Q&A For Clicks And Qualifying In FAP (FutureAdPro)

Question: Ok folks I have some questions from my fap (futureadpro) team members. If you click more than your 10 Ads say 15 for example does the additional 5 spill over to the next 24 hrs period and therefore you only have to click 5 to qualify in that 24 hrs period. I always thought no to spillover clicks but some are reporting they have done this.

I’m off to bed but answers appreciated. Nite nite 😀

Answer: yes if u click some ads extra then they are counted for next day….suppose u click 15 days today….then tomorrow u will be qualified just clicking 5 more for next day

Is There Real Benefit To $10 FutureAdPro AdPacks?

Question: Still actually confused by $10 adpacks in FutureAdPro. What I mean is, is there a point in them and are they truly of any benefit? I could buy 10 a month or 2 $50 adpacks. Your answers would be appreciated.

Answer:  if you could afford $50 adpacks you wouldn’t want to buy the $10 adpacks .$10 adpacks are there for those who can’t afford $50 adpacks

Answer: The purpose of $10 AdPacks was to help the poorer nations who economies are not at the same level as most western economies.. Think about average wages around Asia and India and you will see why they were added

Answer: Just stick with the $50 adpacks even if u max out the $10 ones ur only gonna make $10 per day..

Have at least one $10 one so u can earn commissions on it when ur members buy them but i think ur best of focusing on the $50 ones


How the MyAdStory withdrawal processor is set



Can someone please explain (or point me to where it is explained) how the myadstory withdrawal processor is set?

I’m about to max out Level 1, so I need to buy a membership. I read somewhere that your widthdrawal processor will be that you add funds with. So,

If I buy my membership with Payza, will Payza be my withdrawal processor forever?

What happens if I upgrade with Payza and then I buy group packs with STP?

I have some money in STP but I can’t withdraw it, so I want to use that money for MAS, but I don’t want STP to be my MAS withdrawal processor, I want it to be Payza.



The processor you fund with more the processor you can withdraw with.

MPCA: What Would You Recommend Me To Purchase From The Following 2 Options?


Hey Guys!

Hope y’all doing great. If I have an (MPCA) Elite member ship package and $500 in my wallet, what would you recommend me to purchase from the following 2 options:

1. 100 Adpacks of $5 each
2. 10 Adpacks of $50 each

Thank you 🙂

Answer A: my advice start in level 1 and build up adpacks and membership also

Questioner response:  Yeah I already started that, but just curious to know the best option in that case

Answer B:  You wanna start with the level that’s going to give you a faster daily return percentage and not go with the one that’s going to give you a higher return amount.

AdPackPro: Q&A Regarding AdPack Deactivation

AdPackPro: Q&A Regarding AdPack Deactivation

Question: I have a question regarding the adpacks and its deactivation. Again and again, I find in my advertising packages, the RV 30 euro and visitors under 100. Some generated only 30 visitors.
When will these adpacks deactivated?

Answer:  These packs will be deactivated, if you see the 10.000 views and 100 clicks.

Question:  So is the end of the pack after the clicks? And not to share from the generated? I thought I’ll buy for 25 and 30 they run out!?

Answer:  No. No. Each Pack falls out if the 30 euro advertising reimbursement has been achieved. Here’s an example.
If the clicks are not yet achieved, it is still active until the 10.000 views and 100 clicks are achieved.
Your Pack the reached 10.000 views and 100 clicks within a week as long as it remains active until it advertising the 30 euro refund has been achieved. There’s more views and clicks can guess doesn’t matter, it is the minimum requirements for a pack. I hope i could help you.
If you look at something with the dashboard and click once everywhere, you can understand it a little better. Learn through doing.
Bit of a read, little click. See if all the packs inactive, active, disabled, or have expired. For Every Pack you purchase we confirm with yes the terms and conditions. Read once, or even a couple of times already and you know why you’re a yes a type.
I hope i could help you with that.
Have a nice day and a successful rest of the week.

Question:  What does your dashboard? Under your advertising?

Answer:  What is your sponsor on 2 levels actually pays well, if you have such questions here in the group need to discuss? For a halfway decent sponsor are these questions a, b, c of adpackpro!
Keep your eyes open for the sponsor choice!


CI: Must I Withdraw Money Before I Buy Again?


“I have one question please
can i pay for packs by money i already earn from click intensity internal or must i withdraw it first and buy again ??? please i want answer for this
thanks”  — Concerned New CI Member


“You don’t need to withdraw you can repurchase as soon as it hits 1000 gold coins i.e $25. Its called compounding and its extremely powerful.” — Helpful CI Member

The Question Of Life And To Solve The Problem Of Poverty?

Three extrem people have sat in a coffee house in city of Vasvar today afternoon. They have talked about some interesting things. About questions of the life and to solve the problem of the poverty.

They agreed about business solution, network marketing, in other words MLM, which is a foreigner word to a lof of poeple if they heard about it. But there are some interesting poeple who want to believe in MLM so they are as well Millionaires and they are living an independent and happy life.

They have discussed about how could liberalize the all people of the world and to improve the Earth. To settle the poverty, to clear from the muck of Earth which we overflowed with.

We thought that it would be have a project where the all Network marketing Companies could place their advertising, their websites and their ideas, products and services.

And finally I have said a big YES to this opportunity! I always knewn, that Networking could be a sort of solving to our negative aspekt of our lifes. This could be the 8 hours minimal salary employee status and lack of the TIME.

The SOLVING is in our hands and we are ready to bring it to the worth of world with freedom and the abundance together.
This founder of this program is James Lee Valentine and it’s the MXRevShare Company.

Finally only ONE question is: The giant MLM Companies and Learders of the world can join to this common system, or it’s more important for them the self-determination?

As my guess it’s a better way the creation together in a team like separately. So LEADERS of big MLM Companies please BECOME ONE!

Go ahead WorldVentures, and Kairos, and Forever Living Products, and DXN, and Biocom and Dexcar!
I’m already a member of MXRevShare, but the question is: you will join also?

I’m waiting for your answer and I’ll happy if you will share your opinion with me. Of course you can like my comment also!

Thanks – Balazs Toth – Happy Member Of MXRS

ClikDelivery: Took Decision To Respond Personally To Each And Every Dispute

“Hello all,

Since i asked some selfish people to close their disputes as it will not help them recover their seed money but only help destroying our program and they didn’t shown any kind of cooperation, I took the decision to respond personally to each and every dispute issued against us.

I didn’t wanted to respond to those people officially via Payza hoping that they will see it by themselves that they will not get anything from their claims, but now that no one of them is willing to collaborate, i promise no one of them will win his dispute as i will take the time to answer every dispute efficiently.

We will see who will be in loss at the end…

Other members please be patient while we handle everything and bypass the current situation.

We are also looking for a way to recover our seed money in the TM company, we believe we can at least recover some 40% to 50% from it.

Please stay positive and thank you for your faith in Clikdelivery.

PS: if you really want to help us, please report Sabo Paul’s video in which he is accusing us of scam so it could be removed from Youtube.

He cashed out a ton from Clikdelivery but he’s disappointed that he couldn’t cashout more than that. He’s really going crazy and harming our reputation by the way!

Here is the link to his video:”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u88el5VGTVs  — Ilyas

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