The Power Of One – James Lee Valentine

Click the link below to view a book James wrote several years ago to help empower children with a positive mindset 🙂 THE POWER OF ONE (One Child Can Make a Positive Difference) is dedicated by James Lee Valentine to all the children of the world’s nations. You are all unique, special and exceptional human beings 🙂 For the happiness of all children and all adults, for the creation of a society where we can all look up at clear blue skies with smiling faces and smell the scent of sweet wildflowers… toward this end, James is striving to develop a great undercurrent of empowerment within the people of the world. This is the positive and empowering focus of the POWER Philosophy that he enthusiastically advocates.
Here is the book for you:

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Daily AdPack “Lottery” Comes To An End

Note: Due to strange malfunctions / manipulations within the ‘Win Adpack’ script (some members have won multiple times and even I was twice a winner) we decided to stop the daily adpack ‘lottery’ in MXR.
We will gave now a special drawing with James Lee Valentine once a month where James will pick some members from the pot and let them win special prizes.
100 ad clickers will still have better chances, but of course all adpack buyers will have chances to win as well. Inactive members cannot win anything.
More info about it during the next week.