Calculating Time Of FutureAdPro AdPacks Extended From 15 To 30 Minutes

Our company is growing at a rapid pace! Due to its huge growth and dynamic sales of Adpack, we have decided to extend the time of performing calculations in FutureAdPro from 15 to 30 minutes, which will, in fact, improve the whole process for such big users community.
This change will not affect the amount of calculations.

FutureNet Team

Buy AdPacks At FuturoAdPro With FuturoCoin!!

Yes! The day has finally arrived! Everybody in FutureAdPro can now choose “FuturoCoin” as a method of payment as they want to load their account to make another adpack purchase!

Don’t keep this a secret!! Be sure to tell your downline people that they NOW have FuturoCoin as a payment method option to buy adpacks in their FutureAdPro accounts 

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Is your Ad Site Program Paying You Too Slow?

If your ad site program is paying you too slow then there are a few options that you have to change all of that. This is in general, but probably does apply to whichever revshare program or programs that you are in right now.

1.) First off, to increase your earnings in your program you can always buy more adpacks. I know it sounds simple but the very nature of every revshare program is to keep repurchasing more and more adpacks so that you get more advertising for your sites and to earn more money at the same time. The more “out-of-pocket” money you can throw in the better-off you’ll be in terms of speed in compounding your earnings withing the system.

2.) Secondly – you can get some referrals! Yes, this is actually the only good way to avoid the slow path to being in good situation in a rev share program. Relying on your own repurchases, alone, can take forever – especially if you don’t put-in too much money to begin with. You’d be surprised of the difference between having no referrals and having just 1 referral who works the business. It is like night and day.

3.) Join a program with a sponsor who will offer you cashback on your adpacks that you purchase. Yes, This is happens out there!! Ok, maybe they are had to find but if you are reading this, here, now.. then you just found somebody.   Me. I can hook you up. Yes there are rules and stipulations that I had to create to make it work right but you will appreciate what I have put together for people who want to build their AdPack Empires.

This group is within FaceBook, for the time being. But by the time you read this blogpost.. just in case we moved the group into FutureNet, this will be the AdPack Empire FutureNet Group.

Here is the direct URL:

This idea can remain into the future no matter which revshare companies are still in existance. We don’t rely on any 1 program. I learned that lesson a few years back. You never know what can happen inside of a program so you want to leverage yourself into multiple streams of revshare money.

All of these ad sites are practically the same with different ways of trying to be different. Almost none have enough external revenue sources to sustain but they are all in the mode of looking for new avenues of money to flow in.

The bottom line is this: The more adpacks that are being bought/sold by you and your organization (levels-deep will vary from program to program) – the more money you will be making in that particular revshare company.

Want To Get Into The FutureNet International FB Group?

Anybody with either an adpack or a matrix spot can get into the main FutureNet group.. if you have either, send a request to join here:

MXWorld: Start Of Revised Ads Pay Plan

December 1, 2016, 12:01 pm

This message follows on from my earlier post of 4 days ago (November 27) as tomorrow (December 1) is the start of the new revised pay plan… and I want ZERO CONFUSION by the members.

Here I will repeat the most important points, and give some extra news from our past and future, so there are no more misunderstandings among our members.

The first important point is this: MX.WORLD IS FINANCIALLY STRONG! Even with the fraudsters that hacked and scammed around quarter million USD during the past 3 months, and the panic withdrawals of thousands of cashouts per day during the past few days, we still have massive cash reserves. But we aim to be here in the year 2020 and beyond, so we need the SERIOUS MEMBERS, those individuals that want to earn a lifetime residual income with us, to embrace these new pay plan revisions and have the CONFIDENCE to keep purchasing adpacks and start bringing in greater numbers of serious people, because we aim to become the premier online home business platform not just for revshare business but for a multitude of income opportunities.

During the past 13 months we have given away 2.5% so called “activity discounts” per day EVERY DAY for every purchased adpack. Fifty percent of these purchases went into the MAIN Balance and the other half was allocated on the Advertising Budget of the members. During the first 3 months, from November 2015 to January this year, the Advertising Budget was blocked for buying memberships on the eight MX Matrix Home Business Programs only. No adpack could be bought from this money.

But to give the members a big boost in earnings, we decided in the 4th month (February 2016) to open the Advertising Budget (former Repurchase Balance) for adpack purchases. The daily 2.5% sharing was the same. So the earnings of the members were phenomenal after this decision, because members didn’t have to buy their adpacks from processors and Main Balance only. During the past nine months the amount of adpacks increased dramatically, but it was not REAL MONEY from processors. Around eighty percent of the adpacks that are still active today were bought from Advertising Budget non-real-money funds.

So this is one of our most important steps: From December 1, to reduce the compounded money balloon before it gets too large, we will share 0.5% daily on these adpacks repurchases from repurchases from repurchases from repurchases from repurchases, that the company earned only on the very first purchase of these adpacks. Therefore, I must start to reduce the amount of PREVIOUS Repurchase Balances in a way that offers our members to still get the 110% return on all these adpacks, but it must be done slowly at 0.5% daily sharing because we are giving the daily share into the MAIN Balance of the members which they can withdraw as daily cashouts.

It may take six months, or if we see that real money is coming in faster, we can increase the daily share whenever we want. It does depend on the daily activity of real money IN and real money OUT, because this 0.5% (or more in future) is not covered by real money funds, so we have to make it slow and careful. The aim is to payout on ALL previous purchases and repurchases of adpacks, but we also want the corporation to THRIVE and be profitable until the year 2020 and beyond, so we must take these actions now.

1. Monday 28 November was the last day for buying adpacks from the Advertising Budget.

2. All active adpacks that were purchased via the Advertising Budget (former Repurchase Balance) will still run until their 110% return.

3. All active adpacks that were purchased via the Advertising Budget (former Repurchase Balance) will be paid out at 0.5% daily on all existing adpacks. These previous adpacks will mature slower at 0.5% per day because this is the nature when you want to let air out of a balloon slowly. And it is my executive decision to do this for the long term benefit of the MX.WORLD corporation.

4. The new Advertising Budget, from December 1, will be a PURE advertising balance for companies, marketers, entrepreneurs and other members that want to buy fixed banner-ads and text-ads, PTC ads, login-ads, logout-ads, (like it already is), but NO MORE for adpacks. Members can also receive commissions there on 3 levels with up to 10% | 5% | 5% again, but this money can only be used to buy advertising services, NO adpacks.

5. From December 1, new adpack purchases will earn a standard 1% daily revenue percentage going into the MAIN Balance in each FREE membership. This increases up to 2% daily for BRONZE-SILVER-GOLD members and 2.5% daily for MILLIONAIRE members.

6. Starting on Thursday 1 December, we will introduce 5 membership levels within each currency wallet, as we now have three MX Advertising platforms (revenue share programs) at MX WORLD.

These MEMBERSHIP LEVELS are explained here:


FREE MEMBERSHIP — active USD adpacks 10/15/25 | commission 3% / 1% / 1% | 1% daily share | cashout $ 25/day | cost $0 per month.

BRONZE — active USD adpacks 100/150/200 | commission 4% / 2% / 2% | 2% daily share | cashout $ 75/day | cost $25 per month.

SILVER — active USD adpacks 150/200/500 | commission 5% / 3% / 3% | 2% daily share | cashout $ 150/day | cost $50 per month.

GOLD — active USD adpacks 150/250/1000 | commission 6% / 4% / 4% | 2% daily share | cashout $ 200/day | cost $75 per month.

MILLIONAIRE — active USD adpacks 150/250/1500 | commission 10% / 5% / 5% | 2.5% daily share | cashout $ 350/day | cost $150 per month.


FREE MEMBERSHIP — active EUR adpacks 5/10/15/25/50 | commission 3% / 1% / 1% | 1% daily share | cashout € 25/day | cost €0 per month.

BRONZE — active EUR adpacks 50/100/200/250/500 | commission 4% / 2% / 2% | 2% daily share | cashout € 75/day | cost €25 per month.

SILVER — active EUR adpacks 100/150/200/500/750 | commission 5% / 3% / 3% | 2% daily share | cashout € 150/day | cost €50 per month.

GOLD — active EUR adpacks 100/150/250/1000/1500 | commission 6% / 4% / 4% | 2% daily share | cashout € 200/day | cost €75 per month.

MILLIONAIRE — active EUR adpacks 100/150/250/1500/2000 | commission 10% / 5% / 5% | 2.5% daily share | cashout € 350/day | cost €150 per month.


FREE MEMBERSHIP — active BTC adpacks 5/10/15/25/50 | commission 3% / 1% / 1% | 1% daily share | cashout B 0.035/day | cost B0 per month.

BRONZE — active BTC adpacks 50/100/200/250/500 | commission 4% / 2% / 2% | 2% daily share | cashout B 0.10/day per wallet | cost B0.03 per month.

SILVER — active BTC adpacks 100/150/200/500/750 | commission 5% / 3% / 3% | 2% daily share | cashout B 0.20/day | cost B0.06 per month.

GOLD — active BTC adpacks 100/150/250/1000/1500 | commission 6% / 4% / 4% | 2% daily share | cashout B 0.30/day | cost B0.1 per month.

MILLIONAIRE — active BTC adpacks 100/150/250/1500/2000 | commission 10% / 5% / 5% | 2.5% daily share | cashout B 0.50/day per wallet | cost B0.2 per month.

Note-A: ZERO PROCESSOR FEES on membership payments.

Note-B: Members pay these membership levels with REAL MONEY, like they paid for their ID verifications (real money IN is the only way that any business can sustain long term until the year 2020 and beyond).

Note-C: After every payment the time for the membership expiry is set to one month. These are individual monthly payments without any subscription. If the member pays, he/she will extend the membership level. If not, the membership level falls down to FREE.

LIMITED TIME OFFERS: There will also be 3-months, 6-months, 12-months memberships with reduced prices. Check out these special offers in your back office from December 1.

7. The sponsor earns 10% REFERRAL COMMISSION on the monthly membership fee which goes to the sponsor’s AMBASSADOR BALANCE of each currency, which can be withdrawn as a daily cashout. There are NO DAILY LIMITS on withdrawals for commissions.

8. Our aim is to get more REAL MONEY from our advertising services, our resources (Generizer launching December, and our other tools), our MX GAME (coming early next year) and share the money with all verified members up to 2.5% in Main Balance (depends on the membership level).

9. The daily share in your Main Balance is withdrawable as daily cashouts SEVEN DAYS PER WEEK (Monday to Sunday) 24 hours per day. This is YOUR BUSINESS, and one that YOU want to earn on for many years into the future, so keep your adpack amount on a level that makes you EXCITED with your annual MX income. Remember that you can buy adpacks directly from your MAIN Balance if you want to save the 5% processor fees.

10. You can see the daily cashout limits in the Membership Levels. For maximum earnings you can have the MILLIONAIRE membership in USD, EUR and BTC of course. From DECEMBER 1 the maximum MAIN BALANCE cashout per day per member is USD1,100 equivalent total from the 3 currencies/wallets combined. This means USD is 350 maximum cash withdrawal per day, EURO is 350 maximum cash withdrawal per day (approx USD375), and BITCOIN is 0.500 BTC maximum cash withdrawal per day (approx USD375). This is for the long term stability of MX WORLD and it is something that the most sustainable revshare companies do. Later I can always approve higher daily cashouts limits, but let us first make the MX Advertising platforms profitable for the corporation long term.

11. No more AMBASSADOR BONUS. Instead of this bonus you are receiving real commissions in each one of your three AMBASSADOR BALANCES (USD + EUR + BTC). And as you can read in Point-13 below, we may add GOLD as a fourth currency for you to earn in by early next year.

12. BITCOIN daily cash withdrawals start from January 1 to allow the corporation to first build BTC reserves.

13. We now have three currencies and six pay processors for our members to more effectively expand their MX.WORLD business around the globe: USD-EURO-BITCOIN via Payza, STP, Perfect Money, Advcash, BitBayPay, CoinPayments. Even more pay processors will be added next year. Plus we may add GOLD as a fourth currency to the MX Advertising platforms next year if enough members also want to earn and save in GOLD reserves.

14. Today you should join and promote every one of our eight MX MATRIX programs. Some members have been earning from these matrix programs for more than five years already. Why earn just one income with MX WORLD when you can earn up to eleven incomes: 3 with MX Ads (USD-EURO-BTC) and 8 with the MX MATRIX programs (MX1-MX3-MX7-MX9-MXF-MX20-MX500-MXM). THINK BIG and earn ELEVEN incomes EVERY DAY.

Thank you for your understanding and your help in making MX WORLD stronger and more prosperous for all members as we strive to reach our target of one million happy members by the year 2020.

Say yes to success!

James Lee Valentine



Reached Goal Of Earning 1k With 10AdsPay

Good Morning! I have reached my goal of earning $1,000.00 with 10AdsPay!

I had been dabbling in internet marketing, MLM, HYIP, looking for ways to make extra money online. I was either making NO money online, losing money, or just breaking even.

THEN, almost 4 months ago, I took a chance on this new Revshare program. I believed in the owner, and the admins in the program. They are genuine, honest, and caring people.

I started with only $35.00. I have never made this much money online, this is a major milestone for me. I am proud of myself.

But let me tell you, it takes everything you have in you to push through, work day and night, 7 days a week, to make it possible. I have broken through fears and barriers, done and learned things I never thought possible.

Success doesn’t happen over night. It takes a lot of sweat, tears, hard work, and DETERMINATION.

I am still no where near where I want to be, but I now know anything is possible if you set your mind to achieving it! This gives me the belief in myself and the encouragement to keep going!

I am about to also purchase my 14th $50.00 adpack with my commission and earnings balance.

Today I celebrate my victory! Thank you #10AdsPay

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Daily AdPack “Lottery” Comes To An End

Note: Due to strange malfunctions / manipulations within the ‘Win Adpack’ script (some members have won multiple times and even I was twice a winner) we decided to stop the daily adpack ‘lottery’ in MXR.
We will gave now a special drawing with James Lee Valentine once a month where James will pick some members from the pot and let them win special prizes.
100 ad clickers will still have better chances, but of course all adpack buyers will have chances to win as well. Inactive members cannot win anything.
More info about it during the next week.

Ad Pack Pro RevShare Can Afford You The Life You Want To Live

Keep chugging along, or busting your butt!! Either way, don’t give up. Your freedom is calling your name. The Ad Pack Pro revshare can afford you the life you want to live. Join APP free, here.

Start with even 1 adpack, if you need to. The idea is to see how you get advertising that you pay for and use your advertising for whatever you wish. Then, you login to Ad Pack Pro each day to do your 10 ads. You’ll find that you get your “cashback” that you spend on your adpack and actually 20% on top of that.

This idea is SO POWERFUL, that once you understand it – you will have many sleepless nights!!

“NEARLY AT 2000 PACKS, few more weeks to my goal. Most sustainable revenue that exists”  — Mark


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14 Days Since I Joined MPA – Documenting This Journey

Hi MPA family it’s 14 days since I joined and like I said I will be documenting this journey as a proof to any one that don’t believe how powerful MPA is.
Now I have 99 adpack. Came in just short to max out.
Tomorrow I will shift to the second gear.
Loving my strategy.

My results are not typical:
This proof of earnings is not a guarantee that you would earn the same, but it is possible to earn this much or more with an equal or greater strategy and work ethic.

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