Another Record Day At Mx RevShare

WOW! Today was another  #RECORD day! The most purchases of the current year. The biggest profits of 2017! Let’s celebrate it with a money-bath and lets aim for EVERY day being such a PHENOMENAL profits day. More profits = bigger sharings.
MX Revshare = Xtra Money !!! 😀

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2 Important Changes To Increase Daily MX Sharings

February 3, 2017, 3:59 am

To increase the daily sharings AND to honor all NEW members and all AMAZING, ACTIVE members that want to rebuild the Revenue Sharings, instead of waiting for miracles, there will be two important changes. Those changes will be active until all adpacks from Restart Balances will mature at 110%. WE ALL decide how long this will be.

From NOW on:
1. Only 1 sponsor level for all adpack purchases (USD/EUR/BTC)
This saves 10% commissions and this 10% go to the revenue shares.

2. 90% of all money that can be shared goes now to the NEW adpacks that were/will be bought via processors or Main Balances.
10% will go to all adpacks that were bought from “Restart Balances”.

This will make the “game” more fair. New members and those who want to support MX.WORLD with their actions (bringing fresh funds) will have 90% of all sharings. All PASSIVE members can and must wait. (If you want to have more money in a shorter time – just take ACTION and START WORKING on the PHOENIX PROJECT.)

We want to go to the TOP and we will not WAIT for MIRACLES. We CREATE a World of WONDERS!


MX: I Am Buying NEW $50 AdPack EVERY Day In MxWorld

Since 1st February 2017 I am buying New $50 AdPack EVERY DAY…
Some People Have Joined me and Everyone is buying as much as they can Daily and We Can Already See the RESULTS… Can You?

Is It Worth Upgrading Your Account and Buying New AdPack at MX.WORLD ???


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Paid 9000 For Latest Cycle At MX9 Matrix Home Business

Yesterday (Jan-30) I paid USD 9,000 to Janus Nowak for his latest cycle at the MX9 matrix home business… yes that is NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS USD in one payment paid by me to Janus! This is the fourth or fifth cycle at MX9 for Janus in the past few years… plus USD100 referral bonus for every member he personally introduced to MX9 during that time! Hey MX members, you really need to understand the POWER of the MX matrix programs… MX9 = 2×3 = USD9,000 cycle earnings!

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