FutureNet/FutureAdPro Online Business Presentation

This video was recorded on March 21st of 2016… right when Adrian first join FutureNet. We are all making great money now, with the program.

Now – there is also a $10 Ad Pack that people can purchase, as well as the $50 Ad Pack. These packages earn 20% slower than the $50 pack but you can purchase them 5 times more quickly.

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How To Buy My Matrix Positions In FutureNet?

How To Buy My Matrix Positions In FutureNet: 10$, 25$, 50$, 100$, 500$, 1000$

This video was was recorded on March 12, 2016.. This guy is actually our upline in FutureNet. It is November 1, 2012, now – and Adrian has been earning money like crazy in FutureNet!!

FutureNet & FutureAdPro

FutureNet / FutureAdPro Business Opportunity
FutureNet / FutureAdPro Business Opportunity

Welcome Back!

It’s DAY 10 already – where DOES the time go? Curt here – and I’m sure you are excited to finally see what you can do to improve your financial situation. Everything I sent you so
far was just to get you ready – and I’ll forgive you if you already jumped the gun and started.

The question is.. are you ready to create the lifestyle of your dreams? If you
follow through with what I’m about to tell you to do – you WILL get there.

My #1 revshare company is 2-pronged:

1.) FutureNet (FN) is a social network – just like FaceBook – where people can
interact with their friends and family.. while GETTING PAID FOR IT. That a great
idea, isn’t it?

FaceBook earned 18 BILLION DOLLARS last year – because of ME and YOU – and it will
earn EVEN MORE this year. The problem is, FaceBook has NO INTENTION of sharing any
of that with me or you. FutureNet has EVERY INTENTION of giving most of that to us, the users!!

2.) FutureAdPro (FAP) is FutureNet’s Advertising Program. It is based on the “rev
share model”. People buy adpacks, surf a few ads each day, and share in company’s
profits every 15 minutes.

You WANT to be in BOTH of these programs because – although they are separate – they
also work together. Between the 2 of them, we have ourselves a total POWERHOUSE of a


Here’s what you do now.. just in case you didn’t get around to it yet.

1.) Join FutureNet if you didn’t already. Say “hi” to whoever is showing as a friend in there. You will automatically be friends with your sponsor, and your sponsor’s sponsor once you complete your registration.

You will want to be upgraded in some of the FN Matrices – the sooner, the better. My
suggestion is the first 4, but we’ll get into more on that, tomorrow.

2.) Join FutureAdPro if you didn’t already. Get yourself some adpacks if you can afford. We’ll get into more on that in a couple of days.

FN and FAP will be helping to change so many lives in this world it is crazy! There
are 3rd world countries out there where people can now earn more just from
socializing on FutureNet than they could working at a job all day.

3.) Request to join our FutureNet group in FaceBook – this is where we come together, as a team, to help each other to build our incomes and dreams.

At some point we won’t even need to be IN FaceBook, anymore. Until then, though, that is where all of the people are, still.

I, myself, am proud to be part of this great situation to help so many people. It isn’t just a situation or an opportunity, it truly IS a movement!!

In the next email I’ll go over the FutureNet matrices and you can decide how you want to position yourself.

See ya then!

(this was an email copied out of my autoresponder, for day #10 of buy adpacks series

200 AdPack Barrier Broken, In The Future Net Business Opportunity – Congrats

“Congratulations to Gerard Saint Guillaume for breaking the 200 AdPack Barrier in your Future Net Business Opportunity … Great Job Gerard next stop will be 500 AdPacks”  – Steve

Folks – anybody can achieve these types of goals if they just don’t quit. I’m no different than you and I’m doing it, myself. Don’t look at only today, but look into building your future days for yourself.

The Future Net Business Opportunity is fairly new – and you can most definitely say that it is still in its infancy stages. Those who build their FN teams NOW will greatly reap the rewards of todays’ work, tomorrow and into the long term.

The Future Net Business model isn’t some shim-sham game based only on selling adpacks, like so many other revshares, nowadays. There is a real business backed with real money that has been coming-in to the company long before the idea for a revshare ever appeared.

You can join Future Net with any sponsor that you choose but I suggest that you go with the actual links here, on this page. There is a reason you made it here, today.. it wasn’t by accident. For me to be able to get my page in front of your eyeballs, it must say something about the way that I market my Future Net opportunity.

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What’s Coming At FutureNet

Here is a brief summary of whats coming..

BOOM!!!!! Updates from FutureNet Summit 2016. Launching FutureNet Shopping with 300 Million products from Merchants all around the world who are tied up with FutureNet.

1.New Homepage and Profile section.

2.New upgraded Android and IOS app with new Emoji and Chats with Voice and even Video messages.

3.Ranking system for leaders and team motivate each other.
New Offices in Brazil Ukraine Indonesia and……. India coming soon.

4.Launching next year FutureNet Cafe coffee shop. Opening first in Poland and then in other countries soon.

5.From next week you can withdraw in GOLD.

6.FutureNet sponsors handball team in Poland and also Music.

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Future Net Site Under Maintenance For Next 48 Hours

Dear Partners,

We would like to inform you that our platform will be under maintenance for the next 48 hours. Our home page and particular products such as fanpages, blogs might be temporarily unavailable.
In addition, chat, posts and private profiles may be sometimes disabled.
This process will make our platform work more efficiently. Please be patient, everything will be back up and running as soon as possible.

Best Wishes,
Future Net Team

Future Net Maintenance - Will Be Back To Full-Force, Shortly
Future Net Maintenance – Will Be Back To Full-Force, Shortly

FutureNet Marketing System: To Increase Your FutureNet Net Worth

FutureNet Deserves To Be Promoted With A “Funnel”, A Marketing System

Ok people I’ve been promoting FutureNet for a bit now – like 5 months, actually. It is definitely the most thought-out revshare program out there, to date. The second-in-line doesn’t come that close, yet, from what I can tell. I can’t even tell who IS the second in line. It is pretty far back there in the rear view mirror.

The reason I can make a statement like this is the way that I judge how good a rev share program is – is by the amount of outside revenue streams it can bring in to the company to share with all of the members / affiliates. Believe me, if a revshare company has real, reliable, steady streams of income flowing in – they won’t be bashful. They will be shouting at the top of their lungs to the world about this.

Sometimes it takes a while to put a great program together. Probably MOST of the time. I don’t know of any that came together quickly, even once they launched. Besides, it is good to know that whatever company you are working with is constantly trying to get better, to offer more, to be more for us.

I have a marketing funnel which will feature FutureNet AND the Power Lead System at the same time, while selling clicks that are proven to be of quality.. so that anybody can come in, complete newbie, and run their own online business. Not only to run it in slow motion but to be able to scale it up as far as they would like to go with it.

This FutureNet Marketing System Is H.O.T.

Yes, because of the new $10 adpacks introduced this week it will definitely need to be updated to tell people about them. Plus, they need to go into the other levels of the FutureAdPro compensation plan. They only cover level 1 when talking about referral commissions when, in fact, it goes down 5 levels.

The explanation / example they give in the video is pretty weak compared to if the member actually had people on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th levels that they were earning on. There is something magical about it.. I like to refer to it as “compounding a compound”. Anyways, I’m certain they will make some adjustments to that. It only makes TOTAL sense.

Yes I’ll be using this FutureNet marketing system because it is a complete package that people can just jump-into with both feet. All of the “how to” info is in the video plus there is a group that we have in FaceBook where we get updates and people can ask questions and get answers in no time at all. They can join FutureAdPro, join Power Lead System, and buy instant traffic, if they like, after that!!

On top of this, people can get access to this SAME system to market FutureNet!! You see, this system was created WITH the Power Lead System. So once a person comes in and registers with FN and PLS (they don’t need to purchase traffic if they don’t like) – they can then create their own FN / PLS marketing system. A domain name is necessary, and you can either use one that you already have, OR get one inside of PLS if you’d like. It is much easier to get one through them, in fact. Less hassle compared to having your other domain transferred over.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Once a person puts their name and email (they “opt-in”) they will automatically get a series of emails explaining FutureNet and the entire plan of how the Yellow Brick Road marketing system will work for them.. just like it is already working for whoever is using the system that they just joined into. This happens because of a marketing tool, called an autoresponder.

You business experience SHOULD be easy, don’t you think? There SHOULD be a Yellow Brick Road to follow for people. There is too much nonsense out there and most marketers spend way too much time without focus because of all of the distractions out there in the online marketplace, particularly in the work at home industry. This marketing tool makes it cut-and-dried for those that have some money in their pockets but not so much time on their hands and want to build their business on autopilot.

My actual domain to my marketing system for futurenet is http://myfuturenetworth.com

Sylwester Suszek coming to FutureNet Summit 2016

FutureNet Summit is coming. We’re glad to present you one of our speakers – Sylwester Suszek.

Sylwester is a proxy of BitBay – the biggest Polish Bitcoin exchange. He also teaches about cryptocurrency and cooperates with financial and state institutions. BitBay is first Polish exchange of cryptocurrency. It offers a safe trade of Bitcoin.

You can’t miss Sylwester’s presentation. You can buy a ticket here: ➡http://www.futurenetsummit.com/

Sylwester Suszek coming to FutureNet Summit 2016
Sylwester Suszek coming to FutureNet Summit 2016

Simple steps to get started the right way in futurenet/futureadpro

Simple steps to get started the right way in futurenet/futureadpro.

1. Join the matrix (at least up to $100) level
2. Buy some adpacks in futureadpro. (You need traffic for any business)
3. Promote and tell your downlines/prospects to do the same.

If we all do this you will be surprised how big your network and networth will grow.

For those who think futurenet is just another rev share program you are drunk lol

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