MX: Daniel Is Feeling ThoughtFul

Gosh how much in people’s negative
Perceptual world and other people and businesses.
I would like to share
My thoughts.
Do you want with one hand and earn money
The grass on the other business in which you participate
So you shit on its own nest.
Think now open my own business putting
The 100 k. PLN AFTER 2 years the company still
It is not profitable and donated $ 50 more.
Would insult the world around it is so evil, that didn’t work out you lost 150 k. Pln.
Not in most cases you are trying to save her eventually close and go ahead.
Mx is also your business if you put the money here,
It would have been different if the janus James doing
They closed everything and fled, but they’re fighting.
Fighting not only for myself but also for you.
Whether you succeed or not, nobody knows, but if you are negative and you’ll be grounded every moment
Action Janus it sure isn’t gonna help.
Referring to your business if we failed
You close it and walk away.
Here too if you think you couldn’t go on leave
Janus alone or fight, negative action
Not even a little brings you closer to success.
This is also your business and in what direction
It’s also largely depends on you,
Either fight or give up and go on somewhere else but don’t stand around and not hejtuj.
Instead of negative comments, better write what
Do you have ideas if anyone shows any idea something implements,
It instead of his ideas hejtować, show yourself.
Write what you can do, or you do something for the company.
Can criticise anyone, but just not
Many are able to give something of yourself.
I leave you with this thought and I hope that at least some degree of impact those words on your action and experience the world and others.” — Daniel 

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How Easy It Is To Earn Money Online – Ten Clicks A Day

I traveled around this big country of ours HERE in caravan for 4 months up until the end of october all I had was my SAMSUNG NOTE 5 mobile phone and I managed to do my ten clicks a day and keep up to date with things. I visited some very remote places . It shows us how easy it is to earn money online” –
Cheers Willaim

You can bring in people to MX WORLD that don’t like revshares at all

NOTE: in about 4 hours our baby mxrevshare will be an adult. 1 years old! And now we call our program MX.WORLD, what will be a hybrid pprogram with revshare + affiliate + mlm + matrixes + onlinegames + X.

Members will be able to earn money in USD and in EUR and later in BTC.

You can cashout $1000 USD Main balance + 1000€ EUR main balance + unlimited USD Ambassador balance + unlimited EUR Resources balance (+ 1.5 BTC main balance later). WOW!

You can bring in people to MX WORLD that don’t like revshares at all and earn commissions if they (only) use our Resources like the Generizer! WOW!

You can earn on MLM lovers or on Matrix programs lovers as well! WOW! MX.WORLD IS SOOO MUCH MORE THAN ONLY A REVSHARE!

So think about the new changes of commissions and revenue shares that you can find on

On the left hand we must reduce and limit sone things to stabilize our wallets. (we don’t want to give money away that is not in the system, like the repurchsae/adv. budget what is not real money, but gives real cashoutable commissions)

On the right hand we give a never heard opportunity with MUCH more pluses for every member (newbees, small players and big players) with different products and different currencies.

You can use the changes to promote MX WORLD in many ways. Give the fish what tje fish wants to have. Not what you like to eat. Affiliateproducts, the Generizer with 50% Resource commissions, the 8 matrix programs, further Resources or an innovative Advertising platform with revenue sharings and later commissions from online gaming and soo many other things we want to build in on MX WORLD.



We have multiple SUCCESS SYSTEMS created in house by our founder James Lee Valentine to help our members make positive transformations in their lives personally and financially and in their business.

You Didn’t Lose Any AdPacks Last Night

INFO: Some of you think that they have lost adpacks last night in MxRevShare. But this is not true. In fact there was a little, unimportant bug in the new fast sharing script: Adpacks with 110% were still shown as ‘actve’ the 2 days before. Now it is fixed, so it (only) SEEMS to be lost. But those adpacks were exired already. I will not reply to any postings and tickets regarding this bug any more.
Another fixed bug: Some adpack purchases in the night from 21.10. were approved, but without encoding the adpacks. In those cases please send a ticket. I will solve it tomorrow. As always: no panic. Shit happens!

Don't worry You didn't lose any ad packs! :-)
Don’t worry You didn’t lose any ad packs! 🙂

MXWorld: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!!

Notice: The cronjobs didn’t start tonight because of a technical problem. Abd in my village there is no internet due to a technical problem at ‘Telekom’. Murphy’s law! 😂
50 minutes ago I could finally start the cronjobs (scripts for counting and resetting clicks and make the shares) from my cellphone. All is finished now.
BUT: Too many members DEMAND the voluntary profit sharings and think that it is a MUST BE thing. NO! The company shares the profit fully voluntary. No right to demand them or to ask for them. Your reactions:
All runs perfectly = “Oh, how boring.” (50 postings per day)
No sharings (due to any reasons) =”Run! The company steals our money. What’s wrong? Company is broke?” (10.000 postings)
Wtf is wrong with people of the world? Change your mind and focus on good things. Bad thinking causes bad acting. Negative mind causes negative results in your life. Hopefully the books, videos and audios at MX.WORLD will change some peoples view on the world… Don’t worry, be HAPPY!

The Power Of One – James Lee Valentine

Click the link below to view a book James wrote several years ago to help empower children with a positive mindset 🙂 THE POWER OF ONE (One Child Can Make a Positive Difference) is dedicated by James Lee Valentine to all the children of the world’s nations. You are all unique, special and exceptional human beings 🙂 For the happiness of all children and all adults, for the creation of a society where we can all look up at clear blue skies with smiling faces and smell the scent of sweet wildflowers… toward this end, James is striving to develop a great undercurrent of empowerment within the people of the world. This is the positive and empowering focus of the POWER Philosophy that he enthusiastically advocates.
Here is the book for you:

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Scrollbox In Quick Menu Panel Repaired

“I would like to announce that I’ve repaired the scrollbox in Quick Menu panel. I’ve tested it on iPhone and it works fine (It is available to move up and down to see all menu links). As We know there’s a lot of smartphones with different resolutions, screen sizes etc. so we need to fit settings to every phone or tablet. Please, try it on your smartphones/tablets and leave your feedback here.

If you can’t scroll down Quick Menu please post the information with your device name so I will be able to check the screen size and fit the setting to this.”  –  An MX Tech Guy

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