A Member’s Experience With Withdrawals At Click Intensity

Hey guys,, just wanted to share my experience with withdrawals at Click Intensity. I too have been waiting patiently for withdrawals to be processed. But then when I saw members already posting they are getting paid, and one have said he sent an email to support, I also did the same. Days ago, I have emailed the concerned department which is finance@clickintensity.us and asked for a follow-up with my processing wihdrawals, days after received an email response from them and checked my acct, 2 withdrawal processes have already been finally completed. Now with my last 2 pending withdrawal requests, I thought of requesting to have it cancelled. So again have emailed finance@clickintensity.us. The day after, again received an email that it was already cancelled and gold coins were reverted back to my account. Then what I did was to sell some of my gold coins to some members and received payment in cash.

Therefore with withdrawal requests:
1. You could follow-up your pending withdrawal requests to finance@clickintensity.us and wait for a response from the team.
2. You could request for the process to be cancelled at finance@clickintensity.us and have your gold coins back into your acct. From there it’s up to you if you repurchase or sell it to your members who are purchasing packs.

*** Account must be “APPROVED” to make withdrawals or transfer gold coins. To follow-up on your KYC status, you may submit a support ticket or send an email to care@clickintensity.us.

*** For the meantime, better to process withdrawals by midNovember when regular withdrawal process is in place.  — CI Member

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Excited About ClickIntensity’s New FaceBook Shares Product

I tested out ClickIntensity’s new “FB Shares” product today while I was in the site clicking my daily ads to qualify for my revenue-sharing.  I have to tell you.. I was blown-away by what happened.

So I put the information in there for the ad, because you have to first created a post in FB either on your profile or on your fan page. Then you go into the Gold advertising section of Click Intensity and you order-up your shares.

In order to place your order… you have to have the direct link to your post that you created, that you want to promote.

So I put the link of my post into the box – create a title and a short description for my ad (this is what the potential “sharers” will see before they decide to actually SHARE it) and then decided on how many shares I wanted.. each costs in GOLD COINS so I had to determine how many I could afford.

I then pushed submit.

I go about my business online and the next thing I know, I’m getting FB notifications telling me that these other individuals are sharing the post that I had just created. It took maybe 3 minutes for this to transpire.

Isn’t that crazy? Isn’t that totally cool? How easy is this? So I created yet another post. The first one was a wall post and the second was a fan page post.

Once again – within minutes – my stuff is being shared all around FB, from people that I don’t even know! Imagine how powerful that is!!

I created a fan page on FutureNet, as well, for this.

ClickIntensity Build: 700 Active Silver Packs

ClickIntensity Build: Continue to build your ClickIntensity.. some day you will be able to show your great accomplishments and have a large organization built underneath you.

Come-in with as many CI gold coins as you can, comfortably. These will be used to purchase Silver Coins.

“Today i have achieved 700 Active Silver Packs , and this is my wallet”  — Salvatore

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Salvatore Caretto's photo.

Thanks To CI, My Top Ref, And To All My CI Team

“Every day is a great day, but Today is a Special Day. More than 900 members in my Team, 190 direct referrals, more than 600 Active Silver Pack, more than $13.000,00 earned, more than 200.000 Gold Coins in commissions. A wonderful Day. Thanks CI, and special thanks to Tino Scaras my Top Ref, and to all my Team.” – Salvatore

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Salvatore Caretto's photo.
Salvatore Caretto's photo.

CI Member Gives Advice To Decrease Costs, Increase Net Profits

“I’ve maintained my 600 ad packs for 1 mo, ie. every time it went below 600, I reinvested to get it back to 600.
Now I have 100,000 gold coins I will transfer to a friend I’ve sponsored that wants to start with 100 packs, thereby saving the fees we both would have had to pay.

This is a smart strategy that leaders are using to decrease their costs, increase their net profits + speed up the time a new recruit can get started.”  — Jeff Audibert

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Join ClickIntensity: Another 500 Gold Coins Purchased With Silver Packs Today

We only need to show these people a better way..

Boom 500 packs activated today. These type of people simply don’t know where to keep their money except the traditional banking. Show them CI plan and they will not sleep well until they join us haha. Let us congrat Dato Mohamed Nor Abu Bakar who just activated another 500 packs and I’m sure he will, scale up to 4000 packs soon. I love to disturb these type of people and make their pocket shake and shake and boom join CI haha.

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The “Magic” Of The Fantastic Click Intensity Platform

21 Hours Of Earnings In Click Intensity

“Wow 21 hours earnings, I hope you see the magic in this fantastic platform. We are all just at the start of something wonderful. If I can earn 10 thousand gold coins in less than 24 hours so can you. Just keep ‪#‎focused‬ guys and keep crushing it…..” – Trevor

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