Adpackpro is back online and the credits run again

Puuhhh. Done. Adpackpro is back online and the credits run again. The fact that we get hacked accounts proves that we be taken seriously. Joining forces and indefatigable perseverance is running the baby well again. Adpackzahl should still not be correct, that is due to the fact that, in the indexing of databases adpacks gave away back to the original buyer had to be associated with. If any are missing, please speak to your mentor. At this point, a big thank you to the Senior Management Peter Woerz, Christine Mohn, Peter H. Müller, Wolfgang Wenzel, Jeroen Smidand of course to the tecs, Steffen Schwiebus for the excellent work and the Transparency of communication, at times, the anything but normal.
Christmas can come now.
All Adpackern a merry and happy Christmas.

Traffic Hurricane Plus: Payza And Bank Wire Both Alive And Working

Good news, bank wire option is now available when making a purchase. We are told more processors will come in the future but as for now Payza and Bank wire are both live and working!

Make sure to follow the instructions. You go to preview and it will show the details what to do. Now you can get the quality advertising you’ve been looking for, while getting to share in company profits.

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“Join” Links On Now – Opens In New Tab Or Windows

By now, you might already know that the reason that I blog here is so that I can drive traffic of people looking to also drive traffic, to

I recently made the tough decision to add a “join” link right next to the opportunities on the home page of the website. I didn’t get rid of the other link where they can click and go straight to another page within the website that will tell more about each program – but I figured that some people just want to get registered.

Plus, these links have the “_blank” attribute so that when a person clicks the link – the website will open-up in a new tabor browser. This will come in handy for those that want to stay on that home page and join multiple revshare opportunities all at one time.. without needing to backtrack with the “back” button.

This is also an experiment to see if I can raise my rankings for the link texts that I added onto the page. Specifically, “join free here” and “more info” which will also give those pages that they are pointing to, juice for those keywords.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work! Keep Introducing Others To CI!!

Teamwork makes the dream work. Keep introducing others to CI!!

Hello CI family!!! Please help me give a warm welcome to Joanna Mae Ramoran for joining CI and congrats for purchasing 20 packs for a start!!! Here’s a mother and daughter tandem from team Philippines!!! 👏👏👏First goal, 100 silver packs… The best is yet to come!!!

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