Generate Codes In FutureAdPro To PIF To Your Downlines

Now you can generate codes in Futureadpro as well so you can PIF it to your downlines if they are having a hard time funding their acounts

Just click ‘BUSINESS” then “CODES” 5% of the amount will go to futurenet just as if you are withdrawing

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FutureAdPro Strategy: One Way I Present If They Ask For More Info

“This is one way I present Futureadpro to prospects if they ask for more info.

PROSPECT: Hey what’s futureadpro?

ME: Hey how are you? Futureadpro is an a advertising platform that shares REAL revenue with it’s members. Unlike other revshare programs that only rely on new members purchasing more adpacks this company has real revenues coming from its own SOCIAL MEDIA platform such as games, own online shopping mall, real company adverts, matrix and much more.

PROSPECT: Oh that’s sweet

ME: Can I show you a quick 3 minute video that explains about Futureadpro in more detail?


ME: (i give them my futureadpro video link and i say) Its free to get registered and you can use futurenet social media for free as well. I will explain more about the social media side of the business once you get signed up for free. You will love it once i go through that with you. Think about unlimited free leads you can get buy using the social media platform that already has over 700k members ūüôā.

PROSPECT: Wow ok I signed up so what do I do now?

ME: Awesome do you have time now? I would like to hop on skype with you so I can share my screen and show you the power of this platform in more details.

Then close the deal hehe..of course most of the times they wont do anything but what makes it work is the consistency! And this is just 1 way to do it and certainly not the BEST or ONLY way. But hope this helps :)” ¬†— Mike (FutureNet / FutureAdPro guy)

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FutureNet Friends’ Tree Guide Video Explanation

FutureNet Compensation Plan¬†Fan Page- Once you understand how this thing works you won’t want to do any else but to build this business as quickly as possible. Of course, you can go at your own pace!!

FutureNet Friends’ Tree Guide Video Explanation –¬†Learn the power of the FutureNet¬†Friends Tree Matrix Rewards Programme

Reading A FutureNet/FutureAdPro Review Will Only Slow You Down

You can go right now and type in “FutureNet review” into any search engine and you’ll find lots of different results. All of the “FutureNet Reviews” you’ll see on the first several pages were only written for 1 purpose and and 1 purpose, only.

And once again.. 

You can go right now and type in “FutureAdPro review” into any search engine and you’ll find lots of different results. All of the “FutureAdPro¬†Reviews” you’ll see on the first several pages were only written for 1 purpose and and 1 purpose, only.

Your FutureNet And FutureAdPro Reviews You’ll Find Are Created For Primarily 2 Different Reasons

Reason #1 for people to write a review for FutureNet or a FutureAdPro:  The are a FutureNet or FutureAdPro affiliate and they want to sponsor you. Being your FN or FAP sponsor will earn them generous commissions, as you build your business and earn your own money from these programs.

Reason #2 for people writing reviews for FutureNet or FutureAdPro: They are haters. Yes, there are haters out there that have nothing better to do. They criticize programs like these so that they can drive traffic to their websites, and earn off if it.

They will all focus on these 4 keyword phrases:

1.) FutureNet review

2.) FutureNet reviews

3.) FutureAdPro review

4.) FutureAdPro reviews

Neither of these 2 reasons will benefit you. 1 of them is trying to convince you because there is a profit motive for them and the other one is trying to discourage you, saying that these programs are all “scams”.

Reason for this post? Go out there and judge FutureNet¬†and FutureAdPro¬†for yourself. What do you have to lose? It is FREE to JOIN, for Pete’s sake.

I hope reading this wasn’t a complete waste of your time either. Be sure to register for your account for no charge and try it for yourself.


FutureNet Shopping Is Now Live

FutureNet Shopping Is Now Live

About FutureNet INC.:

FutureNet INC. present search data to our members in an easy, quick and informative template from a database compiled of millions of products from thousands of retailers.

We are passionate in assisting our members being able to save time and money by using the FutureNet INC. Shopping Comparison, Daily Deals and Travel Services.

We work with thousands of trusted brands from all corners of the globe and continue to develop relationships that we feel can bring value, savings and quality to our members

General Information:

FutureNet INC. (and its associated websites) is a search comparison engine and does not sell, provide or deliver any goods or items listed on FutureNet INC. websites.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to update all prices stated on our website in real-time. Therefore the prices may have changed since the last update and before entering into any purchase agreement, you should check directly with the retailer that all information is up to date and correct.

All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

What we stand for:

FutureNet INC. is Cheaper: we can save members who use our services £100’s annually

FutureNet INC. is Quicker: our rapid and accurate search algorithms and results, enable members to compare the latest deals instantly

FutureNet INC. has Integrity: we always strive to find and display the best deals for our members.

Mike Jung's photo.

Mike Jung's photo.

Who would like to be a part of their FutureNet cafe franchise

FuturereNet taking itself to the physical world in several ways, but the international coffee shop franchise is a biggie. Who would like to be a part of their FutureNet cafe franchise?

If so – the best thing you can do for yourself, right now, is to get involved with the FN business opportunity. ¬†It costs nothing to join – and if you can’t afford to upgrade to 1st level in the matrix or purchase your first adpack – that is fine, as well.

You can earn in this company by just going in there like you already do on FaceBook, go in there and interact with others. Invite your friends and family with your referral link. This will make them as part of your commission structure, as well.

You get paid as you chat, post, comment, share, etc.. why do it on FB and not get paid, right?

Then Рby doing this Рyou can earn enough in the system to pay for your upgrades and/or adpacks.  But that coffee shop sure leaves a great taste in my mouth.

I Never Lost Focus On FutureNet Since The Start

If you really want to be successful in any business you need to really FOCUS and BELIEVE in what you are promoting because if you don’t you wont make any money.

Why do you think people like Steve and I and other leaders are having success with Futurenet? It’s because we truly believe in this amazing opportunity and we don’t stop promoting.

I never lost focus on Futurenet since the start and that is why I have good results..there is no magic or trick or some hidden secret.

Once you believe it you will stick to it..and when you stick to it results are inevitable.

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FutureNet/FutureAdPro Online Business Presentation

This video was recorded on March 21st of 2016… right when Adrian first join FutureNet. We are all making great money now, with the program.

Now – there is also a $10 Ad Pack that people can purchase, as well as the $50 Ad Pack. These packages earn 20% slower than the $50 pack but you can purchase them 5 times more quickly.

(If you accessed this video from my email campaign, this link will take you to that original email in case you somehow lost that page)

How To Buy My Matrix Positions In FutureNet?

How To Buy My Matrix Positions In FutureNet: 10$, 25$, 50$, 100$, 500$, 1000$

This video was was recorded on March 12, 2016.. This guy is actually our upline in FutureNet. It is November 1, 2012, now – and Adrian has been earning money like crazy in FutureNet!!