Thanks From FutureNet CEO’s For Attending World Convention 2017

Hello FutureNet,
Roman and Stephan would like to say THANK YOU to everyone, who attended the World Convention 2017.
We hope that you had a fantastic time and enjoyed it.

2017 FutureNet Convention, Thanks For Attending The Event
2017 FutureNet Convention, Thanks For Attending The Event

This Thursday evening we will have 2 Webinars with all the important information about the World Convention and the FUTURO COIN.
Join us:
The Polish Webinar will be on another day.

Keep Your Eye On is where you will be able to get your FutureNet coins when it goes live. Of course, this does NOT mean that you have to wait for it to go live.

For Now – you should register into FutureNet for free. From here – you should probably fill-out your profile and get in touch with me (add me if not connected to me already in there, my username is “kickyourjob”). From inside of the programs we can chat at any time, just like you can in FaceBook, here.

Also: be sure to “like” my fan pages, both in FaceBook and in Futurenet. This way you can stay up-to-date with what is happening, in case you get side-tracked and don’t make it back into your account for some reason  😉

The opportunity already is awesome with FutureNet and FutureAdPro and the compensation plan is flat-out KILLER.. but this Futuro Coin will certainly put it into a different playing field, altogether!!