You Will Never Hear Me Do Any Complaining Instead Just Work Harder

Whoever decides to get active and stick with us here at MAS and work with us will be victorious in the end. You can earn money faster in many places but to get a real family and build life long friendships while making money is priceless. This is the reason you will never hear me do any complaining instead just work harder. Thanks to all of you who are with us and best of wishes to those who have abandoned us. Business is nothing but choices and decisions we all have to make. Great things take time and adjustments we not here to earn for just 6 months. Just know when you jump ship and then those other things fail know you did nothing to help us over here we know who is with us and who is not. This the reason I was in so in favor of workshare because I been doing rev shares since 2011 and have never seen a different ending some just last longer than others. MAS does not want to follow that history. I know many don’t like when earnings slow up but in any business it is sales driven no matter the business model. In major corporations if sales aren’t made what happens ? Employees get laid off or hours cut. This isn’t for everyone so ask yourself are you with us for the long haul or not.