FutureNet Matrix Upgrades – Not Losing Commissions

FutureNet Matrix Upgrades – Not Losing Commissions

I sponsored Anthony into FutureNet in April or May and I was only at the $50 level when he came along and upgraded to the $100 level before I did. I then upgraded to the higher levels up to $1000 before he did.

So Anthony fell into all of my matrices, EXCEPT the $100 one.

A month or so ago, we had Michelle Young spill over into our group. Michelle is a friend of mine who I met inside of the Futurenet International Group. Michelle is a worker.

Today, Michelle had a personally-sponsored member, with the username “martinag”, upgrade into the $50 and the $100 matrices (she was already in the $10 and the $25)

I got paid 3 times.

1.) $2.50 because martinag fell into my 50$ matrix and I get 5% of what was spent.
2.) $1.25 because of same 50 matrix because i MATCHED Anthony – as he earned HIS $2.50 in the 50$ matrix (I get 50%)
3.) $2.50 because I MATCHED Anthony as martinag fell into HIS $100 matrix and he earned $5.00 (I get 50%)

The reason for this post is to show the power of the MATCH, again. Michelle Young is spillover. She is building her team underneath both ME and ANTHONY and we are getting paid from it.. forever.

The even COOLER thing is.. notice that I did NOT earn a direct matrix commission from martinag for the 100$ matrix. This is because she is NOT in my 100$ matrix.


But – since I sponsored Anthony I am able to match him no matter where he falls.. this is SUPER powerful.


Don’t worry about having to upgrade in the futurenet matrix before your people do.. you’ll MATCH them anyways, once you are qualified to.

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Important TPL Update: Soon Introduction Of New Platform Micro Jobs

Important TPL Update: Soon Introduction Of New Platform Micro Jobs

Dear members
This is an important update: please take the time to read it to help you understand the recent updates of the script and your back office..
During the last week, we had a lot of comments from members about the layout of back-office and the payments of reward and the consensus is that things could be much more clear, to help the members to understand .
We thought now was the best time to make his changes of back-Office, because as you know, we will soon make the introduction of the new platform micro jobs.

So, to make this system easier to navigate and understand for members and to move forward, here are a few tips:
• You win now the premium of network on a daily basis
• You will now win the bonus power line daily (if power line qualified)
• The figures are now calculated on a daily basis and not accrued as they were previously
• Personal Volume Bonus hasn’t changed
• The traffic contribution bonus hasn’t changed
• Coup de startup bonus hasn’t changed
• Limits on the centres of reward has been deleted (which is now unlimited)
• We have started the business investment external
If you do not have a centre of income maximized then your bonus of power lines and the line of network cannot be withdrawn, it cannot be used for future purchases on the platform DWT.
Please note that all figures displayed to move forward will be based on the daily sales and not a cumulated figures over a period of time. Thus, it will be a lot easier for you all to calculate your daily rewards and move forward.
All these changes were made to facilitate the understanding and overall rewards being earned have not changed.
Things in progress.
• Final Promotional Video will be available this week
• Short Teaser should be available this week
• Micro jobs model will be back designers this week
Sincere friendships

Thanks To CI, My Top Ref, And To All My CI Team

“Every day is a great day, but Today is a Special Day. More than 900 members in my Team, 190 direct referrals, more than 600 Active Silver Pack, more than $13.000,00 earned, more than 200.000 Gold Coins in commissions. A wonderful Day. Thanks CI, and special thanks to Tino Scaras my Top Ref, and to all my Team.” – Salvatore

Salvatore Caretto's photo.
Salvatore Caretto's photo.
Salvatore Caretto's photo.

Double From Online Business What Current Job Pays Me

I just love this. My business progress- September 2016!!!

Had an awesome and highly profitable month..On the way to achieve first goal of earning minimum double from my online business what I am getting paid in my current job.

Earned $750 (Approx Rs.52k) in 20 days !!!!

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RevShare Sites To Join And Buy AdPacks?

(YouTube link to video above)

http://BuyAdPacks.com – Buying adpacks at sustainable revenue sharing programs is definitely the way to do it if you are looking to advertise on the Internet.

Now, if you are not YET advertising something on the internet – I’m not suggesting for you to just go and buy some adpacks just so that you can make money from the “cashback plus more” aspect of these types of programs.

I AM suggesting – If you don’t have something to advertise, and you want to earn your living on the internet – that you find something to promote. Don’t just make a purchase in a revshare site so that you can share in their profits. The reason for this is, you’d be treating it as an investment that way, which it isn’t that, at all.

Find something that you are passionate about so that you can convey your offer more easily to your audience without making them think that you are trying to pitch them or that you need their money.

The revenue-sharing model is perfect for anybody that already has a primary business and wants to, more cost-effectively, get their word out to people. In fact, this is much better than “cost effective”, wouldn’t you agree?

Not all revshare programs are good but there are some great ones that I recommend that you surely get yourself into. And yes, more than 1 program is what I also recommend, as well.

“Discount advertising” isn’t even a strong enough way to describe what we have our hands on. After all, a discount only means that you saved some money! Here, you get it all back plus more!!

Now – be mindful, there is no guarantee of ANY earnings from any of the adpacks that are purchased from ANY of these programs. If – for some reason – a company stops generating a profit, they simply don’t pay out.. until they DO generate a profit.

But yes, they do tend to always pay out regularly because they are earning profits that they are able to share with you. Some of these companies don’t have an external income source and are NOT sustainable.. THOSE programs I’d stay away from. I try to avoid the ones where I just see them as a money scheme that won’t be around 6 months from now.

http://BuyAdPacks.com – The revenue sharing programs listed on my site are some of the top rev shares on the internet. Every single one of the ones listed on my site are totally free to join.

Once you make your first ad pack purchase in any revenue sharing program – assuming you joined with a link on that site – your sponsor for that particular will verify and get their earned commission back into your pocket.

Once inside, you can look around and determine for yourself if the company is “real enough” for you. Each of them also has its own FB group that you can become a member in. These groups are where you stay up-to-date on each of them.

Please “LIKE” my Buy AdPacks FB fan page: http://FaceBook.com/BuyAdPacks thanks 🙂

Also, I have an “inner circle” for those that want to build their own “adpack empires”: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kickyourjob/

All Rev Share Programs: Money Is Only Shared If Profits Are Earned

Money is only shared if there are actual profits being earned – all rev share programs work this way.. or SHOULD work this way.. or else you’d better run and run fast..

What i am seeing here and in other places, is that the majority of people do not really know,how rev shares work. We buy publicity to our business ,and if the site make sales ,they will share with members,if not,no sharing.And what i have learn in all this years is THE QUITTERS NEVER WIN,AND THE WINNERS NEVER QUIT. – Manuel