How To Do Google Authenticator In FutureNet/FutureAdPro

Here’s a more updated version of how to do the google authenticator if you have switch out to a different phone, meaning if you had it on one phone but change to a different phone.

1) contact support, send ticket saying you need a reset of the barcode in your back office. Make sure you also send an image of your identification along with that (license or passport).

2) support will email you back telling you they reset the barcode in your back office. They will also give you instructions of how to do this if you aren’t familiar or forgot the steps to take.

3) download the google authenicator on your phone, Then you will open the ga app and take a photo of the barcode that is in your futurenet back office.

4) Once you have taken a photo you will then see the the 6 digits and a 30 second timer on the ga app. It will also say futurenet as well.

5) you will then use the current 6 digits and in your fn back office you will put this 6 digits in the space provided and next to it then press check. If it valid the barcode will disappear and you are good to go. If it says not valid that means you didn’t put in the correct 6 digits from your phone or put in the old digits, it has to be the current digits at that time.