Membership Advantages Of MultiBuyWorld (MBW)

Membership Advantages Of MultiBuyWorld (MBW)

“Hey guys!  This is Camilla Bro from Denmark! Today I’d like to share a bit about what I love so much about my company. (MBW)

So – I made 4 points:

Point #1: Get paid every thirty minutes spending 5 minutes a day.

This 5 minutes is to watch fifteen ads and each of them is twenty seconds. So for me this is so easy and simply it’s only 15 clicks – on your computer – and I just do it every morning while I eat my breakfast – and then I get paid 48 times a day, every 1/2 hour.

Point #2: Get worldwide views on an ad of your choice.

So, there’s also some valuable advertising and traffic to gain here. If you have a website with a business or a blog or a YouTube video or you just launched a new book – you can get some valuable advertising, as well.

Point 3: Save-up EuroCredits to spend on shopping and traveling.

This is really unique, because it’s never been seen before in the revshare industry and I love this really much because I love to travel and with my company I can get some amazing traveling deals WHILE I earn money every 1/2 of each day and I think that’s fantastic!!

Point #4: Build an online business with unlimited commissions.

So for people who would like to do just a little bit more than these five minutes a day and maybe go full-time and reach financial freedom, you can actually get commissions in six levels. So there is something for everyone here. There is something for the people who only want to spend these 5 minutes a day and earn great money – there is something for the people who would like to do a little bit more and maybe reach their financial freedom – there is something for the people who would like to advertise for something – then everyone just gets some amazing traveling deals!!

Also, I added here in the end. Watch ads, earn money, travel the world

This was just a bit about what I love so much.. and if you have any further questions feel free to contact me.” – Camilla Bro

New MPA Member Earns First $5 And Makes First RePurchase

A brand-new MPA member, Med Aziz, is excited today because he was able to earn his first $5 in the last 6 days and today he was able to do a repurchase (a repurchase is where you use “commissions earned” from inside of the system.. I like to refer to these as “internal funds”, myself).

Earning your first amount of money and then getting enough to purchase more product to build your business quicker, is the key to getting your friends and family onboard. Once you have “sold” yourself on the product (traffic from MPA: banner, text advertising) and the earning potential because not only do you get your adspend back, but you earn money on top of that!

Don’t be fooled, though, because these adpacks DO expire. Many people out there show their “commissions” or “earnings” to their prospects and they fail to mention that there are expiring adpacks and that that isn’t pure or straight profit.. like most onlookers are probably assuming.

“As a new Member am very happy to earn my first 5 $ last 6 days and make first repurchase today 😀 1st goal hit 20 adpacks
!!! My earnings are not typical and this proof not
guarrante you earn the same but its possible to earn more or equal” — Med Aziz

Med Aziz's photo.
Med Aziz's photo.