Technical Changes To Improve Health – New Membership Plans

Dear 10AdsPay Family,
Hope you had a great Easter break and fun with friends and family.
As per our last post, we intended to roll some technical changes within the 10AdsPay platform to
improve the overall system health and revenue, with the same commitment and transparency, we
are really excited and happy to share new and more rewarding experiences which we are now
introducing under the framework called ‘Business 4D’ i.e. Business 4 dimensional. Our business
model will encompass all these positive changes to give a super charge to our platform and brand.
These changes will boost the overall system health from various perspectives such as administrative
processing, compliance scanning, and security validations. Ultimately, this will help on improving
sales and our rewards model. It will also help in bringing in-depth sustainability and longevity to our
rewards models.
We are rolling these changes in a TWO STEPS, to bring greater satisfaction, rewards to our leaders,
advertisers and members respectively:
In the FIRST STEP we are planning to roll out the changes and these will be effective from 18 th April
1. Based on several feedbacks and suggestions received from leaders and members like you, to
improve business scaling, members and leaders on-boarding, sales and stand strong in the
current competition stage, we are making commission balance fully withdrawable, however
you may opt to use this balance to purchase any digital products or ad-packs from the backoffice
to enhance the potential of your rewards earning
Two Unique
2X Fair
Usage Cap
2. New commission percentage has now revised to 6% on all the ad-pack sales including first
time OR recurring sales, which means more reasons for you to enjoy services with 10AdsPay.
3. We are enhancing our withdrawal limit from 1.2X to 2X now which means you have
potential to earn 2X rewards (including commission since we are now allowing commission
to be withdrawn).
4. The new and revised daily withdrawal limit till 30th April stands at 100$ per day and
withdrawals will be enabled 5 days in a week i.e. Monday to Friday.
5. We aim to revisit our daily withdrawal limit to 200$ a day, 5 days a week i.e. Monday to
Friday tentatively from the 1st May, 2017, but at this moment for the next two weeks we
would like to monitor these changes carefully and stabilise our business positioning, sales
revenue and liquid reserves.
6. During this period i.e. from 18th April to 30th April we will be allowing pay-out towards
‘commission balance’ to bring rewarding experiences for all the team leaders which will
ultimately bring greater satisfaction and motivation to take their own team and business to
the next level, which means more strength to business and brand awareness and this will
help in driving better sales than ever. Also during this period all advertising products (nonrewarding)
will be sold only using processor and commission balances to enhance our sales.
In the SECOND STEP we are planning to roll out the following changes and these will be effective
tentatively from 1
st May 2017:
1. Earning balance withdrawal will be enabled along with commission balance.
2. You will be able to withdraw Earning OR Commission balance one at a time only, in a given
3. Withdrawal limit will stay to 2X.
4. Withdrawal limit will be revised to $200.00 a day X 5 days a week i.e. Monday to Friday.
5. Optional Membership/Subscription packages will be made available to strengthen our
external revenue sources. Membership package details are available below in this
6. There will be two different automatic modes for initiating Payout requests, will be made
available in the system described below:
a. Premium Member Withdrawal – a premium member will be able to withdraw upto
200$ a day (Monday to Friday only).
b. Regular Member Withdrawal – a regular member will be able to withdraw $5.00 a
day (Monday to Friday only).
How you can become Premium member?
If you fulfil the following criteria then your withdrawal limit will be upgraded automatically, which is
as follows (and purely optional):
If you have 4 Active Ad-Packs in the PREMIUM TEAM BUILDER PLAN then you are
automatically assigned a badge of ‘Premium’ Member in your back-office under the title
called Member type the system will run this check every 12 hours, so please ensure you buy
your ad-packs well before 12 hours from your payout request in order for system to allow
you higher withdrawals.
What are new membership/subscription plans?
New Membership/Subscription Plans (Optional)
Type Monthly Monthly
Price $30 USD $60 USD
Linked Ad-Pack Plan Small-Medium Business Corporate
Why we are making these changes?
As we are growing and scaling up sustainability and consistent performance is always
present as a challenge and big expectations from our members and leadership community.
We always strive to serve improved and rewarding experience to our members and
advertisers hence we need to keep our business in line with the industry pace and
competition to an extent which suits best for our members and business equally. If we do
not bring business dynamics then it would pose a bigger risk to our business stability and
consistency. With our unique ‘4D Business’ concept we are bringing 4 layers of mobility to
the business and this will make our rewarding experience more sweet and lasting for many
years to come.
What is 2X withdrawal cap/limit/fair usage policy?
Members who have already withdrawn rewards value greater or equals to their “SEED” also
known as initial purchases with payment gateway or bank money (200% or 2X) they would
need to make new purchases before they can initiate new payout requests. Our backoffice
will tell you the exact stats on how much you can potentially withdraw once you make new
purchases in order to proceed with your withdrawals. Also we are listing an example here to
help you with better understanding.
Example: – If you see a system message “Your withdraw limit is over. With our
recent change in business model, eewards withdrawal is not currently available for your
account as you have exceeded your rewards claim, if you like to continue participating in our
activity rewards sharing program, you are required to buy new ad-packs.” In this case, you
are required to make new purchases of our services or ad-packs to continue with your
withdrawal you can make purchases according to your advertising budget and credit
requirements and the system will allow to withdraw upto 2X times of the amount you using
to make purchases. In nutshell $100 purchase will entitle you to potentially withdraw upto
$200 so you can set your own budget and goals to earn new rewards OR withdraw your
available earning balance rewards. (Please note this feature will help us in ensuring our
various compliance checks from the fair usage policy standpoint).
7. Minor revisions in our ad-pack ranges once our new membership plans will be effective from
st May 2017
a. Personal Plan – No changes to our Personal ad-pack plan and it stays FREE from any
subscription plans, neither any changes to the ad-pack purchase limit is revised in
this plan, you can still purchase upto 200 ad-packs under this plan without having a
need of any membership plan (Commission 6%).
b. Small Medium Business – you can buy upto 100 ad-packs under this plan and earn
rewards upto 115% (Non-guaranteed)
Product Type – AdPack Plan
· 10 PPC Banner Clicks
· 500 Website Credits
Price – $25 per Ad-pack
Referral Commission – 6% (Commission balance can be withdrawn now)
Membership Plan Name Required – JOY
c. Corporate Plan – you can buy upto 1200 ad-packs under this plan and earn rewards
upto 120% (Non-guaranteed)
Product Type – AdPack Plan
· 20 PPC Banner Clicks
· 1000 Website Credits
Price – $50 per Ad-pack
Referral Commission – 6% (Commission balance can be withdrawn now)
Membership Plan Name Required – MAX
d. PREMIUM TEAM BUILDER PLAN – you can buy unlimited ad-packs under this plan
and earn rewards upto 120% (Non-guaranteed)
Product Type – AdPack Plan
· 20 PPC Banner Clicks
· 1000 Website Credits
Price – $50 per Ad-pack
Referral Commission – 6% (Commission balance can be withdrawn now)
Membership Plan Name Required – NO MEMBERSHIP PLAN REQUIRED
Purchase Limit – Unlimited Purchases allowed
Revenue share rewards up to 120%* (Non-Guaranteed)
Payment type supported – These packs can be purchased only using Payment
We understand that sometime new changes takes a while to adjust to, at times slowing down the
business sales and strategies for continuous growth and improvement, hence we ask for cooperation
and greater support/patience from each and every 10AdsPay member to promote and
take business to the next level. Please be assured, all sectors of management, compliance, support
and leaders are relentlessly working around the clock to return business to its highest level of
Last but not the least, we truly understand that these changes may cause some inconvenience to
few of our members, however some of the business changes are really important to roll organisation
wide in order to maintain business continuity while new and better initiatives are worked upon in
parallel, in all such cases we really seek your mutual co-operation and all of us at 10AdsPay THANK
YOU from the depth of our hearts to keep supporting as usual, also we THANK all the members who
have shared their feedback to improve business execution and scalability.
We are updating our terms and conditions and FAQs to reflect the above changes plus few other
terms, so please do not forget to go through terms & conditions and FAQ.
Note: Due to implementation of ‘4D Business’ framework we have to unfortunately cancel all the
payout requests in the queue, however you can send your new requests as per our latest guidelines
and terms.
Many thanks

10AP: Recently Upgraded Site To Improve Ad-Network And Content Deliveries

Dear 10AdsPay Family,

As you are aware that we have recently upgraded our site with major enhancements to improve our ad-network and content deliveries. Though the implementation was seamless but our members are experiencing some technical teething issues with this upgrade which is being taken care by our team and all the issues reported so far is targeted to be resolved shortly.

We also understand that this upgrade was done with short notice which has understandably caused some inconvenience and trouble to our members and without proper training videos in place this upgrade has caused a level of dissatisfaction amongst our valued user community.

We are accepting the fact that our planning has not gone well and it has impacted our business and we will take utmost care in planning such upgrades going forward, however, this upgrade was highly demanded and required to make our business strong and much more compliant.

This enhancement was aimed to improve the delivery of our digital products and to keep a tap on fraudulent activities to safeguard our rewards sharing model.

Due to several issues reported after this major enhancement, there has been an impact on our sales across various ad-packs and at the same time sales are moving fast to our newly launched product called ‘Cloud Crypto Mining Booster’ due to high demand and members support towards the sustainability of company (as net earnings from the sales of this product will be used to procure third party cloud mining services and this will add to the company’s external revenue source stream).

The sales on other digital products are experiencing sluggishness and this is the reason the rewards sharing from those ad-packs are low as well. We are working with our core team of consultants to address these issues so that rewards sharing model will bring parity amongst digital products.

Meanwhile, we are trying to revisit our technical and business approach we urge our loyal members to be patient and supportive as always. You have always supported and loved 10AdsPay at every stage, we at 10AdsPay are sure that you will extend the same level of support while we work tirelessly on various suitable solutions, troubleshooting, clearing heavy ticket numbers as well as withdrawal backlogs.

Few speculative people are always witnessed around the business and none of the business is un-touched from them, the only suggestion from us is to avoid such speculations, our business is highly dependent on the trust and support of members, if members start to question business integrity then unknowingly or knowingly it will cause a severe damage to business and ultimately things will not go in anyone’s favour.

We have constantly delivered flawless service during the last 10 months and during this current phase of business we need patience and support from all our members, we have always overcome the challenges and stiff competitions in the business due to our business integrity and honest approach but we cannot do this without your support. We request each one of you to use your wisdom and experiences rather than be speculative, we are committed to provide you with top rewarding business and we will strive never to let our members down.

Let’s be supportive to each other and be positive all the time to overcome this temporary dullness.

On the other note, where we are seeing many support tickets and messages on pay-out processing time. To clarify once again we have 72 business hours processing time which means non-business working hours and Sat/Sun does not count in 72 hours processing time. Usually the requests processing time is well within this time frame but sometimes due to excessive backlog, availability of our team and high bitcoin price fluctuations this may get delayed further. So we requests our members to be patient and DO NOT create multiple support tickets regarding this questions as it creates huge backlog in our support queue and it also reduces our overall efficiency. We are also working on automating smaller payments upto 5$ so the withdrawal processing time can be balanced evenly.

Also we do fraudulent checks at a greater level while making pay-outs and this also adds up to the time, however we always try to deliver on time and improve our efficiency to bring higher satisfaction on-board. In line with this approach and when business is scaling up faster we are expediting smaller payment under 10$ much faster. We are changing our internal compliance and audit procedures to expedite smaller payments.

We hope this update will clarify many doubts and your constant support and patience is key to success. We are working on many things in a parallel and due to the size of our team vs business we will be moving accordingly however we are constantly ramping up our infrastructure, resources and staff to meet the ever-growing needs of our business.

We will keep you posted on new initiatives where 10AdsPay is involved. Your feedback is always and much appreciated so please do not forget to share your ideas.

Please stay tuned for some exciting updates on our new venture which we are working in parallel to keep business abreast with digital/crypto currencies, we will share more updates shortly.

Many Thanks

Compounding MPA Earnings Since Sep10

“Hi Friends,
I started MPA with 100$ on Sep10 2016. And today i am really happy to see the seed money back into the account. I have been compounding the earnings from the 1st day and have 40 ad packs till now… still long way to go…. 🙂
Thanks to Uday Nara for creating this promising platform. And thanks to the whole team who is working 24/7 with full energy behind this to make everyone successful to achieve their goal.”  — Happy MPA Camper

Disclaimer :
“My results are not typical: This proof of earnings is
not a guarantee that you would earn the same,
but it is possible to earn this much or more
with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.”

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First Time 100 Ad Packs (Level 1)

“Hello people!

Today i reached for my first time 100 ad packs (level 1)
I started with nothing! I made it with the help of my 4 referrals and only one who actually joined the world of MyPayingAds (My older brother).

My results are not typical:
This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.”  — Lulu

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Compound Income Gets A Compounded Interest

We’ve all heard the term “compound interest”. The idea is generally like you put money somewhere and your interest gets compounded over a period of time. Banks do this, but in a really slow way.

Compound income, on the other hand, isn’t quite so easy to explain but yet is much more powerful. Especially when you can compound other’s incomes into your own.

This probably sounds too good to be true. Of course, there are limitations put into place, otherwise it would be totally unsustainable.

My interest level shot through the roof when I first understood the power of compounding. I knew, right away, that I needed to find a way to get this working in my favor instead of against me, like so many others are letting happen to them each and every day, all of their lives.

Buying and selling ad packs at rev share programs opens-up a door for us to do exactly that. Be sure to read around this website to learn more.