Improving Security At AdPackPro For Benefit Of All

Dear business partners of AdpackPro,


We will continually improve security at AdpackPro for the benefit of all.
So we decided to do it this week (you can see this in the dashboard)
To renounce all licenses – ALL -! You will not be able to book them any more.
Anyone who has acquired a license from 01.01.2017 and linked his business model AdpackPro to the OneVision World will receive a corresponding remuneration in the form of credits in the World.

Until we can further optimize the payment processes (additional payment provider); Unauthorized calls due to false e-mail, double accounts, etc., we also waive the set-up fee in the World; Complete now your business. We prepare
Marketing tools so that everyone can see ALL on a OnePager where is the value in the world for everyone – primarily security for all of us.

Give yourself the chance and benefit – we will bring you MORE!

The management of OneVision Holding AG