Best News Ever For All Click Intensity Family

** Best News Ever For All Click Intensity Family **

We Successfully Managed to Convince Our Board Of Investors In This New Upcoming Crypto Coin To Give A Special Advantage To All Existing Click Intensity Users And After A Full Day Meeting , Here Are Two Things Which Have Been Decided On

1) All Click Intensity Users Will Get 100 Free Coins By Default In The New Launch And With Pricing Expected to touch $10 in next 12 months , that’s virtually $1000 in every CI member’s account

2) This is BIG : you will be able to purchase this new crypto coin at launch price of 2.5 cents a coin using your gold coin balance in CI wallets

With the kind of userbase we already have and the kind of momentum we are building towards this new launch , we will easily hit 200,000 fresh signups into new launch + old CI database of 150,000+ users

Which essentially means now we will have over 35 million coins in circulation from Day 1 and also now with people able to purchase this new coin with their gold coins balance , I am sure we will sell out millions of coins more and we can easily hit 100 million coins in circualtion just in 30 days of prelaunch

This will easily raise the price of the coin from 2.5 cents a coin launch price to 0.25 cents to 0.50 cents just within launch and then easy to a $1 in 90 days of launch and then upto $10-$25 in 12 months thereafter to 24 months

Get ready for a ride of your lifetime CI family

So happy and excited for all of you

I always talk about CI for life and believe in the power of not giving up

When the whole world turned against us , payment processors blocked us , our corporate employees cheated the system , our ex-admins spread all kinds of false rumours – all we did was stay grounded and keep burning the midnight oil and keep working on our vision and now I can see that vision clearly becoming true

I can see people clearly becoming millionaires in front of my eyes now in next 12-24 months

Go and share this Fb post with all your CI teams – tag everyone here and call everyone in your CI team and let them know whats coming and how they will be able to purchase new crypto coin using their gold coin balance

Lets create massive momentum and make every other launch in market place look small in front of this

– Thanks And Regards
Nick Johnson

P.S If you are not yet added to our secret VIP group for the new coin , comment below now

” ADD Me ”

and either me or one of our group admins will send you a private message with your links

I am posting real time updates there about launch