CoinDeal: New Trading Options!

We have some really good news for you again!

First of all, new cryptos are being introduced – that would those 5 that won the first voting: Ripple, Nano, Lisk, Verge, Bytecoin. The wallets are installed already, as well as trading options. That means that we actually doubled the markets on our platform! We are also working on implementation of 5 more cryptos that won the second voting, and those will be:
FuturoCoin (FTO)
Infinity Economics (XIN)
DraftCoin (DFT)
DeepOnion (ONION)
StrongHands (SHND)
We will keep you informed as soon as the trading options will get the official introduction date.

We are still holding the third voting – this one is for verified users only, so just get verified and vote for your favourite cryptos!

Right now you can deposit your funds in 11 cryptos: BTC, BTH, ETH, LTC, DASH, QTUM, XRP, NANO, LSK, XVG, BCN – you can also trade them in various pairs.

If you’re not a cryptocurrency owner – no worries! We have some options of entering CoinDeal with only fiat: first one is the regular money transfer in Euro – since we cooperate with Danish bank you can easily deposit money in Euro, and trade in pair EUR/BTC.

Another one is based on our cooperation with BuyCoinNow – via this service you can buy Bitcoins with either credit card or DotPay and start trading rightaway – also in new pairs.

As we’re talking about deposits – CoinDeal so far has received 3 million euro in deposits! That is something to brag about.

There is nothing else to say here – go on, register, get verified, vote, trade and earn!  – CoinDeal

Monthly Membership In MBW Can Now Be Extended From Promotion, Provision Balances

Guys you can now extend your monthly MBW (MultiBuyWorld) membership depending on your number of PR packs.

You can do it now and on April 7th it will be implemented so make sure you do it before that. You don`t want to leave any money on the table.

You’ll want to extend if you have the numbers of packs for those higher levels or if you have downline members that you want to be earning on.

You can pay it from promotion balance or provision balance or also use bitcoin/credit card.

It is all working and many other new features are coming real soon. I like the way company is doing this.

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TNA: Traffic Network Ads Compensation Plan, And Other Stuff


Admin is Ceo of Getmyads

The New Generation CASHBACK Program
This is the #1 rated platform where highly advanced technology meets professionals who play in their own league. This is the ONLY platform where highly targeted Traffic Solutions for professionals also come with the most sophisticated CashBack program on the internet. TNA is a Network that was created by experts and lead by the top leaders in the industry.

Our Compensation Plan
Our focus was always to keep things simple to understand, so you can focus on your success. Customers take part in our CashBack Program. And if you start recommending the products and services of TNA, you will earn commissions in up to 6 Levels with minimum requirements that everyone can achieve.
Get all detailed information about our lucrative compensation plan in the members Area.

How do I participate in the CashBack program?

To participate in the cashback program, you first have to purchase at least 1 traffic pack. The CashBack program is activated as soon as the traffic pack is activated and checked. Each traffic pack must be activated to participate in the CashBack program.

How do I activate the traffic packs?

Therefore, you have to go to the “activate traffic packs” area and fill it with your advertising. Choose the right industry and language.

What are the payment options?

There are numerous ways to purchase traffic packs like: wire transfer, instant transfer, credit card, payeer, ADV cash and Bitcoins.

What does the affiliate commission consist of?

Below you can see the affiliate commissions in the individual levels. A maximum of 6 levels will be compensated:
Level 1 – 10%
Level 2 – 5%
Level 3 – 3%
Level 4 – 3%
Level 5 – 3%
Level 6 – 3%

How much can I earn with the traffic pack?
You can earn with the traffic packs in several ways:

1. By the traffic you direct to your website or affiliate offer.

2. By recommending the traffic packs, you earn the following affiliate commissions depending on the amount of your own packs:

Level 1: 10% = 5 € per TP
Level 2: 5% = 2.50 € per TP
Level 3: 3% = 1.50 € per TP
Level 4: 3% = 1.50 € per TP
Level 5: 3% = 1.50 € per TP
Level 6: 3% = 1.50 € per TP

3. The variable CashBack bonus can be between 0.30 – 0.60 € per traffic pack per day.


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