509 Direct Referrals In Just 7 Weeks (The Ads Team)

Thanks GOD and Thanks #TheAdsTEAM,
Today i have Reach 509+ Direct Referrals in just 7 weeks. It’s a huge achievement. I am very Happy and Thanks to my all #TAT TEAM Members for Join our successful TEAM…
“If You Can Click a Mouse You Can Make Money Every Single Hour”.
……………….<<**” Long Live The Ads TEAM “**>>……………….

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FutureNet Matrix Is A 3 By 10 Forced Matrix

FutureNet Forced Matrices - 6 Of Them - Join Now
FutureNet Forced Matrices – 6 Of Them – Join Now

The FutureNet Matrix is a 3×10 forced matrix which means on each level it grows by 3 so 1st level 3 people, 2nd level 9 people 3rd level 27 people etc etc.

It pays 5% when anyone falls under you whether you brought them in or you got them by spillover.

You earn matching bonus of up to 50% based on the level that you come in at.

I recommend everyone to be at at least $100 level so u can qualify for 50% matching bonus on your direct referrals..Which means if your direct downline makes $10 that day..you will get a $5 matching bonus from him/her. This is so powerful guys.. All we need to do is bring 3 people to join the matrix and teach them to do the same..Everyone has $10 to join. NO EXCUSES.

Thanks To CI, My Top Ref, And To All My CI Team

“Every day is a great day, but Today is a Special Day. More than 900 members in my Team, 190 direct referrals, more than 600 Active Silver Pack, more than $13.000,00 earned, more than 200.000 Gold Coins in commissions. A wonderful Day. Thanks CI, and special thanks to Tino Scaras my Top Ref, and to all my Team.” – Salvatore

Salvatore Caretto's photo.
Salvatore Caretto's photo.
Salvatore Caretto's photo.