Cryptocurrency experts Randy WIlson, Ryan Conley, and Kelei Taylor interview CEO Stephan Morgenstern – Cryptocurrency experts Randy WIlson, Ryan Conley, and Kelei Taylor interview CEO Stephan Morgenstern about the world’s first encrypted social media platform that pays in Bitcoin & gold.

Grab Your 50 Free Futuro Coins Upon Futuro Coin Launch

Grab Your 50 Free Futuro Coins Upon Futuro Coin Launch – Launch hasn’t happened yet (a couple months away) but this doesn’t mean you can start building your FutureCoins up!!

FutureNet Multimedia platform (they do LOTS of different things!) decided it was great idea to have their own cryptocurrency.
How can you get or purchase the FuturoCoin?

You get coins by being a FutureNet ROYAL member

You can purchase the FuturoCoin on big exchange platforms

You can buy hardware for mining the FutureCoin

You can buy packs for the CLOUD MINING. This will get you FutureCoins at the start and for the next 10 years of mining

How can you sell or use the FutureCoin?

You can sell the FuturoCoin any time on big exchanging programs

You can pay with the FuturoCoin on many acceptance points online and offline

2 million FutureNet partners can open their own online shop and accept the FuturoCoin there

You can pay with the FuturoCoin in the FutureNet shop and FutureNet cafe


Don’t hesitate!! Timing is everything in a situation like this. Bitcoin once sold for pennies now its over $1000 for 1 bitcoin.

They anticipate FuturoCoin will become #2 cryptocurrency in the world in no time at all, based on the high amount of people introduced on day 1. This coin will also be on its own blockchain.

Once you register there is a chatbox and you’ll see me my name is Curt Miller (username “kickyourjob”)- from there we can get you set-up if you want to qualify for the FREE 50 FuturoCoins when it launches!!


Royal Member Rewarding Program (FutureNet/FuturoCoin)

Royal Member Rewarding Program

Upgrade As A FutureNet Royal Member And Get Extra 50 Coins

Sponsor FutureNet Royal Frontline Member And Get Extra 5 Coins For Each Frontliner

Build A Team Of FutureNet Royal Members And Get An Extra Coin For Each Member In Your Team

You Get Extra Coins For Each Day Of Your ROYAL MEMBERSHIP


Can Futurenet’s Coin Become The #2 CryptoCoin?

It is like the wild wild west out there in the online space. Everybody wants to have the fastest horse, or the most powerful gun or the quickest draw.

To us, that means the most popular sites.. and now, the most usable cryptocoin.

I just put out this “FuturoCoin announcement” to my “buyadpacks” email list to get them ready for our fast horse, powerful gun and super-quick draw.

Hopefully some of these people on my list take heed and get back with me – or at least log-in to their back offices and look around.

I like it that the masses don’t realize potential until it is already moving forward and on its way. This is great for people like me (and hopefully you).

The FutureNet database is said to be right around 1 million users of the platform. This is great for getting started, I believe. I know of another program that has only about 140,000 members and after only 1 month they are bringing in about 6000 new members per day.

I believe that the Futuro Coin will become the universal coin in the online money-making world, for sure. All of the revshare programs out there should approve the use of their coin for themselves, I’d think.

Think about it. If one site comes along that offers everything under the sun to the people: social media, gaming, gambling, car leasing, cafe franchising, sports team sponsorships, etc (this is only the beginning) and then also has its own cryptocoin… and shared 90% of all of its money with its affiliates/users… why wouldn’t this site become the biggest website on the internet?

This will be the best coin for me to use in all of my future dealings soon, I can feel it now.

Let’s MINE Some Futuro Coins!!

Hey, I’m totally new to this stuff, like most people are. Mining, that is. Oh ok I actually DID work in a copper mine but this is a bit different – I think. Haha

Are you might know, I put up a site where you can buy Futuro Coins soon.

Since you need to be a FutureNet member to actually make the coin purchases, I linked to my FutureNet page so that you can get registered right from there.

You see –  right now is a very special time for us. We get to get people excited and positioned before this thing even launches.

If they come in and go to the ROYAL position in the MATRIX then they will get 50 FREE Futuro Coins on launch day. Every day that they are already a ROYAL member before the launch.. they will get 1 coin per day.

I, myself, have been ROYAL since maybe MAY of last year so this is like 300 days plus it isn’t launching for another couple of months and I’ll get 50 on launch day. This is like 400+ coins that I will have just because I showed-up.

Now.. they are also giving EXTRA COINS if you have personally-sponsored members who also have upgraded to ROYAL.