MXWorld TestPhase To Run Millionaire Ad Clicking

Xtastic News!

January 26, 2017, 9:39 pm

1a) We have started a testphase to run the Millionaire ad Clicking with $0.005 per click again – for a maximum of 25 clicks each day per member.

1b) It depends on how many members click 25 ads and how many new adpacks will be bought during the next time. (No credits = no clicks possible) Credits can be bought via adpacks or directly.

1c) Only verified members can surf and earn the $0.005 per click.

1d) This money is covered by purchases and it is divided in two parts:
50% go into the “Click Balance” (can be spent on adpacks and advertising services)
50% go straight into the Main Balance.

2a) There is a new adpack called “Badpack”. Members and advertisers can buy it for $100. It contains 1,000 clicks on ADULT sites. So now also Adult sites can be promoted at The adpack gives up to 110% revenue share.

2b) There is a special surf section (button is shown to 18+ members only) below the normal “Go to Revenue Qualification” button.

2c) Members will get $0.01 per click on those ads on up to 10 clicks per day (testphase, later up to 50).

2d) Members, please help our business and go to “listing pages” with Adult sites and let our website be listed on those listing pages.

There will also be banners like “Promote your adult site on” in the next few days, so we all can place and use them on xxx sites listings etc. -> New customers for us!

3d) Today we have launched two additional services for external income that will be shared with adpacks of course: and (Feel free to use our offers for your own and copy and paste the links, but only if you want to see adult content / no live link here in the news)