Vitae Global’s Lean Java Bean Site Is Live – Order Your LJB NOW!!

I’m excited to be able to write there here, now..

Vitae Global’s Lean Java Bean Site Is Live – Order Your LJB NOW!!

There are lots of great reasons to try this coffee and I could go on and on with them but you might as well just head over to the site and read about it there. That will make life easier for me and more accurate for you.

Should you choose to become a distributor there are currently (April 3, 2017) 3 packages to choose from: Starter Package, Success Package, and Entrepreneur Founders Package.

If you have any inkling that you will want to be building a business out of this.. by all means, get the biggest package. This will determine how much you can earn as you begin to build your team.

Here is the site to go to to take a look:

And, of course – you can imagine – I’ll be using my advertising credits from my ad packs to push traffic to my coffee website now.  😉


I’ll Be Buying AdPacks To Promote My New Coffee Business


Up til now I’ve been buying adpacks in several different revshare programs (they are all listed within this blog) and basically promoting so that I could build big teams in each of the revshares.

My strategy was ALWAYS to find a way to prove it to the people that rev share traffic actually works and that we aren’t all just buying it to make money on the cashback incentive that these programs offer to us.

Up til now, I hadn’t found a product that I felt strong enough about to make this happen. Because of this, I just kept on promoting the idea of buying adpacks in the various revshare programs and that was it.

This is all changed now. I will be showing to the world that you can use rev share traffic to build a biz other than another rev share program.

(Yes it seems silly to promote revshare programs inside of other revshare programs, but almost everybody is doing it!! Only thing was – I was doing it different than they were. I wasn’t just advertising the actual company replicated sites… like almost every one of the other members was doing in there.)

Now – I have my coffee to see. It is both a product and an opportunity that I’ll be sharing with everybody.

I secured 4 coffee domains, so far, to get started:

and these two:

I’ll be promoting the Lean Java Bean Coffee.  So basically this blog and my other blogs will be sharing with people how I am promoting my coffee biz and what kinds of results I am seeing while doing so.

Believe me.. if the traffic from a revshare doesn’t work.. the last thing I want to do is promote it. Right? Why the heck would I do that? That wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense.

We don’t want these useless revshares to continue to operate if they are just a money game. You agree, I’m sure.

Buying AdPacks To Build A Coffee MLM

No matter what you are doing on the internet to make money – if you need to get people to your website in order to build your business – buying adpacks from rev share programs is a great way to get your word out there.

You need advertising to get your things seen. This is a requirement towards building a business whether online or offline.

I will probably be joining a coffee mlm soon and will be using revshare traffic to build my business. Traffic from revshares is the absolute best way to advertise things on the internet. Why? How can I say this? Because it is free. No.. it is BETTER than free!!

Yes – I will of course be using different social media sites to promote my coffee deal with everybody, as well – because this is, um, normal still. Here are some of them, the company is called Vitae Global.

But my focus will be to get them to my main coffee website which I have yet to create. There, I will have an opt-in form with a funnel for people to begin to get my emails.

I joined this coffee mlm so that I can prove to people that revshare views are not meaningless. For way too many people seem to think this.

The Kinds Of Posts That Will Not Get Our Approval?

REMINDER: We do NOT approve posts with email addresses, BTC addresses, processor ID’s, referral links etc. or WITHOUT disclaimers or the word: “INVESTMENT”. IF YOU posted a post and it was deleted, YOU know WHY. also in some cases please check YOUR INBOX!

(this is what you will see when you enter into ANY FB group for a revshare program)

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All Members Of FB RevShare Groups: Use Earnings Disclaimers

Always post with an earning disclaimer .
Please always add the earning disclaimer in your post :


“PLEASE ALWAYS add disclaimer, wherever you post about earnings and withdrawals: ”

“My results are not typical:
This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.”””

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Managed to cross my milestone of USD $2.7k in MPA earnings, today

A BIG Thanks To My Fantastic Team 🙂
Managed to cross my milestone of USD $2.7k in MPA earnings, today 🙂
A tiny little step to SUCCESS 🙂

My results are not typical:This proof of earning is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but it is possible to earn this much or more With an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.

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Is it worth the 95 EUR – for a membership at the onevision world?

Is it worth the 95 EUR – for a membership at the onevision world?
In talks with my partners, this is a question that is often asked. Will deepen. Then the issue is, in most cases, it appears that it is not primarily about the height of the amount, but rather the understanding and the real question is: ” what do I get that’s what and what can I do with it Do?”
This question is legitimate and, of course not only the management but also from the inner circle and we want to ensure that you do not only understands but also recognize the huge potential, which is behind this.
Reduced to a common denominator, it’s super simple. We have a “bank”. this bank is made up of the 22.500 largest affiliate companies, who are ready, commissions for the sale of those products to pay. The Ovh was and is so smart, this in different products to “install” so that both the ovh itself and we as a partner in order to make a lot of money right. By the way, it will improve our lead machine adpackpro playing conditions.
What is “right” a lot of money?
Nielsen corporation, a market research has provided evidence that every year every german federal budget per year for 3.270 EUR,- of basic consumer goods in the internet. This Christmas will be alone in the German retail in this year 90 billion euros in the coffers. Do you remember anything? This is a gigantic cake, on which we can use us like royalty.
Example: the smart shop via you can give as a gift. Just imagine, if you give away the shopper over the course of time, to 1.000 people – no matter what. Social Media, email, acquaintances, friends, or to the clubs (which often alone have over 1.000 members). According to the Nielsen corporation study these 1.000 consumers create an annual turnover of more than 3,27 million. EUR. This gets the ovh commissions in height between 2 % (e.g. Amazon) and 15 %. on the basis of an average of only 5 % are the CA. EUR 163.000 commissions for the ovh. This you get more than 5 levels each 10 %, i.e. 16.350 EUR,- for the 1. Level, 16.350 EUR,- for the 2. Level, etc. Alone for the 1. Level are the EUR 1.362,50 per month totally passive income. You just need the bag to give away. You take care of all community policies. If your partner, then you’ll get this money up to 5 x!!!! Do you remember anything else? At the moment you click on advertising every day from 25 EUR,- after approx. 4-6 months of 30,- to make. Let’s be honest, it’s boring, isn’t it?
The Smart Shop via is only an income model of many other who in the world.
So here is a tip: get in touch about your mentor in the world. You build for 95 EUR,- per month to start their own business. The shop will be fully established in you from the ovh provided. You have to just open the door for you and even the opening hours.
For all of this to run smoothly and you know how everything works, there is now this
One Vision World – Handbook for resellers. It’s gonna be editorial maintained and updated regularly. Much success with the creation of your own business for online marketing and e-Commerce
Frank Winkler
You have to read it, of course – is a lot of stuff
The Navigation through the 100 pages, however, is very comfortable.

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