Most Important Questions About MyMercuryCard Answered

Hello Curt Miller,

we hope that this newsletter reaches you in a good moment!

First, we want to apologize for the late newsletter this time – we know that in times like these, when we have to face many challenges, communication is crucial and we will try to catch up now as good as possible.

Primarily we like to answer the most important questions about MyMercuryCard.

MyMercuryCard does an incredible job for GMA, but we know that many of you are waiting for verification and answers from the support. Before you are wondering, why things are slow, please think about the fact that more than 65.000 customers signed up in the first three weeks and uploaded more than 120.000 documents. Each of those documents has to be reviewed manually by the support. People like you and me have to check every single document, and we hope you understand that this might take some few more days.

MyMercuryCard will catch up with this massive wave of new customers within the next ten days. All requested wire transfers have been made, and you should see the requested amounts within two banking days maximum.

Let ́s get to the good news: We were now able to negotiate much better conditions than the conditions you’ve already seen.

First of all: there are no monthly account maintenance fees of 1.99$/€ anymore! The transaction fees and annual fees will be changed to a lower rate very soon, and we were able to negotiate some other good conditions for GMA-members that will save you a lot of money. MyMercuryCard will update you step by step about the new terms soon.

We also like to explain why the payments are not as fast as expected. Since GMA is a new merchant customer of MyMercuryCard and has a significant volume of transactions, you can imagine that MyMercuryCard and their respective bank need to inspect and verify every single transaction manually, since this is their obligation to be compliant with the law as regulated license holders. That ́s the cause why they gave GMA a payout limit of 500.000 USD per day.

In the financial business, it’s normal that companies who do transactions with such a high volume get reviewed by officials on a regular basis, and this action takes some time. Of course, we now could release the limit, but that would cause that fewer people would receive their money. Because of that reason we decided that we would like to pay as many amounts as possible. But this, unfortunately, is only possible with the limits for now until the bank behind MyMercuryCard will give a green light. We know that this situation is no long-term situation, but the good news is the fact, that we can now catch up with the wire transfers that are still open.

We cannot make any promise how fast we can proceed here, but we try our best to catch up as soon as possible.

In general, we kindly ask you for your patience. GMA is working hard on solutions for challenges nobody expected before. The biggest challenge now is the massive growth and expansion. Imagine that every decision we make will affect more than 350.000 members in more than 100 countries all over the world. Many countries have different laws, and very

often a simple solution ends up in a nightmare for our legal team. So it’s a permanent work on details to move on in small steps – but we are making excellent progress.

GetMyAds is now under the top 300 websites worldwide, which is an incredible result of your hard work and loyalty. We deliver more traffic, banner views and clicks than any other network worldwide. Because of our hard-working teams in every GMA-department, we still can expand and grow faster than any other company in the industry. Our business model is built on affiliate marketing and the promotion of 3rd party products. GetMyAds is active in many niches, and we run extraordinarily successful campaigns.

We had to take some big hits in some significant markets where we, as Affiliates, promote offers and websites in the financial market. Some laws changed and restricted advertising our kind of content. For that reason, we lost one of our businesses that we have to replace now. In case there will be small changes in the PayBack Program in the next few days, it will only be temporary until we replace the businesses we lost. In the best case, we will manage it fast, and there will be no need to change the PayBack Program temporary. Our Media Team is working nonstop to catch up here too.

We wish you a successful week, and we will keep you updated!

Your GMA Team

GMA: Busy Developing New Exciting Functions For Our Great Community

Hello Curt Miller,

We really want to apologize for the late Newsletter-Update this time. We are really very busy developing new and exciting functions for our great community and we cannot wait to tell you some new and exciting information.

As you figured out in the past – whenever we are quiet, something new is coming up and so also this time.

Update: Payments

First of all we will tell you something about the commissions payout. In fact we never complain about times get tough and our teams have to work 24/7 for our partners and customers. Because this is our passion and we really appreciate such great partners like you are. Nevertheless we did necessary steps to catch up with the payouts and we are doing well. Out of around 25.000 payouts we have only 400 payouts far behind. That’s because we have to review each payout manually by our accounting team. Payments with PAYEER will be handled in less than 72 hours. Our accounting team still works really hard to keep the time for payouts really short.

Premium Partner Program

The Premium Partner Program gives us some challenges. The program should be for GMA partners that have a really high experience within GMA and already earn a really good income. Unfortunately the Premium Partner Program did not start as fast as expected, but please be sure we are working on everything to offer you the best Ads-System on the market.

Expansion into new Markets

We have now finished our tour through Brazil and want to tell you that we met really great leaders and business people there. So we already started working and will release Portuguese as a new language on our website for the GMA partners. At the beginning we will offer only limited payment methods but we plan to extend the payment methods as soon as we establish ourself in the Brazil market. Please keep in mind that Brazil is a really big market and we already have some great teams in South America that are doing a really great job in Peru, Chile, Colombia and Bolivia. We really appreciate your support for this project!

Token No# 2.000.000 and Competition Winner

We are really happy to inform you that Token number 2.000.000 has been sold. The lucky buyer does not want to have his name in public but to keep it private. His username on GMA is: Seguin

We want to congratulate you and give you a 2.000 USD bonus that will be added to your account within the upcoming 24 hours. Thank you very much for your trust! We really appreciate your work with GMA!

Our competition once again was really exciting till the end. We really want to congratulate Turkey for the win! You guys are amazing! Turkey has not only the first place but is also leading the GMA sales!

We will get in touch within all winners of prizes during the upcoming days to figure out about the shipping of the prizes.

Numbers of this month

Every month we can pay attention to some really exciting numbers within GMA. We are very proud to mention that we have 50.000 new members this month and will also welcome the 200.000th GMA member during the next days. Also we sold about 30% more Tokens in half of November than in whole October 2016 and we will spread the detailed numbers at the end of the month on our social media channels to keep you updated on the developments in GMA.

Our upcoming competition will start on December 1st and will continue during the whole month. Details about the competition will follow soon.

We wish you a great day and all the best in your GMA Business!


GMA Team