Great Presentation Of MultiBuyWorld Travel RevShare Program

Great Presentation Of MultiBuyWorld Travel RevShare Program

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It’s time to make a change. Over the next few moments I’m going to be taking to you about a business opportunity that can change your life.

No matter where you are in this world – you can take this business opportunity and apply it to yourself, get involved, and make a change. It’s time to make a change in your life and we’ve got the company to do that with. It’s called Multi-Buy World.

In the next few moments I’m going to tell you “Take a pen”, “Take a notepad” and “Jot down some notes while we go through this presentation” and I guarantee you when this presentation is finished, you may have some questions but I’m sure will be answered by the end of this presentation.

Let’s start the presentation

We’re talking about a company called “MultiBuy World” that’s based in Italy. They have been going for over 23 years.

That tells a LOT about the pedigree of MultiBuy World. We have over 160,000 customers coming back to us month after month. We’ve actually expanded globally we’re in Malaysia were in Europe, France we’re going to Canada we’re going to North America we’re going to the Africas so you’re looking at a business opportunity that is right at the beginning stages so you’re looking at the right presentation at the right time! ¬†ūüôā

Let’s go further. MultiBuy is based, as I said before, in Italy. We’ve got an office in Multa. We’ve got three¬†phenomenal directors: ¬†Giancarlo Santigli, Kirby Ranieri, Gianluca Salvemini.

Now- we have a director that is working with us right here in the United Kingdom, his name is Roy J Maurice he’s the global sales director. With over 26 years of experience in sales, he is the right person to drive this company forward.

I’ve always realized that ANY business that you get involved in it is important that you understand who are the people behind that business. And guess what? We have the right people backing MultiBuy World!!

Now – as you can see on the screen – here are just some of our affiliate business partners. Some of them you will recognize – actually a lot of them – there are people that are actually paying to advertise on our platform and have formed a partnership with us to drive this business forward.

I can definitely see that there’s a coffee company on there, there’s a travel company on there – anything you want to purchase through MultiBuyWorld, come to our platform and you’ll see it there!

Now the first thing I’d like to say to you is MultiBuyWorld is a company that has about five different revenue streams. Anybody that is talking to you about financial freedom will tell you that you must have multiple revenue streams to create wealth and to create financial freedom.

Well, guess what? With MultiBuyWorld – we have over 5. ¬†The first one we’re going to speak about is called “e-commerce”. It’s an E-commerce platform that’s a shopping and travel platform.

On this platform you can get anything you can possibly want – whether it be a Versace sunglasses, watches, Rolex watches, travel, if you want to purchase a holiday if you want to purchase flights you can come to our e-commerce platform.

The great thing about this is that we have something called Eurocredits. For those of you who are not familiar with a Eurocredit.. it’s simply something like a loyalty card. Something that brings people back to you every single week.

We have the Eurocredit – which is bringing customers back to the MultiBuy Platform month after month after month… shopping on our platform. Its a very simple process. Every single time you spend 1 Euro on MultiBuy World – on the e-commerce platform – guess what? We will give you back 100% in Eurocredits. So if you spend 1000 Euros.. you’ll get 1000 Eurocredits. That’s an awesome, awesome loyalty card to have. This is why we’ve been going for 23 years.

The other product that is able to create wealth and able to create a revenue stream for you is called our Emoney card. ¬†Now – our Emoney card is not just another credit card, it’s actually a credit card that’s ¬†based with a bank account in Malta. And for those of you who know about Malta.. Malta’s a very good place to have a bank account.

Now – with our Emoney MasterCard – if you are building a team – we will definitely give you a certain percentage for every single person you recommend on your front line. So if you have 10 people on your frontline and you recommend them to use the Emoney card.. you’ll get a 1-off payment of 10 Euros per person.

The great thing that I love about the Emoney card is that it doesn’t stop there! If you’re building a team and your entire team is using the Emoney credit card.. guess what? ¬†We will pay you a percentage every single time they load this card.

A lot of my colleagues are saying “yes!” telling their wives to go shop, shop, shop til you drop, because guess what? We’re making money.. WHILE they’re shopping!

The next thing that we want to talk about is online advertising. Last year – in 2015 – over 600 BILLION U.S. dollars were spend on online advertising. Now the smart move would be to go into online advertising which is EXACTLY what we’ve done.

If you look on the screen you’ll see a lot of companies that you recognize. Yahoo, FaceBook, YouTube.. these are BILLION dollar companies. They made and still make their money through advertising but guess who actually viewed all the ads. We did! But did YOU get paid for viewing that ad on YouTube or on FaceBook? NO.. not at all!! So we’ve now changed this business and revolutionized the industry by creating our own platform where you can now go on our platform, watch a video, watch an ad.. and we will pay you for that.

I will tell you a little bit more about that later on in this presentation.

Now this is how it works. When you first join multibuy world and you want to do the advertising pack, you first purchase a PR Pack, which is also known as a public relation pack. It will cost you 50 EUR and for that you are buying a product. You are buying 1000 views. It means you will now be able to advertise your business and have 1000 sets of eyes on your business, whatever that internet site is. Great opportunity!

Guess what? All we want you to do, to earn the cashback, is to watch 15 ads per day for at least 20 seconds. My days have now gone from a 60 hour week to a 5 minute day.  I think everybody will agree with me that working 5 minutes a day is much better than working 60 hours a week!

Now the only limit that we have on our PR Packs is that you cannot purchase more than 1000. And i’ll explain to you the revenue that you can generate when you have 1000 PR Packages.

Now – let’s say that you want to do this business all by yourself. ¬†As you can see on the screen – if you have a thousand packs it will generate approximately 1500 EUR per month passively for you. The great thing is guess what? once you’ve set it up every single month you’re gonna get that money coming in month after month after month.

But some of us are a little bit more creative and we want to build teams. If you want to do that – this is the best business opportunity you could be in. Why? Because as you can see on the screen we are actually paying you 6-levels deep.

So on your first level its 8 percent. On your second level its 5 percent.  On your third level its 4 percent.  On your fourth level its 3 percent.  On your fifth level its 2 percent.  On your sixth level its 1 percent. All the way down to your sixth level.

It’s very simple. If you introduce somebody into this business.. whatever they purchase in terms of a PR package ¬†– you’ll get paid 8% on everything they ever buy. If THEY introduce someone else, ¬†THEY will get 8% and you’ll get 5% and it goes all the way down to 1%.

Now – a lot of people when they first look at this slide they think “uh… I’m gonna make the most amount of money on level 1” ¬†but NO, NO, NO.. ¬†you actually make MORE money on level 6 because that is where most of your people will be. You’ll see that in just a few moments.

Now, with MultiBuyWorld we have several, as I said before, revenue streams that are creating income for you. The first one, as you can see, is e-commerce we talked about that where you can go online, shop, and get your credit back then we have the travel. The travel – what I love about that is you can earn and you also save.

As a multibuyworld member you actually get discounted travel rates and guess what? when you spend money on your travel you get back Eurocredits and you can even pay for your travel with Eurocredits.. It’s an awesome thing.

The third – and probably the most popular – is buying PR packs and creating banners. With this, you can earn a substantial amount of revenue that can change your life.

We also have our Emoney card which I spoke about where you actually get a percentage back on everybody single person in your team that is using the card to make purchases.

Finally we have the debit/credit cards. You will get a cashback we’ve actually teamed-up with a very very very famous company that is now allowing us that we can give YOU a cashback every single time you make a purchase.

Now – if you’ll look on the screen you’ll see that all of these different revenue streams will actually generate income.. and guess what? That income comes to us. All of us. Every single member that is part of MultiBuy World.

This was designed specifically to create truse (number 1), to create sustainability so it will go on and on and on, but more importantly it will create a legacy that will be left behind far long after I have left this earth.

And finally – you will be able to create financial freedom just by being a part of Multi-Buy World.

I’m saying to you tonight, this morning, or this afternoon – whenever you are watching this video.. ¬†it’s very important for you to get back to the person that sent this video to you.

No Other Company Out There Like MultiBuy

Beautiful day to all of you. When i am looking outside of the window i see a lot of sun and a beautiful day. Great. Hope you are having the same. Here are some infos which i think you should know. Multibuy is 23 years on the market. Multibuyworld is a new Business where Multibuy is a part of it. That you know all. 1. We are offering something which nobody else can. For 50% of the amount which are buying your Advertisement you will receive Eurocredits and with them you can use the fantastic offers for Travel and later on E-commerce. 2. This eurocredit email you will receive next week. You follow the sentence in the email and then you will be redirected to the page where you can see your eurocredits and the fantastic offers. Really great. 3. In this case of point 2 about Eurocredits nobody can compare our business to another normal rev share. We are not a Rev Share company. We are a service company like little Amazon. That is what i can say that we are. 4. We made little mistakes on the beginning and from all over the people which are used in this business where coming with “you need to make this and this and this etc etc”. Thanks for all the good advice and we appreciate it, but here are some points which you should know. We are here for long term business. That means we maybe take a little bit longer but then all is done. Of course when i told some dates and they where not happen then you are having the right to be upset. But ladies and gentlemen, we are here and we will fulfill our points to all of you. Information important: Today we signed the contract for Credit and debit and prepaid cards with Visa and Master. Will be implemented next week or one week later. But I can tell yes we are having the contract and now we need to install the system. In the business where you are in on the internet there is a big issue regarding the safety and security of business. Because a lot of companies are coming out and going down after one oe 2 years. That is very bad for the whole business. We are trying to make all correct by the law and for that reason all takes a little bit longer. The rules for credit card payment changed totally till january 2017 and also for Bitcoin. Revenue Share business is not welcome because to much things happened. For that reason we needed to provide our Business Partners like our Bank and Require Bank for Credit Cards a lot of documentation to prove them that we are absolute serious and for long term business. But these points where coming in January and it takes time to prepare all these things. To get Programmers and other people its easy but to keep on going by the law and provide all necessary things that is what is important for a long term business. Information Important: We needed to provide a full KYC documentation about all our owners and Business Plan and etc etc but most of all we needed to provide “certificate of good standing” from the state where the company is registered. And for that reason we needed to provide our Book keeping company with all necessary calculations and balances for the last 12 years. And we did it. And all these calculations and balances where showing that we are Top of the top and for that reason we got the contract with the Aquirer from Credit Card Payments and the Bank Contract and etc etc. Now i believe there is no other company out there in this business which can show the last 12 years of balances or get the calculation done as we did and get the good standing certificate from the state. And because of this we can tell you that we will be here and getting the best done for you and your customers always. And if it takes sometimes longer then ok. But also we are reaching the end and next week a lot of great things are done, special the eurocredits and the commissions. Normal. But there will come a lot of more things. We felt that we need to give you this information. Because there where some delays and delays. Sorry for this but a lot things changed and we needed to be up to date. And again, do not compare us with others. We will be here when others are gone. Because we are here since 23 years and that we will repeat for sure. Thx for your trust and great work till now. Now let us continue with our work and move on to a fantastic financial future for our customers.

Multibuyworld Giancarlo S. Kirby R. Gianluca S.

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