200 AdPacks In TAT Puts You Into Leadership Pool

Today I am very proud to announce that I have become a GOLD member in TheAdsTeam

I have not really promoted this opportunity much to be honest so many of you guys don`t even maybe know I am involved…

This company is very transparent and honest and to be really really honest with you in a long time I have not seen leadership team that is supportive and open as these guys in TheAdsTeam

I want to thank my team in TAT... this would not be possible without you guys, you are all rock stars…

With my GOLD position I will receive a Samsung tablet in the mail and also I will now be paid every month from the special leadership pool !!!

For all of you who have been trying to find a great company with honest and down to earth admins here is the link !



To reach GOLD level in TheAdsTeam you need to have 200 adpacks and they all need to be 50$ ones. You also need to have 20 paid referrals who bought at least one 50$ adpack. It is easy to achieve and then you get paid monthly from the leadership pool. Current monthly payments are at around 400$…

TheAdsTEAM Is Generating A Lot Of Buzz In The Revenue Share Industry

TheAdsTEAM was launched on 15th October 2016. This company is generating a lot of buzz in the revenue share industry. Please find main features and benefits of TheAdsTEAM below:

Qualified, Credible and Experienced Owners

– I know the owners Muhammad Azam and Najam Ul-Hassan personally and they are my good friends. They’re not only well educated & experienced but I also found them very credible, dedicated and honest.

– Mr. Muhammad Azam is looking after the technical side of the business and Mr. Najam Ul-Hassan takes care of the marketing & development side. As they both have their own responsibilities that is helping TheAdsTEAM to grow faster.

Stable Business Model with Multiple Streams of Revenue

– TheAdsTEAM has a stable and very unique business model. It’s not just a revenue sharing advertising platform but they are also bringing shopping and educational platforms.

Shopping platform will add more stability to the company by generating more revenue.

– Educational platform or TheAdsTEAM Academy has a separate compensation plan. It will help members to become professional in internet marketing. It will also create additional stream of revenue for members and the company.

No Membership Fees | Earn FREE

– There is no membership fees at all to join TheAdsTEAM. On top of that you can also earn commissions & make money  by viewing PTC adverts as a free registered member.

Fast Revenue Share

– When you purchase AdPacks, you will receive Upto 120% revenue share with an average rate of daily 2%. That means a $50 adpack will generate $60 in about 60 days.

Referral Program

– TheAdsTEAM  also offers a generous referral program. Other than revenue share you also have an option to earn upto 13% of 5 levels deep referral commissions.

Leadership Pool

– This is very exciting from TheAdsTEAM for the people who can build & lead a team. 8% Commissions from all adpacks sales going directly to the company will be put into this pool and shared with gold members & above every month.

Rewards & Leadership Ranks

– Rewards and leadership ranks are also part of the compensation plan on top of revenue share, referral program and leadership pool. You can win tablet , mobile phone, mac book or holiday trip when you hit different leadership ranks.

Fast & Consistent Growth

– TheAdsTEAM is growing pretty fast and attracting top industry leaders already because of it’s unique business model.

I joined TheAdsTEAM on October 22, 2016 with 100 AdPacks of $50 each and my progress so far (22/12/2016) in about 2 months is as shown in the picture below:

theadsteam the ads team top best revenue sharing company to make money online

I am using the 100% repurchase/compound strategy for a regular stable income. I achieved the Gold Leadership Rank in 3 weeks and Diamond Leadership Rank just within 8 weeks of getting started. I am the first TheAdsTEAM Diamond Member in UK.

theadsteam best revenue share to make money onlinetheadsteam best revenue share to make money online

If you would like to benefit from this exciting opportunity then you can join now and…
theadsteam, top revenue share, make money online


For more information please watch the Getting Started Video or visit TheAdsTEAM Website. Please feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions or need help to get started.

15000+ Members joined TheADSTEAM in last 30 Days and Sales are going through Roof

We are ROCKING, Are You? TheAdsTEAM

We are Rocking, Are You? 15000+ Members joined
TheADSTEAM in last 30 Days and Sales are going through Roof.

15000+ Members joined TheADSTEAM in last 30 Days and Sales are going through Roof.

This is becoming one of the Biggest Launch of the industry with most of online marketers already on board and working together to make it The Biggest and Most Powerful Opportunity you have ever come across.

You must have activated your account by clicking on the verification email you received when you signed up. Your Username and Password is in that email.

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Great Offers for You;

Leadership Pool:
Be a Part of the 8% Leadership Pool with 200 AdPacks and 20 Direct Referrals (Gold Position).

Our First Pay-out for Leadership pool was $407.10 Per Person.

Make use of these offers to grow your Business. We are still in early days so you have an opportunity to spread the word and build a massive team.

We also recommend you to join our Facebook Group for updates and help:


We have just posted new training videos on our

youtube channel which will help you

build your TheADSTEAM Business….
Youtube Channel:
We recommend you must watch the Startup Training video to get going with TheAdsTEAM business:

https://youtu.be/zmTLmjrfWeI – Startup Training

Check them out – We are sure you will love them !

Best Regards,


We are ROCKING, Are You? TheAdsTEAM RevShare
We are ROCKING, Are You? TheAdsTEAM RevShare