Visit To FutureNet Headquarters In Wroclaw Met CEO Stephan Morgenstern

Yesterday we visited the FutureNet headquarter in Wroclaw. We met with CEO Stephan Morgenstern and had many questions. Our meeting lasted nearly two hours. And what we have learned?

First of all FutureNet and FutureAdPro are here for a very, very long time. So do not worry when things is not going so fast as we desire. The FutureNet team is working very hard as fast as they can. The back office is also growing very fast. All of the staff people we met yesterday was very kindly and helpful to help us understand many things about FutureNet and FutureAdPro function. And they also listen very carefully to our comments.
We found some bugs especially in FutureNet chat and all of them will be resolved very quickly.

There is coming many new things in FutureNet, some of them we will see in a very short period of time, for example new FutureNet layouts and new APP for IOS, that is just question of weeks. Many new things can we expect on FutureNet convention in March, I am really looking forward to be there personally!

At the end I can tell you, that my trust in the FutureNet future is on the TOP! And I will work harder and harder to build my FutureNet and FutureAdPro team. I feel sorry for people who do not understand the opportunity. If you agree do not forget to tell about this great opportunity to everyone you know or you just meet! You will help them and you will help to yourself as well!

P.S. sorry for my English 🙂

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Ability To Create Fan Pages In FutureNet Makes Joining A No-Brainer

Created another fan page right now. This one is for AdPackPro. It is called AdPack Profits. Here is the page:

Those marketers out there that are still sleeping on FutureNet are missing-out big time. All of the better keywords will get eaten-up by the time you finally come to your senses.

This is also a great strategy to have a reason to tell others about the opportunity.



Every offer/opportunity needs TRAFFIC in order to keep the flow of revenue coming in, so being attached to a rev share is an ideal tool to have of course because you need a constant flow of visitors  to your offer while you explore other things. right?
What if there was such a thing called FUTURENET that is simply just a lot more than JUST THAT.

So let’s just compare what the members of FutureNet actually get with their RevShare element against all the rest…

Let’s look at the FACTS first off nearly 4 years in business the company since 2012!!! No typo error yep you read correctly.
– 5 levels of commissions on all AdPacks purchased, that means you don’t need to build a huge personal team to make great income. 8% Level One Personal referrals 4% Level Two 1% Level Three 1% Level Four 1% Level Five $60 return on a $50 AdPAck Purchase $12 return on a $10 AdPack purchase Second.. –

NOW THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING COMPARED TO THE REST –UNLIKE ANY other revshare model they are not just that, they are a revshare with a social media platform just like facebook where you get rewarded for your activity on there. Except facebook doesn’t pay us do they? Have they ever sent you a cheque- please let me know if they have. So“YES” that’s correct I say it again rewarded for doing what you all do on HERE all day every day oh and its FREE TO JOIN JUST LIKE FACEBOOK.
The Matrix is a one time rewards program that is paying people in some cases $150,000 in just a few weeks of joining.. Results not typical of course.. The matrix pays on a 3×10 forced basis and you can make a full time income by just inviting 3 people.

ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME LAYOUT.. So the magic question is how do you think FutureNet pay’s for the RevShare and makes it sustainable ??
(This is key here in my eyes “SUSTAINABLE”)
The FutureNet platform has many different income sources that feed straight back into the Profit Share it is NOT DEPENDENT ON NEW PACKS coming in…
Products they have coming in 2017 Matrix The Advertising Online Games Online Store Online Shopping Portal Web Development Video Production Coming in 2017 FutureNet Cafe Coming in 2017 FutureNet Leasing Coming in 2017 BMW Partnership (That’s one of the leading brands in the motor industry) stay with me…
Payouts can be processed in GOLD or bitcoin or 9 other processors at your disposal or bank wire to your account When I look at the other revShare companies that have faltered and hit hurdles and I do see old sites trying to reboot themselves and asking for more money from already broken and damaged affiliates.
When it comes to the RevShare Industry I have to question what is going to give me more confidence and a better chance of putting food on the table for me my son an I for long term.
It seems the shelf life of revhares is 6months -3 years in some cases, if you are using it just for the traffic that’s fine skip to each one every cycle if you wish and if your in it just to build packs and not worry about the quality of traffic go ahead take the risk of losing your packs all at once overnight and if you are relying on this solely to put food on your table then that’s crazy in my eyes , why not build something that you can pass on to your family and will be around for years, we all know we are in the lead generation Business FACT.
With respect do you want a mini to drive to your journey or a lotus?

I’m proud to be a part of FUTURENET because of its sustainability through diversification the multiple platforms and incomes streams coming into the Business SUSTAINABLE. Oh let’s not mention the recent platform they have now, their shopping futurenet portal eCommerce, which is attached to all the big names like ebay –amazon flights holidays etc


Social media platform
Shopping portal
Rev share platform
Futureblogs wwe templates
Landing pages
Video marketing
Futurenet games
Play futurenet games
Futrenet café branches will be opening up all over the world

(so come on tell me what revshare offers this) Like it or not there is NOT A REV SHARE RIGHT NOW THAT CAN COMPETE WITH THIS if so show me?
SO TELL me what other revshare has these types of elements to back up the sustainability. PLEASE TELL ME?
I have tried and tested other traffic exchanges recently and spent money results have been poor plus I can’t get targeted traffic from those that I would like to honor?

13,000 in alexa ranking and over half a million members worldwide and climbing into the new year, more and more people are using social media platforms to get eyes on the business or offer if its free to join why not?

I’m seeing big leaders all over facbook joining this offer saying

“damn how did I let this get passed me”

If a RevShare rely’s purely on the purchase of new packs and a couple of other revenue streams then don’t be surprised when it comes crashing down around you 3 years later.
Business needs revenue to grow if there are not enough sources of revenue flowing into the company then it’s just a matter of time before it will fail and leave you empty handed.

FutureNet have solved the issue by building a corporate business that has moved away from just traffic services but instead are building scale through tapping into the most lucrative and most commonly used products and services in this market BIG COMPANIES ARE paying monthly subscriptions to advertise on THIS social media site.

Do other revshares do that?
I will answer for you = no

By branching out into the Beverages Industry and the Motor Industry they have enabled the general public to get a taste of FutureNet.. Products that are used on a daily basis that bring revenue into the business on a daily basis and when you add social media into the mix with a Free distribution platform you can see why this makes the most perfect sense as a business to be involved with.

I personally wouldn’t want to put money back in to a business that has already had its money Frozen or have a payments processor that takes people’s money and runs away with it like we have seen with other well-known RevShare companies in recent months and I don’t point the finger but to simply point out its control we don’t have.

If you want to get into the Click a Button Business then FutureNet has to be the one!
They seem to know what they are doing for nearly 4 years now lol, I’m always looking to build a sustainable future my son and I and never rely on just one of source of income, and this far outweighs all the rest of the revshare’s.

I would like to say thank you to my team who are doing hugely successfully benefiting from the the 5 tier system, which you don’t get yet again with any of the others and its sustainable, they are action takers you can see my team below very proud – some peeps brought a load in under them and stopped lol now im benefiting from them-
I will look after you if you wish to join or interested NOT interested in people that say they are going to do something and don’t-only room for action takers in my team.

“to be the best you got to join the best”

we have a futurenet group with over 5,000 members in under 6 months!!! We all support each other- “you only get out of life what you put in” some people don’t understand that and yes the sign-ups are coming in regular for my other opportunities using futurenet – I log in around 15 mins a day click my 10 ads which takes 10mins, then I spend like Facebook around 5 mins catching up on my notifications answering messages, I’m building our future and I couldn’t be happier now and what could be simpler.
I’m just simply stating some facts here-

“I personally find it laughable at the amount of people that think they know or act like they know what futurenet has to offer when they clearly don’t- this platform is so much more than people think”?

I have attached some screen shots below so you can take a sneak peak of what you get to see inside of this amazing platform, that will be around for a very long time I believe this will take Facebook to a whole new level when everyone catches on.
It takes 10mins to set up the same way when you registered your facebook account CLICK THE LINK BELOW to create your free account today and take a tour.

OR INBOX me for the tour video or any proof of results I would be proud to show you” — Jason

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The Deeper, The Better – Getting Paid Levels Deep In FutureAdPro

I love getting paid 5 levels deep ~~ How about you guys? FutureAdPro lets you do just that. You only need to build a team and they will pay you as long as they plan on making money, themselves!! Results NOT typical.. but can be, and should be!)

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FutureNet – FutureAdPro: 2016 was Great but who is ready for 2017 ?

2016 was Great but who is ready for 2017 ?

We have some great developments to look forward to this year !

First off is the updated Social platform.. I’m looking forward to seeing how the changes will look and what extra features will be included. New advertising platform on the social site should suit business owners and we can capitalise on that.

Then we have the FutureNet Cafe launch and the ability to purchase Coffee and Tea through the online shop.

We have the opportunity to lease vehicles with FutureNet leasing which is something I am looking forward to utilising. Then we have the promise of a 3rd income stream that we will be able to participate in and our teams will be already in place so no need to rebuild a downline.

The we have the option to withdraw our earnings and invest in Gold Bullion… Just think that when we first joined we thought this was just a traffic exchange !

The online shopping portal is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to help drive this business forward and will help with the long term future of the platform so be sure to get into the habit of using the portal.

2017 should be an exciting year for those that take the action to grow their business.. My personal goal is to be making $1,000 dollars per day from FutureNet and help my team to go full time online with FutureNet

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