The Kinds Of Posts That Will Not Get Our Approval?

REMINDER: We do NOT approve posts with email addresses, BTC addresses, processor ID’s, referral links etc. or WITHOUT disclaimers or the word: “INVESTMENT”. IF YOU posted a post and it was deleted, YOU know WHY. also in some cases please check YOUR INBOX!

(this is what you will see when you enter into ANY FB group for a revshare program)

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Voluntary Discount For Your Purchase Of Advertising Packages

Important to all members that promote MXR: At MXR we are getting an active members discount for advertising packages of up to 110%, when a member watches at least 10 ads of other advertisers per day.’
This is not an investment! The 2.5% are a voluntary DISCOUNT for your purchase of advertising packages. You are qualified for this DISCOUNT by clicking on 10 Millionaire ads.
Don’t tell anyone that adpacks are ‘earning’ money!

This beer is dedicated to all MX WORLD members. Prost!

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