Hi Curt Miller,

Letter from the joint owners Roman and Stephan

Warm welcome and greeting to all of our Futurenet partners and Members and to witness our very first edition of our FutureNet magazine that we plan to produce on a bi monthly basis.

The magazine will be produce both as a glossy magazine as well as on-line and will become our way to communicate to our growing membership which we intend to use to communicate our new product promotions plus exciting plans for the future. The most important reason for this magazine is that we wish to recognise the leaders in the network as you are our most treasured asset.

We wish to hear your stories of success and see the pictures of your teams and to feature them in our bi monthly magazine. In addition we wish to recognise those of you who have achieved new status levels within our program and to then further recognise you on stage at the many events that we shall be running in the future, all over the world.

Finally both Roman and I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to all of you who attended our first summit in Poland, it was our pleasure seeing so many of your there. We shall continue to serve you, to assist you with building your independent businesses with Futurenet and we look forward meeting you personally at the events in the future.

Topics covered in this newsletter:

  • FutureNet Online Store
  • FutureNet perfume
  • FutureNet Shopping Platform, more than 300 MILLION of products
  • New Business Presentation
  • Magazine FutureNet Businessbuilder
  • International expansion
  • US $10 Ad-Packs
  • Payout of commission from Future-Ad Pro with PAYCODES
  • Coming soon: Commission payout in GOLD
  • Coming soon: New FutureNet website
  • New FutureNet Android App in short / later a new version of IOS
  • Coming soon: New functions on the panel
  • Coming soon new chat / Messenger functions
  • FutureNet will start SPORTS SPONSORING
  • FutureNet eWallet
  • FutureNet CAFE

FutureNet Store Online
Members are able to make product purchases from their own FutureNet Store, the platform continues to be developed but open for business now, Members pay use up to 25% of Media Points to purchase products.

FutureNet Perfume Availability
Launch of the new FutureNet perfume (for him and her) price $19.99, you will receive 2 fragrances of the HIGHEST QUALITY, we are confident that you will be entirely satisfied with this new product range as this could be an excellent gift for Christmas. http://store.futurenet.club/

FutureNet Shopping Platform with more than 300 MILLION of products
Futurenet have now become one of the biggest e-commerce businesses in the world, through our platform we have over 300 MILLION PRODUCTS & SERVICES.
Air flights, hotels, services and products from the biggest internet offer providers.
In addition you may also select from AMAZON, EBAY and ZALANDO with offerings thousands of other stores.
We aim to continue adding lots more choice from more shops for you to enjoy, the affiliate commission goes back towards paying the high commission for: FutureNet Advertising Program / FutureAdPro.

New Business Presentation
In the new few days you will be able to  will be able to download the new corporate business presentation FutureNet & FutureAdPro, which is being translated into all languages. We would like to say a special thank you to one of the business leaders in the UK, Hugh Paul Ward for his assistance with the content of this presentation.
All pre recorded webinars you can find here:

Magazine FutureNet Businessbuilder
During the course of this week, we shall publish the magazine FutureNet Businessbuilder.
The magazine has been designed for those FutureNet Members who are thinking seriously about taking their business on to the next level and for this to become a full time career.

The magazine will teach you the basics of the FutureNet business, how to use the tools that we have already provided, how to get started correctly and to get your business off to a FAST START, finally, what are your responsibilities towards your team and what needs to be taught to your team.
Due to the abundance of high quality network leaders already in the ranks of the FutureNet Membership, we shall be inviting these leaders to share their ideas with you so in order to help you with your individual businesses.

You will find the link to the magazines in German, English and Polish languages in FutureNet Back office. In the future we shall make the magazine available in the printed form as well. You will be able to purchase it in the FutureNet Store with part payment of 25% being made with Media Points.

International Expansion
We are excited to announce the new FutureNet offices in Brazil from where we shall be running the business headed up by a Managing Director.
In addition Roman Ziemian CEO will be flying to Ukraine signing all of the agreements for the new Head Office for FutureNet and this will replace our current Polish Head Office. We have plans of further expansion for offices to be located in: Vienna, London / Birmingham. Philippines and Indonesia
Offices will be also established in Vienna, London, and Birmingham, on Philippines and in Indonesia. Our intention is to continue building an office presence in every country that has momentum. You can learn more about our international expansion from our new website.

US$10 AdPacks
New $10 Ad-Paks are now available for purchase and can be used for both FutureNet Advertising and FutureAdPro programs. We offer the possibility of purchasing 160 displays of an advertisement for US$10.
US$10 AdPacks packages may participate in incomes from FutureNet up to the maximum number of 100 Ad-Paks only.

We calculate it as follows: A US$10 AdPack package always accounts for 80% of incomes from a US$50 AdPacks package. Example: US$50 = 1%, then US$10 = 0.8%. One US$10 AdPack package remains active for 160 days displays of an advertisement will be made and US$ 12 income will be achieved. By introducing US$ 10 AdPack, we also offer right away the possibility of making payment for a status position in a 3-5 month period.

Payout of FutureAdPro commission using PAYCODES
Having made the successful trials with FutureNet Friends Tree Business payment CODE, starting from the beginning of November we shall be expanding this service of PAYCODE to FutureAdPro.
Please be reminded as per the T&C`s that 5% of these payouts get automatically booked into the Matrix program.
Using PAYCODE system will save money on transferring money internally making it possible to sell this service to new members wishing to make purchases into both in FutureNet and FutureAdPro.

Coming soon, commission Payout via GOLD
We are currently working on introducing another possibility of a payout in FutureNet. Already soon you will be able to pay out your commission also in GOLD.
You can store your gold in Switzerland or commission with a physical delivery to your home.
We will keep you informed thereupon on an ongoing basis.

Announcement of the New FutureNet Website
The new FutureNet and FutureAdPro website will be coming soon, there will be many exciting changes that will help you navigate around to help you build your business as well as to go shopping.

Soon New FutureNet Android App
Our programmers have spare no efforts in developing a new FutureNet APP 2.0 application for Android. We anticipate the completion of works during the month of November.
Version 2.0 for IOS will appear a little bit later.

Soon New Functions on the Panel
In November, we will offer to you many new functions on the panel.
Design will be also changed.
Also here you will be able to enjoy fantastic new possibilities.

Soon New Chat/Messenger Functions
We are also working on many new functions for our chat on the panel and Messenger application.

FutureNet has recently concluded a sponsorship agreement with women’s handball team Imperium Katowice.
Beginning from today, the name of the team is “IMPERIUM FUTURENET KATOWICE“!
We would like to announce that our team has successfully begun the current league season with a few victories.

FutureNet eWallet

We know that all Futurenet Partners are waiting for the introduction of eWallet and FutureNet Mastercard.
Last week, the first test Master Cards were distributed. They will be ready in the next 5-7 days.
Tests are being carried out.
Unfortunately, we cannot give a precise launch date but we inform you that everything is going well.
We will inform you when everything will be ready so that without unnecessary delay you will be able to order your personal FutureNet Mastercard.

FutureNet CAFE
Last but not least we would like to pass the first information about FUTURENET CAFE.
In 2017, we will open the first FutureNet Cafe in Poland. In this film, you can see how it will look like.
With our designers and architects, we plan a very futuristic solution which will fit in with FutureNet.
Interested partners from all over the world may take over FutureNet Cafe as a franchise model.
On our new website, you can learn more about it. There, you will also find a form which you can complete if you are interested in opening a FutureNet Cafe in your country or city.

On the webinar recording from Thursday, you can watch all news and FutureNet Cafe VIDEO.
Imagine already now the world in which you can meet with FutureNet Cafes in many cities across the world.

As you can see, in FutureNet ACTION PUR!!!

NOW is the time for taking advantage of a moment to achieve success.
NOW is the perfect moment to start.

We wish you all the best and all the success!

Your Futurenet Team

Congrats On Buying Your First Ad Pack At Future Ad Pro!!

first step towards success - an ad pack in future ad pro
first step towards success – an ad pack in future ad pro

Congratulation Ahmed Basha to take that first step and buy your ad pack at Future Ad Pro! Now you can advertise your another business there and you can earn money at the same time! I am happy for you!

Instead Of Girly Things I Now Buy Ad Packs

So I’ve hit a new Milestone 21 Ad Packs I bought 2 for myself tonight

I have a new way to treat myself instead of girly things I now buy Ad Packs… smart girl shopping for a better future

Image may contain: text and one or more people

A best revshare than any other in the world?

This is what call a #PerfectRealBusiness, <3 <3
A best revshare than any other in the world. 😀
A perfect momentum with a daily dose of decent, pleasant, innovative growth without doing anything or referring anyone.. where I get my 3rd withdrawal within few mins.
$500 (Deducting fee) and I am more than happy to set a new goal of 100 active packs before christmas. <3

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Generate Codes In FutureAdPro To PIF To Your Downlines

Now you can generate codes in Futureadpro as well so you can PIF it to your downlines if they are having a hard time funding their acounts

Just click ‘BUSINESS” then “CODES” 5% of the amount will go to futurenet just as if you are withdrawing

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FutureAdPro Strategy: One Way I Present If They Ask For More Info

“This is one way I present Futureadpro to prospects if they ask for more info.

PROSPECT: Hey what’s futureadpro?

ME: Hey how are you? Futureadpro is an a advertising platform that shares REAL revenue with it’s members. Unlike other revshare programs that only rely on new members purchasing more adpacks this company has real revenues coming from its own SOCIAL MEDIA platform such as games, own online shopping mall, real company adverts, matrix and much more.

PROSPECT: Oh that’s sweet

ME: Can I show you a quick 3 minute video that explains about Futureadpro in more detail?


ME: (i give them my futureadpro video link and i say) Its free to get registered and you can use futurenet social media for free as well. I will explain more about the social media side of the business once you get signed up for free. You will love it once i go through that with you. Think about unlimited free leads you can get buy using the social media platform that already has over 700k members 🙂.

PROSPECT: Wow ok I signed up so what do I do now?

ME: Awesome do you have time now? I would like to hop on skype with you so I can share my screen and show you the power of this platform in more details.

Then close the deal hehe..of course most of the times they wont do anything but what makes it work is the consistency! And this is just 1 way to do it and certainly not the BEST or ONLY way. But hope this helps :)”  — Mike (FutureNet / FutureAdPro guy)

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FutureNet Friends’ Tree Guide Video Explanation

FutureNet Compensation Plan Fan Page- Once you understand how this thing works you won’t want to do any else but to build this business as quickly as possible. Of course, you can go at your own pace!!

FutureNet Friends’ Tree Guide Video Explanation – Learn the power of the FutureNet Friends Tree Matrix Rewards Programme

Reading A FutureNet/FutureAdPro Review Will Only Slow You Down

You can go right now and type in “FutureNet review” into any search engine and you’ll find lots of different results. All of the “FutureNet Reviews” you’ll see on the first several pages were only written for 1 purpose and and 1 purpose, only.

And once again.. 

You can go right now and type in “FutureAdPro review” into any search engine and you’ll find lots of different results. All of the “FutureAdPro Reviews” you’ll see on the first several pages were only written for 1 purpose and and 1 purpose, only.

Your FutureNet And FutureAdPro Reviews You’ll Find Are Created For Primarily 2 Different Reasons

Reason #1 for people to write a review for FutureNet or a FutureAdPro:  The are a FutureNet or FutureAdPro affiliate and they want to sponsor you. Being your FN or FAP sponsor will earn them generous commissions, as you build your business and earn your own money from these programs.

Reason #2 for people writing reviews for FutureNet or FutureAdPro: They are haters. Yes, there are haters out there that have nothing better to do. They criticize programs like these so that they can drive traffic to their websites, and earn off if it.

They will all focus on these 4 keyword phrases:

1.) FutureNet review

2.) FutureNet reviews

3.) FutureAdPro review

4.) FutureAdPro reviews

Neither of these 2 reasons will benefit you. 1 of them is trying to convince you because there is a profit motive for them and the other one is trying to discourage you, saying that these programs are all “scams”.

Reason for this post? Go out there and judge FutureNet and FutureAdPro for yourself. What do you have to lose? It is FREE to JOIN, for Pete’s sake.

I hope reading this wasn’t a complete waste of your time either. Be sure to register for your account for no charge and try it for yourself.


FutureNet Shopping Is Now Live

FutureNet Shopping Is Now Live

About FutureNet INC.:

FutureNet INC. present search data to our members in an easy, quick and informative template from a database compiled of millions of products from thousands of retailers.

We are passionate in assisting our members being able to save time and money by using the FutureNet INC. Shopping Comparison, Daily Deals and Travel Services.

We work with thousands of trusted brands from all corners of the globe and continue to develop relationships that we feel can bring value, savings and quality to our members

General Information:

FutureNet INC. (and its associated websites) is a search comparison engine and does not sell, provide or deliver any goods or items listed on FutureNet INC. websites.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to update all prices stated on our website in real-time. Therefore the prices may have changed since the last update and before entering into any purchase agreement, you should check directly with the retailer that all information is up to date and correct.

All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

What we stand for:

FutureNet INC. is Cheaper: we can save members who use our services £100’s annually

FutureNet INC. is Quicker: our rapid and accurate search algorithms and results, enable members to compare the latest deals instantly

FutureNet INC. has Integrity: we always strive to find and display the best deals for our members.


Mike Jung's photo.

Mike Jung's photo.

Who would like to be a part of their FutureNet cafe franchise

FuturereNet taking itself to the physical world in several ways, but the international coffee shop franchise is a biggie. Who would like to be a part of their FutureNet cafe franchise?

If so – the best thing you can do for yourself, right now, is to get involved with the FN business opportunity.  It costs nothing to join – and if you can’t afford to upgrade to 1st level in the matrix or purchase your first adpack – that is fine, as well.

You can earn in this company by just going in there like you already do on FaceBook, go in there and interact with others. Invite your friends and family with your referral link. This will make them as part of your commission structure, as well.

You get paid as you chat, post, comment, share, etc.. why do it on FB and not get paid, right?

Then – by doing this – you can earn enough in the system to pay for your upgrades and/or adpacks.  But that coffee shop sure leaves a great taste in my mouth.