We Will Keep Making It Happen At ClickIntensity

We are here and we will always be here in spite of what many of your sponsors/leaders might think…..

Easiest thing is to leave the ship when times are tough and use those negative points to pitch other MLM deals to innocent downlines who don’t know the real picture

Unfortunately some of our trusted admins/leaders are doing the same right now and it’s ok…..

Even one of our main corporate executives is busy shamelessly cross recruiting people in 3 different MLM deals in last 30-45 days even after being told by corporate again and again to stop

And then portraying a sorry picture that she is in lack of communication or not getting timely information etc etc

Brilliant way to cross recruit I must say 🙂

Imagine me talking on my facebook wall about other MLM offers saying that we are having tough times and hence let me pitch other MLM offers….

But its all ok…..

Karma will take care of everyone…

All i know is that I am here for you guys and I am not going to abandon this ship

Click Intensity for life !

Today also we processed some withdrawls and everyday we are processing a fixed number of withdrawls !

I am working a bit on my videos also though you all know it’s not my strong point as i am a techie and not a video person …….

Next in line are a couple of product launches too…….which will help us grow our advertising profits even more…

Looking forward for a massive 2017

For those of you who are still focussed and with CI , I will make sure you guys will not get disappointed and you will always be able to call CI your home

Fast growth like our launch time , slow growth like right now its part of being in business

Imagine you running your own business – I am sure there will be tough times and there will be good times

True business people always stay on with the business and not just give up when the going gets tough

And that’s what exactly we are doing in CI…..

We will keep making it happen

Getting Ready For A Billion $$$ Ride

* Getting Ready For A Billion $$$ Ride **

After Successful Launch Of FB Shares And FB Fanpage Likes Product ,We Are Moving Towards Launch Of Hourly Login Ads Where You Can Buy Them On Hourly Basis Instead Of Just The Current Option Of Full Day !

As You Can Clearly See , Our Focus In Corporate Is To Be World’s #1 Revenue Share Company In Online Advertising Niche By Offering Innovative Cudding Edge Leading Products And Letting Our Products Speak For Themselves…..

Always remember this one thing in life – A Billion $$$ business is not build around hype but is build on solid products and customer base………

While there might be other short term lurative HYIP’s coming out there everyday offering you 2 % daily , 3 % daily , even 5 % daily and 10 % daily but those are all short term money spinners where few people win and 99 % people end up loosing their life savings

Most of these programs close in 90 days to a max of 6 to 12 months ……

We here at Click Intensity have now already completed 9 months and have our roadmap clear for the next 12 months , 24 months , 5 years , 10 years and so on….

We want to be there for your grand childrens also..

We want to build a business so strong which you can be proud to be associated with and which you can even pass to your next generation……….

And We cannot do that alone – we ofcourse need strong leadership in the field and I am happy to see that it is already cultivating….

Sure we have had our roadbumps across the way like paypal freezing our funds , payza and advcash disputing our transactions and holding funds in 6 months reserve ( Current Payouts In Payza And Advcash Will Only Be Released Once These Disputes Are Cleared But All Fresh Payouts Using BTC Will Be Cleared As Per Normal ) , payment api’s being hacked and we loosing over $10 milllion $$$ , initial early days tech glitches but here is the bottomline – we are still here standing strong paying you guys and growing everyday 1 % excited for the future

This should tell you what your management team is build off and should encourage you to work outside your comfort zone everyday and go share the message of Click Intensity to the world

Very shortly we will be announcing something so big that it will shake the entire online advertising industry and will put us at par with companies like Facebook , Google and other such big giants……

People who work hard now , build their teams and keep them together – I promise will all retire as multi-millionaires from Click Intensity ……

That’s all for now……

Make sure you read every corporate email , every post by me and Tara Mish over the course of next 1-3 weeks as you definately want to be in the loop of what’s coming next……..

As It could mean all of you having a fair chance at 10xing or even 100x ing your money if we work together as a unit…..

I will leave at that for now and let you guys guess 🙂

Nick Johnson

Reached Another Milestone In CI (Click Intensity) With 600 Active Silver Packs

I have now reached the another milestone in CI with 600 active silver pack, it’s been an amazing journey so far. I’ve made Great friends, CI has changed my life. I want to thank Nick Johnson, Tara Mish, Ankur Agarwal, all the  Click Intensity leaders and my CI family for all the support, faith, and belief in me. With all the new products coming, this is going to be one amazing ride! Guys be sure you mindset is right.. it matters a lot. Be patient. Build your System strong. See you all at the top..!

“My results are not typical. but achievable by doing hard work and dedication,s.

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Ilyas Noukaila joins MyPayingCryptoAds and wants database of ClikDelivery to join under him

Ilyas Noukaila joins MyPayingCryptoAds and wants database of Clik Delivery to join under him so that he can raise more funds to help-out his CD business.

This is a great idea for him to do – although I had an even better idea that I was going to offer-up to him as a suggestion, had he friended me in Facebook like I asked him to.

It is possible that he is already doing what it was that I was going to suggest to him. We will never know, though.

I was going to offer to him that if he joins ME in a different program – one that pays on more than 1 level, for referrals – I would give him a cashback, maybe 50% cashback – on everything that I earned from him and his team in CD that comes-in under him.

The program could have been Future Ad Pro, Click Intensity, Get My Ads, or even The Ads Team. Each of these pay on multiple levels.

Those are just the programs that come to mind. There are others on BuyAdPacks.com that will also work. I wrote this all down into a blogpost in case you happen to read this,  Ilyas Noukaila.

I’m confident that what you are doing with MPCA will work out just fine, though.   😉

CI: Payza LIVE For Both Withdrawals And Purchases

Payza Is Finally LIVE Both for withdrawals and purchases

Step by Step Daily 1 % Improvement

We will get there folks 🙂

Keep doing your part of the work i.e buying packs , repurchasing till you hit 4000 ad packs , sharing the message of Click Intensity with the world and we will keep doing our part to make it the best possible opportunity for everyone involved

A Member’s Experience With Withdrawals At Click Intensity

Hey guys,, just wanted to share my experience with withdrawals at Click Intensity. I too have been waiting patiently for withdrawals to be processed. But then when I saw members already posting they are getting paid, and one have said he sent an email to support, I also did the same. Days ago, I have emailed the concerned department which is finance@clickintensity.us and asked for a follow-up with my processing wihdrawals, days after received an email response from them and checked my acct, 2 withdrawal processes have already been finally completed. Now with my last 2 pending withdrawal requests, I thought of requesting to have it cancelled. So again have emailed finance@clickintensity.us. The day after, again received an email that it was already cancelled and gold coins were reverted back to my account. Then what I did was to sell some of my gold coins to some members and received payment in cash.

Therefore with withdrawal requests:
1. You could follow-up your pending withdrawal requests to finance@clickintensity.us and wait for a response from the team.
2. You could request for the process to be cancelled at finance@clickintensity.us and have your gold coins back into your acct. From there it’s up to you if you repurchase or sell it to your members who are purchasing packs.

*** Account must be “APPROVED” to make withdrawals or transfer gold coins. To follow-up on your KYC status, you may submit a support ticket or send an email to care@clickintensity.us.

*** For the meantime, better to process withdrawals by midNovember when regular withdrawal process is in place.  — CI Member

Valerie Ann Chamos's photo.
Valerie Ann Chamos's photo.

Click Intensity: Mini Hangout At A City In Nigeria

We had a mini hangout today at a city(Ile-Ife) in Nigeria. This is the first of many. We are fired up to preach CI to the whole of Nigeria and help as many people as possible to become financially free via this beautiful platform.

We will be having a seminar soon. We are thankful to Nick Johnson, Tara Mish and all other leaders across the globe for building CI, making it the best among its peers.

This is a challenge to others, start mini meet-ups at your various locations.

Great heights await us. Long live CI!

Oluwole Busayo's photo.
Oluwole Busayo's photo.

Excited About ClickIntensity’s New FaceBook Shares Product

I tested out ClickIntensity’s new “FB Shares” product today while I was in the site clicking my daily ads to qualify for my revenue-sharing.  I have to tell you.. I was blown-away by what happened.

So I put the information in there for the ad, because you have to first created a post in FB either on your profile or on your fan page. Then you go into the Gold advertising section of Click Intensity and you order-up your shares.

In order to place your order… you have to have the direct link to your post that you created, that you want to promote.

So I put the link of my post into the box – create a title and a short description for my ad (this is what the potential “sharers” will see before they decide to actually SHARE it) and then decided on how many shares I wanted.. each costs in GOLD COINS so I had to determine how many I could afford.

I then pushed submit.

I go about my business online and the next thing I know, I’m getting FB notifications telling me that these other individuals are sharing the post that I had just created. It took maybe 3 minutes for this to transpire.

Isn’t that crazy? Isn’t that totally cool? How easy is this? So I created yet another post. The first one was a wall post and the second was a fan page post.

Once again – within minutes – my stuff is being shared all around FB, from people that I don’t even know! Imagine how powerful that is!!

I created a fan page on FutureNet, as well, for this.

Weekly Business Opportunity Webinar (Click Intensity)

Hey CI family! Please mark your calendars and set a reminder in your phone for our weekly webinar! We meet every Thursday at 1 pm EST.

As the CI family grows we can help one another more and more to reach higher goals and bigger dreams! So bring your prospects and new members to the weekly webinar to learn more and grow your team and theirs!

Please join me tomorrow on the weekly Business Opportunity Webinar (Click Intensity) at 1 pm EST. Check your time conversions and set a reminder in your phone! Don’t miss it!!

See you there!!
Tara http://ow.ly/KbzK305lldn

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CI: How To Get Your FaceBook Share Ads Set-Up In Click Intensity

How to get your Facebook share ads set up in Click Intensity:
1 Go to your Facebook post you want to be shared
2 click right button on that post
3 copy link or embed code
4 go to gold advertising
5 paste link and enter title and description, assign number of gold coins you wish to spend, chose priority
That’s it done.

Rest is the same as text ads, only difference between text ads and FB share ads is that you promoting Facebook posts URLs, doesn’t matter if it’s your page or profile post . All posts have drop down menu to copy link or embed code. Now go get them !!!

Yevgen Podzolkov's photo.
Yevgen Podzolkov's photo.
Yevgen Podzolkov's photo.