Compounding My Packs And Not Too Much Withdraws

Yeahhh, 950 packs… 1000 packs and 5th gen commissions is from now on just a few days compounding my packs and not to much withdraws.

Meanwhile i have still Ci Gold coins for sale at a 50% – 45% discount.. minimum is 4000 coins to buy for $55,-
8000 coins and up for $12,50 per 1000 gold coins.

These are coins i sell for Colin W. Schmidt who is leaving the rev.share industry to invest on shortterm in his Ecommerce and i am helping him to sell his saved coins from Ci.

So no worries, i am NOT leaving Ci, instaed i am strengtening my position and compounding only and not withdrawing myself these weeks.

Major announcement coming in 7-10 days from Ci which gives you as ci member the chance to 10x time your income or
even 100x times…. if you follow the leaders and take action…
You can do it, we as leaders can guide you and give our best
advise, but it’s upto you to TAKE ACTION,go out there and together we make this a billion dollar company and be in top 1000 sites worldwide

so STAY TUNED #ROCKSTARS and be active in this group,post your results and follow our head communications Tara Mish and listen and implement what she teaches us.. 🙂

Have a great day and awesome weekend my friends..

Remember my motto..????


See you on the top.


Angelo Guiseppe

#ciforlife #cirocks #letsmakeithappen #GOCRYPTO#clickstrafficautosignupsautobusiness

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