Vice-Championship Of Slovenian Futsal League 2018/2019

👉 During the past season, we watched with pride how FutureNet Futsal Maribor played. Always with passion, always with ambition, always focused on hard work, always with a great team spirit👊. The reward was sweet: vice-championship of Slovenian futsal league 2018/2019.

For all players, coaches and staff of the club: congratulations and thank you!👏 #PoweredByFutureNet #FutureNet #FNSport

FutureNet Maribor: Slovenia Vice Champion Of Futsal 2018 - 2019
FutureNet Maribor: Slovenia Vice Champion Of Futsal 2018 – 2019

FutureNet Futsal Maribor Wins Silver Trophy

They’ve been working hard for months. During the entire season, FutureNet Futsal Maribor played with a lot of energy, always with fast pace and passion✌️. This effort paid off. Our team won the silver trophy️ in Slovenian futsal league. Gentlemen, congratulations, we are very, very proud! #PoweredByFutureNet #FutureNet #FNSport

FutureNet Futsal Maribor
FutureNet Futsal Maribor
FutureNet Futsal Maribor trophy
FutureNet Futsal Maribor trophy

FutureNet Maribor Secured Itself Promotion To Semi-Finals In Slovenian Futsal League

Thumbs up for Matej Fidersek, captain of FutureNet Futsal Maribor! In the game against KMN Oplast Kobarid, Matej scored twice and helped his team to win. Now #FutureNet Maribor will play in the semi-final!✌️ #PoweredByFutureNet #FNSport

Predictions have come true: FutureNet Maribor secured itself promotion to the semi-finals in Slovenian futsal league. In the 2nd leg of quarter-final, our team crashed KMN Oplast Kobarid 7:0 and jumped further into the competiton.

The result of both matches leaves no doubt which team was better. The result in aggregate is 14:2 for FutureNet Maribor. In the second match of quarter-final, which was played away in Kobarid, Slovenia, our team showed a lot of its power. In Kobarid everything was clear after the first half of the match. Rok Rednak, Uros Kroflić, Teo Turk and Matej Fidersek scored respectively, and after these 4 accurate shots it was clear that KMN Oplast Kobarid can prepare to say “Farewell” to the further laps of the competition.

In the second half, Rednak and Fidersek added one more goal each, and the final result 7:0 was established by Nik Logar who scored own goal. Now it’s time for the semi-final! FutureNet Maribor faces FC Litija on the last lap of its road to the final. In this round, competition will last until one of the team score 3 wins. It means that there will be 5 games at the most.

KMN Oplast Kobarid – FutureNet Maribor 0:7
Score on aggregate: 2:0 for FutureNet Maribor.

FutureNet Maribor will play in the semi-final against FC Litija.

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