800 Active Silver Packs In ClickIntensity

Good afternoon/evening my friends..

Today i have reached 800 active silver packs and 34K+ in
revenue share earnings in #clickintensity, the easiest biz i have been part of since i started my journey in the online marketing world..!!

Keep building
Keep buying
Keep 🙂

Have a great week


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ClickIntensity Build: 700 Active Silver Packs

ClickIntensity Build: Continue to build your ClickIntensity.. some day you will be able to show your great accomplishments and have a large organization built underneath you.

Come-in with as many CI gold coins as you can, comfortably. These will be used to purchase Silver Coins.

“Today i have achieved 700 Active Silver Packs , and this is my wallet”  — Salvatore

Salvatore Caretto's photo.
Salvatore Caretto's photo.

Journey With Click Intensity Beneficial And Massive Learning Experience

Taking action since June 16th 2016 with initial 10 packs, my journey with Click Intensity has been of tremendous benefits and quite massive learning experience delving into a different business space but I was blessed with a very passionate sponsor Upasana Dewangan who schooled me with one-on-one and direct live chats and calls all the way India. I must say am blessed for her decision to initiate the live changing business opportunity chat with me on that blessed evening of 30th May 2016.

Once again massive thanks to her and Tara Mish who gave me a good landing by linking me appropriately with the CI Nigeria Support Group under the leadership of Ifeanyi Simon and Oke Babatunde Moses and others. A very big and massive thanks to my leader, mentor and coach Daniel Elliot, thanks for all the selfless sharing, and one-on-one technical supports, you are indeed a blessing. Lastly thanks to the entire CI management under the leadership the CEO Nick Johnson

Am grateful to God most especially! And to you all, you made the journey smooth.

#Next eyes on 500, then 800, then 1000 and finally on 4000 Active Silver Packs. God bless Click Intensity and Long lived.

Taiwo Adedeji's photo.
Taiwo Adedeji's photo.

500 Active Silver Packs – Now I Think I’ll Start True Work

Wow it’s a fantastic day for me , just reach 500 active silver packs within this great business . i take the first magic 500.Now i think start true work . the road for 1000 . my second steps .
Now i need past a second strategy for take my 1000.
The snowball effect is kicking in now and the business is starting to build by itself. My account is still very small compare to others Big vip i need put more effort for my 1000 , However i’m very please with the way things are going . — happy member of Click Intensity

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