TAT: First Female Gold Member From Pakistan

***Gold Gold Gold***
WOW! The very first female gold member in TAT from Pakistan ladies and gentlemen, Would you please help me Congratulate Mrs Mehwish Naqvi. This is a great achievement and we are so proud of you, very well done indeed. You have also won the Samsung tablet and deservedly entered into the Leadership Pool. Syed Ali Naqvi Gen Najam Ul Hassan #leadership#goldmember

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New Gold Position, Promotion In TAT

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Help me congratulate Piotr Nastałek on achieving Gold Position in TheAdsTEAM. Still remember our meeting in Luton, UK when we recorded an interview with you for your website and magazine and it is great to see that after that interview you pushed it really hard and achieved success.

We will recognise your Leadership in Poland event and will also hand over your Samsung Tablet.

You did not just achieve Gold position but also became a part of Leadership Pool as well.


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TAT: Congrats On Going Gold Position So Quickly!!

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Massive congratulations to Salman Butt on achieving Gold Position in TheAdsTEAM in such a quick time. You have shown tremendous leadership and work ethics and we are proud to have you as a part of TheAdsTEAM.

You also became a part of Leadership Pool and got yourself a free Samsung Tablet by achieving Gold Position.

Loving the momentum and energy. Let’s make TAT the best program ever,

How to Become Gold Member?
You need 200 Adpacks of your own and 20 direct Paid referrals (all $50 ad packs).

What is Leadership Pool?
8% Commission from All the Adpacks sales going directly to the Admin will be put in this pool and shared amongst Gold Members & Above every month. Last 2 payouts were $407 for October & $415 for November & $430 for December.

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TheAdsTeam: True Example Of Leadership With Great Personality

What a pleasant day for none other than one of our top leader Mr Naseer Khan Tanoli, a true example of leadership. He became a Diamond on his 28th Birthday. Had pleasure working closely with Mr Tanoli and he is a great personality. As they say if you help enough people have what they want you will have what you want. First A massive congratulations to Mr Naseer Khan Tanoli for becoming a #Diamond member. 2nd its his birthday today so lets wish him the very best. Hats off to you, truly deserve it. You’ll be receiving a brand new #iphone7 very soon!
Najam Ul Hassan

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200 AdPacks In TAT Puts You Into Leadership Pool

Today I am very proud to announce that I have become a GOLD member in TheAdsTeam

I have not really promoted this opportunity much to be honest so many of you guys don`t even maybe know I am involved…

This company is very transparent and honest and to be really really honest with you in a long time I have not seen leadership team that is supportive and open as these guys in TheAdsTeam

I want to thank my team in TAT... this would not be possible without you guys, you are all rock stars…

With my GOLD position I will receive a Samsung tablet in the mail and also I will now be paid every month from the special leadership pool !!!

For all of you who have been trying to find a great company with honest and down to earth admins here is the link !



To reach GOLD level in TheAdsTeam you need to have 200 adpacks and they all need to be 50$ ones. You also need to have 20 paid referrals who bought at least one 50$ adpack. It is easy to achieve and then you get paid monthly from the leadership pool. Current monthly payments are at around 400$…