AdPack Empires – Are You Building YOURS?

We all know how discouraged some people get when they first begin a revshare program not understanding that AdPacks expire. They get these unrealistic expectations based on “adpack earnings” that they might have seen on somebody’s facebook page or wall.

The reality hits them that the person who introduced them actually had something else working in his or her favor. The advantage of referrals. Having a referral will make somebody earn much faster than if they had no referrals.. by far.

Having many referrals will skyrocket your adpack earnings and make them super-impressive to show to others, in the attempt to get more and more people to join them.

Not everybody is good at referring others. In fact, most people suck at it. This is why I created AdPack Empires

Buying adpacks is something that not everybody is accustomed to, yet. It hasn’t hit the mainstream, yet. But I do believe it will. I wouldn’t mind being partially responsible for helping to bring it to the masses.

I want to help people to more easily build-up their adpacks. I’ll just take the content straight from the website:

“Revshare programs are a great way to get traffic to your websites to build your business. We all need to get visitors to our pages if we plan to get business or create sales or generate leads.

Traditional advertising, though, costs you money. Most people don’t like to pay for advertising and this is why they are never able to build an online business. What if there was an easier way to get your business off of the ground?

There is!! It is called “cashback advertising”. Basically here is the process:

1.) Join a cashback program
2.) Purchase advertising (AdPacks) and assign credits to your website(s)
3.) Get hits/visitors to your website(s) while earning whatever it was that you spent on AdPacks BACK… PLUS some profit on top of this
4.) Use your commissions to make a “re-purchase” every time you have enough for another AdPack.
5.) Doing this builds-up BOTH your traffic to your website(s) AND your AdPack earnings inside of that revshare program.
6.) Building a TEAM multiplies your earnings BIG TIME!!!

This – my friend – is the BEST way to leverage yourself into residual traffic & earnings. AdPack Empires was created to make this even SWEETER.

As your sponsor – what if I were use the referral commissions that I earn from you to PAY YOUR WAY into another revshare? Well, this is EXACTLY what I intend to do.. talk to me.”


The above was taken straight from my website AdPack Empires.

I also have a FanPage and a Group for AdPack Empires (AE) if you want to get in touch with me and build your traffic and your earnings at the same time.

AdPack Advertising – How Do Ad Packs Work?

Did you see the word “Ad Pack” somewhere on the internet? Maybe some of your FaceBook friends are showing you screenshot posts on their walls of the their earnings from ad packs in different rev share programs online and you got curious..

You probably wondered what it was all about but yet didn’t want to send any of those people a private message or a comment/reply on their wall post to inquire. I can understand. They were probably “known pitchers” who would then think that they had the right to try to convince you to join them in their rev share program they are currently part of.

It is ok. You can learn it here. On this page. Ad Pack advertising is HOT. Now, I wouldn’t just say that for absolutely no reason at all. There is a solid basis for my words here.

AdPack Advertising Is HOT – And Here’s How Ad Packs Work

People purchase advertising all over the internet. People don’t expect anything but the hopefully some traffic that will convert into sales for them.. or registrations, or new team members.. whatever it is they are seeking.

AdPack simply stands for “Advertising Package”. It is a unit of advertisement that has a value to it AND in a rev share program it has a certain kind of “worth” to it.

You see, you can also refer to Ad Pack Advertising as “cashback advertising”.  It is the same thing, basically, but there IS a difference.

Cashback advertising gives you your cash back, or a portion of it. Ad Pack advertising will give to you over 100% of your cash back. This is a HUGE deal if you are in the business of getting your adverts out there and hoping to NOT have to spend a bundle to get eyeballs you are looking for and have the ability to scale-up without reaching deeper into your pockets.

There is a compounding factor in place, when you make re-purchases before all of your earnings have been paid-out. If done in large numbers, an advertiser can generate a sizable income while at the same time getting traffic to the offer. This is a revolution in the online advertising space!!

Cashback Advertising Is Where It’s At – You Getting YOUR Cash Back?

Anybody who advertises on the internet that isn’t using “cashback advertising” is missing-out on the boat. The boat that will save them money.. and EARN them money, as well.

To me, cashback advertising is the ONLY way to do it. No – this hasn’t been around for a long time. It is pretty new to me. I first heard of it several years ago but there are lots of companies out there trying to make it work for them Most crash and burn.

One thing that I believe 100%, though. There will always be companies wanting to get your attention by paying your to hang out on their websites.  I think that before too long it will be expected for websites to pay people. Our eyeballs are worth money to them Why not get that money ourselves, instead?

There are lots of regular deals where a company will offer you some sort of refund. You combine that idea with online ads, it is crazy. Why? Because people can never get enough views to their websites. The more the merrier. This will never change.

All of the programs referred to on this site are in the business of building THEIR business based on paying us. Not all of them will be here this time next year. This is just a sad reality. Most won’t be able to sustain.

Don’t let that stop you from doing your due diligence and  learning which of these is the best for you. There are some really great programs out there that people are making a ton of money with.