Over Two Thousand Adscash Members Have Already Withdrawn To Wallets

2000+ users Already have adscash withdrawn to their wallets
and are ready for trading starting March , 2018 !

You can verify this information on ether scan !

Here is the link : 


As explained in previous posts , you can withdraw all your adscash
tokens at once now to any ERC 20 compatible wallet 

Warning : Don’t withdraw them to any ethereum wallet inside a
exchange like bittrex , poloniex , kucoin , binance etc..

Make sure its a ERC 20 compatible wallet provided by myetherwallet.com

Moment you withdraw your adscash tokens and if you have followed
the process correctly , they should appear in your myetherwallet in few mins

All you got to do then is to add custom token and enter adscash contract address ,
decimal place and symbol which are mentioned in the link clearly
above and also in my previous posts and emails

Unlike many ICO”s where only big institutional investors are able to pump
in money leaving the average person high and dry

( example : arcblock , wepower and many others recently) here in
adscash family all of you have got a fair chance to grab your
share of adscash tokens

Once we start trading , together as a community we can take
adscash to new heights and get everyone here 10x to 100x richer…

Key word is HODL and spreading positivity than dumping everything
on launch day trying to crash the prices…

Fate of any crypto currency is decided by its community and you my
friends are an awesome group of people 

Lets do this

Nick Johnson
CEO – Ads.Cash

Say “Hello” To FutureNet

👋Say “Hello” to #FutureNet

Send a greeting to over 2 000 000 people from around the world!

Take a short video to participate in a large-scale video project “FutureNet Selfie Wall”

➡️Visit https://hellofuturenet.com
➡️Make a short video greeting for FutureNet
➡️Write your name and where are you from
➡️See your greeting in a large-scale video project

The greeting with all the participants will be posted on the FutureNet platform on Futuro Coin launch day,  11/25/2017.

Let’s MINE Some Futuro Coins!!

Hey, I’m totally new to this stuff, like most people are. Mining, that is. Oh ok I actually DID work in a copper mine but this is a bit different – I think. Haha

Are you might know, I put up a site where you can buy Futuro Coins soon.

Since you need to be a FutureNet member to actually make the coin purchases, I linked to my FutureNet page so that you can get registered right from there.

You see –  right now is a very special time for us. We get to get people excited and positioned before this thing even launches.

If they come in and go to the ROYAL position in the MATRIX then they will get 50 FREE Futuro Coins on launch day. Every day that they are already a ROYAL member before the launch.. they will get 1 coin per day.

I, myself, have been ROYAL since maybe MAY of last year so this is like 300 days plus it isn’t launching for another couple of months and I’ll get 50 on launch day. This is like 400+ coins that I will have just because I showed-up.

Now.. they are also giving EXTRA COINS if you have personally-sponsored members who also have upgraded to ROYAL.