Repurchase and repurchase and compound till you hit 4000 packs

For Those Of You Who Still Don’t Understand The Power Of Click Intensity Advertising Products And Think It’s A INvestment Scheme And Cry Becuause Due to Some temporary glitches company having a delay in withdrawls or cry about revenue share going down, read this again

Just in last 24 hours received over 1600 shares to my FB post , it went instantly viral and over 3,000 comments already making me looking a internet celebrity……

I have purchased 10,000 shares to this post by using my gold coins for $5000……

I am a online marketer day in and day out and have been doing this for 10 years and made millions of dollars…

I spend more money in advertising monthly alone than many of you make in entire year….

( Yes I am bragging and yes I am being arrogant here but at times proving a point is necessary )

Which essentially means I do understand traffic and conversions better than most people do and there is a reason I have a list of 470,000+ people ( one of the biggest email lists in Internet Marketing space )

CI traffic rocks and Thats about it !

I am also testing a log in ad for this week just for test and already got 121 referrals in like last 4 hours…….

This product FB share alone can make u millions if u do it the right way……..

You can make millions selling this FB share product alone…

But i guess you will only do that once u get out of this negative crap drama and focus on actually making sales in this business….

With hourly login ads coming and also FB likes also , shit is about to go whole another level………

While 80 % of you are busy complaining , me and my teams are crushing everywhere and you know what my leaders like Valerie Ann Chamos, Lucinda Lim-Wong, Samresh Kumar Nishad and many others – we always have shortage of gold coins becuase business is happening big and fast on the field and gold coins are getting sold as fast as they come…

So wake up , smell the coffee , stop comlaining about things which don’t matter , repurchase and repurchase and compound till you hit 4,000 packs , refer people to this awesome business everyday , buy advertising everyday and advertise other biz opps and make money there too ( like i crushed a 100,000 people team in another biz opp leveraging my email list and CI traffic ) , ………..keep rocking………..

See you all on top

Ankur Agarwal

P.S Tag your teams to this post of u think they need to hear this message

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Author: buyadpacks

I like to buy and sell adpacks. Compounding rev share income is my thing.