Join MyPayingAds From This MPA Referral Link

This is the kind of strategy you would want to use if trying to build a team. A lot of people simple use their own referral link and that is it. Some team leaders actually use a referral link and do some sort of team rotator link, which is OK, too.. but..

When you create your own separate URL as a join link.. and this URL then points/re-directs to a company replicated referral link, you are getting the best of both worlds.

Why is this? Isn’t using the regular MPA referral link good enough?

Sure, your MPA link is cool for some situations – like if your friend asks you for your link. But other than that, especially if doing internet marketing and seo where you want to brand yourself, you want to have a link that you can have more control over.

Like, Here is MY custom MPA referral link:

You’ll notice that it re-directed to my company replicated link from My Paying Ads. This, in itself, is OK.. but I’m not using it to its fullest potential quite yet.

You see, I have the option to create a rotator out of this… without losing the link, itself. It will forward TO the rotator link, and from the rotator link it will then forward to whoever’s MPA link or links that I choose.

This way, is the only link that I’ll even need to promote. Plus you never know.. sometimes a company will change their link and then tell you that you have to go out there and modify all of your past links that you have posted around the internet. This isn’t cool.. so by doing what I’m doing here, we can avoid that possible train wreck. (there’s the non-link, of it)

You see, the power of doing this lies not only in ALWAYS having the exact same URL.. but also, it will get indexed and ranking into Google for the term.. in this case, “join mypayingads”


Here’s an example. I’m in another profit share website called MXRevShare. The “join link” that I created for this one, is

If you go to Google right now and type in “Join MXRevShare” you will find my link,, as a result there on the first page. Currently it is listed as #2 from where I’m looking, here in my neck of the woods  😉

It is incredible because I don’t even remember where I ever posted the link at, besides here in my blogs, and maybe on a Blogger or WordPress blog, as well. But it is ranking super-high, and I like it.