For anybody new to CI business, here is a super quick guide

For anybody new to this CI business, here is a super quick guide.

When you buy your gold packs you are provided with gold coins which are the internal currency in CI. You will use these coins to buy your silver ad packs. $25 = 1000 gold coins = 1 ad pack.

When you do your daily tasks you are given a revshare every 30 minutes based on how many ad packs that are ‘Active’ and the company profitability at that time. The average daily profit is expected to be 2% but can vary between 1% and 4% and lately has been around 1.6%.

The daily tasks you have to do at present are either watching text ads for 10 seconds or sharing FB posts. Text ads are paid in silver coins, FB shares are paid in gold coins. The FB shares product is important because it allows free members to earn money, or to purchase their first ad pack.

An ad pack is Active until you have been given a 20% profit. The compounding you will hear people talking about is when you repurchase every time you receive 1000 gold coins.

The best way to see how your ad packs will progress is to use the calculator which you will find in the Files tab of this group.

Most people are repurchasing until they reach the maximum of 4000 ad packs which will give you a sustainable income of around $10k a month assuming a 2% daily profit.

You don’t need to build a team to make money in CI but even a team of 2 direct referrals will double your income. The potential for getting paid for referrals down 7 levels means that anyone could generate a staggering 7 figure income.

Every ad pack you purchase also provides you with 1000 silver coins. The silver coins in themselves have no monetary value but can be used as free advertising. You can use this free advertising to promote other businesses or to sell affiliate products. This provides an alternative income source.

You Didn’t Lose Any AdPacks Last Night

INFO: Some of you think that they have lost adpacks last night in MxRevShare. But this is not true. In fact there was a little, unimportant bug in the new fast sharing script: Adpacks with 110% were still shown as ‘actve’ the 2 days before. Now it is fixed, so it (only) SEEMS to be lost. But those adpacks were exired already. I will not reply to any postings and tickets regarding this bug any more.
Another fixed bug: Some adpack purchases in the night from 21.10. were approved, but without encoding the adpacks. In those cases please send a ticket. I will solve it tomorrow. As always: no panic. Shit happens!

Don't worry You didn't lose any ad packs! :-)
Don’t worry You didn’t lose any ad packs! 🙂

My 24: Best Rev Share Out There?

$3315.66 Dollars and counting – making it happen – best rev share out there … fact – To all free members out there make that change and start this fantastic business and purchase those first packs – we started 2 months ago even if you started with 2 packs you could of been earning from the commission pool … its a no brainer – FREE MEMBERS GET YOUR BUSINESS ACTIVE TODAY 🙂  – Truly EXCITED individual with My24HourIncome 

My results arent typical but you could earn more depends truly on your work ethic and strategy.

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A Few Things About 10 Ads Pay

Hello all 10apians, I want to remind you all a few things about 10 ads pay.

*we have successfully completed 4 months online.
*we have zero complaints
*we have zero unsatisfied members
*Things are going smooth.
*payouts are on time everyday.
*Growth of the company is stable.

IMPORTANT: I’m so happy to thank all the active members of the group who are motivating other group members by showing their adpacks and the stats of accounts.I also want to remind you that please be sure not to use the words like investment, deposit, returns, ROI, funding, daily cap etc., In actual you are purchasing our digital products and you get hourly rewards for the please be sure not to use those words,otherwise the post’s wont be approved until the necessary changes are made.Second most important thing is that whenever you post a payout proof to get sales or you show your account stats,please also mention the disclaimer ,otherwise the post wont be approved again.our administration is so busy in developing business offline,so lets keep less burden on them by following these simple group rules.

I hope you all know how we are so strict about the quality of advertisement, the same way we are also strict about those terms mentioned above.keep being active and be a part of our unstoppable journey.Have a nice day/night.

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MPA Is 18 Months Old Today – Just A Beginning Of A Long Journey

Dear MPA Members,

We are happy to share the news that we are 18 months old by today (we born on 30th Mar 2015) and feeling extremely blissful of serving everyone of you for the last one and a half years. And, this is just a beginning of a long journey.

We thank everyone of you for being part of this success. Without your contribution we could not have reached this milestone.

We look forward for serving you better.

Keep doing what you have been doing. Advertise your programs/products, build your other businesses through advertising at MPA, Be active by viewing others advertisements and share this opportunity with other potential members. By doing this everyday, we all will succeed for long term.

Have a great weekend.

Yours Sincerely,
MPA Admin Team