Monthly Membership In MBW Can Now Be Extended From Promotion, Provision Balances

Guys you can now extend your monthly MBW (MultiBuyWorld) membership depending on your number of PR packs.

You can do it now and on April 7th it will be implemented so make sure you do it before that. You don`t want to leave any money on the table.

You’ll want to extend if you have the numbers of packs for those higher levels or if you have downline members that you want to be earning on.

You can pay it from promotion balance or provision balance or also use bitcoin/credit card.

It is all working and many other new features are coming real soon. I like the way company is doing this.

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MTB Site Offline At The Moment – Transfer Started

They have started the transfer. Site is offline at the moment. So if you have people interested to register please make sure they wait until February 15th…

Three things will happen on the 15th
1. People will be able to use bitcoin and cards to purchase
2. People will start surfing daily ads
3. People will start getting paid every 30 minutes

BOOM… MBW is going to take over the industry

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