New FutureNet Restaurant In Warsaw, Poland Celebrates Opening

Next FutureNet Restaurant is already open! 🍾
The place is FuturoCoin miners friendly.

We are growing strong! Six months ago we were celebrating the opening of the first FutureNet Cafe  in Poland. Now we can show you the next restaurant in the city center of Warsaw. 🍽️

The official Grand Opening of Aurelio – Restauracja, Sztuka, Emocje took place in Warsaw on Saturday night. Spectacular show, fantastic artists performances, charity auction for FutureNet Foundation, and much more!

Good news for FuturoCoin owners – payments in cryptocurrency are available in Aurelio Restaurant. Moreover, for everyone who pays in FTO, the restaurant owners provide attractive discounts and offers. 😊

If you want to transfer your cryptocurrency, you can use one of the ATM’s 🏧 which are located in FutureNet Restaurant.

Visit Aurelio – Restauracja, Sztuka, Emocje: ul. Świętokrzyska 14, Warsaw, Poland.

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Make Residual Income Passively By Mining FuturoCoins (Cloud Mining)

Make residual income, passively, by mining Futuro coins (cloud mining)! Nothing starts until you decide to get yourself one of the fabulous cloud mining packages. These packages start from as little as $100 and go right up to $25,000 for those of you that want to take this very seriously. Of course, there are already customers in the pipeline waiting to by 10, and MORE, of these twenty-five thousand dollar packages. That’s right! There are key business people very interested in getting 10 x $25,000 dollar packages and these are “mining power”, to mine from the blockchain, bringing coins to you passively every single minute. Ladies and gentlemen – if things were not already good enough with FuturoAdPro, where you got paid every 15 minutes passively.. this company now produces that passive income every single minute, 60 times per hour your wallet grows with Futuro. These packages are paying for the electricity and the hardware to cloudmine for you, to make it simple for everybody on the planet to make money every single minute. You could start with a hundred dollar package ($100) – you could buy multiple $100 dollar packages – you could buy 1 package today and 1 tomorrow and 1 an hour later.. you are buying mining contracts and these last for 2 years. So you get paid every minute from the blockchain for two years with a contract. Plus you can buy more mining packages and increase your mining power. Let me tell you this, ladies and gentlemen. The higher the package, the more power you have the more mining capability you have to get more coins for that package. The way I described it at our recent international event was: ..the 100 dollar package is like going to the mine with a little shovel to take some coins out. ..let’s say the 500 dollar mining package is like going to the mine with a bucket and a shovel to dig some coins out. ..the 1000 package is almost like going to the mine with a wheelbarrow, to take a wheelbarrow full of coins down from the mine. ..let’s say the 5000 dollars was a small JCB, a small digger ..and the 25,000 package is like full-power earth movers to go in and take as much coins, biggest amount of coins, from the blockchain right on into your digital wallet. The good news, ladies and gentlemen, is that from day 1, any coins that you mine yourself are immediately transferable to fiat currency and also to Bitcoin, as well. So very very important to the integrity of our blockchain, the honesty that this is a real mining project. Now, of course, this is passive mining. You don’t need to introduce anybody to get paid here. This is residual passive income.

FutureNet: More Chinese Market Support Plus FuturoCoin News

FutureNet sees the power and the passion and all of the success of FutureNet in China and we, in the company, made the decision to focus 100,000 percent in the Chinese market.

We have Chinese support now in the Ukraine and we will hire lots more people and here in our operations office, too.. so that means we will have much more people for customer support and managing the Chinese market.

There are two main questions about the Futuro coin:

The first question is “When I have the coin, can I sell the coin and buy the coin at any time?” – second question: “and how many accepting points will the Futuro coin be located?” “where can I pay with the Futuro?”

We know that already these existing platforms are coming to us and they want to handle the Futuro.

I have very good news for you, because the Futuro coin will be the coin with the most accepting points all over the world. And I have another good news for you.. maybe you will bring somebody to FutureNet who will accept the Futuro.. then WE will pay YOU the commission from ALL of this turnover.

One more time I want to Invite you to the event in Macau. In Macau we will have about 5000 people from all over the world from FutureNet coming together – we will have so much fun and will WILL launch the Futuro in Macau.

Integration Of New E-Wallet Solution: MyMercuryCard

Hello Curt Miller,

today is a very important day for our business! GetMyAds is growing very fast – we achieved now 300.000 members in more than 120 countries all around the world and our daily sales are increasing every week.

The most important current update is the integration of a new e-wallet solution so that we can handle all commission payouts as fast as you are used to it from the past.

Information about MyMercuryCard and how to get paid

The new e-wallet that can be used from now on for your commission payout is – side note: Mercury is the Roman god of financial gain.

Because of the massive volume of GetMyAds members there was no way around a payout limit per customer during the first few weeks. We tried to negotiate really hard with the bank and the owners, but please understand that we cannot just enter a bank like a “normal customer that gets a private bank account with such a high volume of GetMyAds members.

We still try to increase the limit for payouts for everybody as fast as possible. Now the actual limit for your first request using MyMercuryCard will be 1,000.00 USD and you will get payed within 4 business days. Based on the volume we will try to increase the limits and make it possible for you to make the 2nd payout request by March 1st without any limit.

Please open your free “Personal Account“ at:

Because of the fact that thousands of affiliates will open their accounts at the same time, please be patient with their support team. They now have to handle many questions and also do the validation of the accounts with personal documents. This may take a few days more than expected at the moment. But please be sure that this is just temporary.

Important information: You can ́t just validate the account with your documents at the moment. Please just wait with this process until you get a request to upload your documents when you login. This is because of the huge number of new registrations at the moment. We want to thank you very much for your patience in advance and please be sure that the MyMercuryCard support team is working really hard to fix everything.

Information about the wire transfers that are “in process”

Our first priority now is paying everybody with the new e-wallet system (MMC), because this is the only way to get back to the daily business as usual. Even with the limits now, most of the affiliates will receive their commissions punctual and we are working to find also a solution for the leaders who earn more than the temporary limit on MMC.

As soon as the process with MMC is working well and smooth, we will get back and catch up with the wire transfers. But now we cannot promise you the exact date of the payouts by wire transfer. But please trust us: We are doing our best and work really hard to get everything fixed as soon as possible!

We really recommend you not to use wire transfer anymore and focus on the MMC system. It won’t be a long time until we will get the limits increased or completely remove them. The

fewer payouts by wire transfer will be done – the easier we can handle payouts through the new MMC system!
We will keep you updated in the next days about the processes and hope to post more good news soon!

Have a successful week!

Your GMA Team

10AdsPay Healthy Account Relationship, Business Standing With SolidTrustPay

Hello 10AdsPay Family,
Another Good News we would like to share today – We are feeling proud and honoured to see 10AdsPay announced as a featured merchant in the SolidTrust Pay member’s area. This is a gesture provided to 10AdsPay based on our healthy account relationship and business standing with SolidTrust, to view this you can log on to your SolidTrust Pay member’s area as shown in the picture below.

Disclaimer: Image is edited to place our logo in order to mask some sensitive account information.
SolidTrust Pay

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Very Important CI Update

Folks Very Very Important Update

Good News And The Bad News

Lets Start With The Bad News First…

So this morning we realized that some of our merchant Api’s were compromised and as a result few million dollars were stolen from our corporate accounts…..

Attached find a few screenshots which shows how the accounts were being manipulated …

Even withdrawl requests of $29 million $$$ was placed 🙁

While most of the big transactions were being stopped but many small ones got instantly approved….

Fortuanetly 90 % of our corporate reserves in bitcoins were stored in offline wallets and hence we managed to save all of that but still a loss is a loss….

As a result now few things will be streamlined immediately and few rules will be implemented so we can make the system super secure and tight to prevent such attempts in future…

First of all – the tech team needs about 48-72 hours to go into the depth of this entire hacking attempt and get to the bottom of this..

Hence for everyone’s security – all payouts will be disabled for the next 72 hours till we are looking into this

After 72 hours the payouts will resume but all payouts will be manually approved atleast till the time we are 100 % sure on the security side of the things

Also KYC and one account per ip checks will be implemented asap…

In every situation there is a positive side and the positive side here I can see is that it happened now when we are still growing than happening lets say 6 months down the line when we would be a giant and we could have ended up lossing 100’s of millions of $$$$$..

So whatever happens happens for the best..

I know we are strong and we will work this out collectively as one big CI Family !


Next on the good news part 🙂

We just finished with our first major corporate tie up with The First Group ( Real Estate Investment company) based out of Dubai which offers attractive real estate investment options in Dubai and have come out with a special offer for all Click Intensity Customers…

Here is the link to check it out

Next in line are many major corporate deals which definately increase our advertising revenues…

So overall things are looking promising and these small roadblocks will keep on coming but together as one unit we will keep on marching ahead and change lifes across the globe

Long live Click Intensity…

Kindly tag all your teams into this post so they understand everything and have the right knowledge with them



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