AdsCash: We Just Made USD Withdrawls LIVE And Processed 2 Already

AdsCash: We Just Made USD Withdrawls LIVE And Processed 2 Already 🙂

Though Normally They Will Be Processed Once Every 72 Hours Straight Into Your BTC Addresses !

As Per The Comp Plan Document , 80 % Of Your Earned USD Commissions You Can Withdraw And 20 % Will be Automatically Used To Purchase Ads Cash Coins At The Current Price Moment You Submit A Withdrawl Request

For All The Doubters Who Left No Stone Unturned To Call Ads Cash A SCAM , This will be a slap in face as now we are paying also…🙂

I wonder what they will say when we hit markets next year and start trading at $4 and earn our early investors 100x profits 🙂

Next Price Increse to 3.7 Cents Will happen In About 48 Hours From Now Looking At The Current Numbers

So If You have Been still thinking , this is the best time to grab your ads cash coins and experience an immediate profit in about 48 hours…

Keep buying coins , keep building teams and tell them to do the same

See you on top


Working To Make AdsCash Coin Purchase Start Before End Of Day

Folks We are working hard to make Coin purchase start before end of day today USA Time !

It was supposed to go live few hours back but tech team in final testing came across a bug which needs to be solved before we make coin purchase live

They will be up all night working on this and hopefully we will be able to go live else definately tomorrow

Regarding the USD funding issues , almost all support tickets till yesterday and today afternoon UK time have been solved and USD wallet balances are being updated

Overall the system is functioning smooth

With over 51,000 members in this group , over 400k+ members worldwide we are becoming a force to reckon with

Stay focussed – let us do our work and you guys focus on your part which is funding your USD wallets for maximum so from today/tomorrow you can start picking maximum ads cash coins possible and building your teams and helping them get funded

April will be a big month for many of you here

We got his

See you all on top

Nick Johnson

Be Ready To Pick Up Your Ads.Cash Coins Soon

Congrats To Everyone Involved Here

We Just Crossed Over 300k + People

With Another 10 Days To Go , It’s Easy 400k + People which means we will be able to circulate about 40 million coins on Day 1

No Other Crypto Currency has ever been able to start with the kind of numbers with which we are starting

Crypto currency is all about 2 things- circuation + usage

We are world’s #1 when it comes to circuation at the start up stage with 400k+ people involved

Usage wise we aleady have products ready and more will be added every month

I easily see us hitting $2.5 usd in next 12 months on bare minimum side from launch ICO of 2.5 cents and $25 on the higher side in next 12 months

That is 100x to 1000x ROI …

Stack your bitcoins ( good time to grab them as prices are a bit low – And Then Be Ready for the launch day to pick up as many Ads.Cash Coins As you Can For 100x to 1000x returns in next 12 months )

If you are building your teams , this is the time to put everything in 3rd gear and double and triple your team sizes…

And Walk away with massive commission cheques on launch day and beyond…..

Qualifciation for levels will be easiest on launch day and then with rising value of coins , will become tougher and tougher..

So grab as many coins on launch day as you can , so you also have maximum levels opened up helping you get paid from upto 7 levels…..

See you all on top
Nick Johnson

What Languages For Ads Cash Power Point Presentation?

Which All Languages You Guys Would Like To See Ads.Cash Power Point Presentation Translated Into ?

At this point in time we are getting them translated into Arabic , Chinese , Spanish , Italian , German , French , Japanese , Tagalog , Hindi , Greek

Let me know if we are missing out here on any languages where you guys will like to see presentation material translated into

Unlike Other companies who focus on one country and then expand , we want to do this at speed of light

I know its going to be complex and will take way more efforts but looking at the global momentum in the crypto currency world, we just want to play this game fast and create wealth for everyone involved here beyond their wildest imagination

Imagine each one of you getting 100k coins for about $2500 at ICO pricing and each coin hitting $10 in next 6 months when we will go to exchange with our own blockchain , thats right there a million $$$ for each one of you with just $2500 investment

As leaders if you want to start local meetings in your area and need them to be listed on company’s website , let us know

We will be shortly creating a meeting calendar section where we would be adding global meetings country by country

We are also working towards opening 5 global offices to begin with and keep adding more every month

Most probably we will start with Singapore , Dubai , India , UK And USA and expand from there

If you want to see our office in your country and you have a big team already starting to build up , let me know in the comments below and the country name will be added in consideration list….

The whole world is waking up to the potential of cryptocurrency

Whether it’s UK , HK , India ,Dubai , Singapore , USA , anywhere and everywhere – everyone is talking about bitcoins , altcoins , the fortunes being made etc etc

This is the opportunity folks

Lets get focussed like we have never been before , work like we have never worked before in our lifes and create wealth like we have never done before

Opportunties don’t come for ever and now once you have got one , make the best use of it

Spread your links everywhere , tell your teams mates to do the same and get ready to pick as many coins as you can on launch day

Lets do this

Nick Johnson
CEO – Ads.Cash

P.S Tag everyone in your post so they are in loop with developments