How To Get MPCA Referrals Registered To You

It doesn’t matter if your journey with MPCA started today, last week, or the day it went live.. you can always use more MPCA referrals.

Am I right? The more people you can get in front of your MyPayingCryptoAds link – and specifically – the more who join your MPCA team. the easier and faster your rev share referral earnings will be.

This isn’t theory, or me guessing.. it is exactly what it is – the law of numbers and averages. You have to do what other affiliates out there just aren’t willing to do if you want to see results that are better than what the average MPCA affiliate is seeing.

The typical MPCA customer/member can’t sponsor or recruit to save their own life. Don’t be like them. I mean, it isn’t that they “can’t” recruit.. it is just that they either don’t know how or care to put out the efforts. One of the  “secrets” to getting tons of MPCA referrals registered to you, under your link, is to do exactly what I am doing here, with this post.

What I’m I doing with this post? Well, I titled the post “How To Get MPCA Referrals Registered To You” and wrote a bunch of small paragraphs, on the topic, using some of the title’s words here and there.. to give you some sort of an explanation of what I meant in the title.

Doing this drives traffic to this page.. for those keywords.. targeted traffic who might or might not even be enrolled in the MPCA program yet.

Give People A REASON to JOIN With Your MPCA Link

Yes – that wasn’t a typo. Why the heck would somebody want to join you? Well, to tell you the truth.. I can join ANYBODY and not really care. I don’t rely on anybody but myself for my success.

Most people, though, are looking for some sort of help or some kind of advantage when joining a program. So they search around for somebody making an offer that is better than just joining somebody without an offer. That is something to think about, isn’t it.

Me? I won’t offer you some sort of “training” or “course” that I otherwise would be selling for a set price. I WILL offer cashback on initial adpack purchases (it says on the site) and at some point might include cashback (also called “rcb”) for a certain amount of time or until the person hits a certain amount of adpacks in their account.

There you have it.. create content like this somewhere and make some sort of offer to them to join you and become your MPCA referral that way they benefit from it moreso than from just joining some random MPCA link they find on the internet.

Sure – there will always be other people out there offering “more” than what you have to offer. It might be a “perceived value” that doesn’t even exist. You cannot control that, though, right?

Below: What it looks like in your MPCA back office when you have 82 referrals that you sponsored.


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TAT: GoDaddy Discount Codes At TheAdsTEAM

“Right when I needed to get a domain name I spotted GoDaddy on our list of retailers! When I checked out there was a discount code in the promo box that gave me 30% off too. Way to go TAT!”  — very happy TheAdsTEAM member

GoDaddy discount codes at TheAdsTEAM
GoDaddy discount codes at TheAdsTEAM

MY 24: Bitcoin Withdrawal Cancellation

“bitcoin withdrawal cancellation…

for all withdrawals over the last 24 hours in BTC bal I have cancelled…

why we’ve decided to do this. On the past 24h withdrawals on BTC…because One of the bitcoin wallets that thousands of members are using in the system is doing updates and it’s slowing down our withdrawals on our end big time to the point where it might not be possible to hit that 72 hour withdrawal Mark…The simple solution to this is just to cancel all BTC withdrawals for the past 25 hours seeing that withdrawals are unlimited it won’t really make a difference for the member 🙂

Payza, perfect money and payeer withdrawals are fine and on schedule !!!

Please be patient and remember you’re a part of one of the best businesses in the world for making money online and advertising at the same time.

See the video if you want the full scoop 💪


BTC payments are back on everyone =) I just did 250 that were pending !!!”  – Drew

Almost Earning $1 Per Hour Every Hour Now

“I may not be earning hundreds a day yet in futureadpro but I am just almost earning $1 per hour every hour now. Almost $24 a day nonstop now by just clicking on 10 ads per day. It only going to go up from here on out.

And thank you Steve Lawson for me winning a free ad pack coming up, so cool. Your withdraw videos inspire us even more in this opportunity.”  – Excited FN / FAP Member

AdPackPro Review Fan Page Created

This is a test. I created a review of AdPackPro review fanpage on FutureNet and this post is the very first inbound link towards that page. I’m testing FutureNet’s fan pages for how powerful they are so that I can refer my buddies to the program, using these as a great reason to become at least a free member.  Afterall, you can’t use their fan pages for yourself unless you are a member.

My New TheAdsTEAM FutureNet Fan Page?

My New TheAdsTEAM FutureNet Fan Page is pretty cool.

I am an affiliate for TheAdsTEAM and as an affiliate, I am always looking for new ways to promote my own replicated referral url so that I can get sign-ups and build my network in this program. Referral commissions are powerful in a revshare program!!

TheAdsTEAM  is a revenue share program that has much to offer, especially compared to many of the other revshares out there that are cookie-cutter types. TheAdsTEAM (TAT) delivers lots of great traffic with a “better than cashback” model that makes it kind of irresistible. The best part of being an affiliate with them is the 5-tiered affiliate structure that has no qualifications!!  :–) (YES!! It pays on 5 levels!!)

I created a fan page in FutureNet to help me sponsor more people into my AdPackPro business. Here is my TheAdsTEAM fan page. Please go there and hit “like” so that you can get notified when I put new info up there!

This TAT page isn’t to be confused with the company’s FaceBook fan page. That is their own and used differently than mine is. I’m just a member trying to build MY TAT team.

Time For Immediate Action Is NOW

I like to think of this as the “bedding in” stage for TPL. We all know that the time for immediate action is NOW. Every moment of direct action taken NOW, will lead to HUGE advantages later on.

Check your Direct Referral Status. The potential is staring you right in the face. This is your warm lead list, it should not be ignored.

Many have hit the ground running already and every member of this team is going for it.

LEAD FROM THE FRONT, but be prepared to support from the rear if need be.

The Question Of Life And To Solve The Problem Of Poverty?

Three extrem people have sat in a coffee house in city of Vasvar today afternoon. They have talked about some interesting things. About questions of the life and to solve the problem of the poverty.

They agreed about business solution, network marketing, in other words MLM, which is a foreigner word to a lof of poeple if they heard about it. But there are some interesting poeple who want to believe in MLM so they are as well Millionaires and they are living an independent and happy life.

They have discussed about how could liberalize the all people of the world and to improve the Earth. To settle the poverty, to clear from the muck of Earth which we overflowed with.

We thought that it would be have a project where the all Network marketing Companies could place their advertising, their websites and their ideas, products and services.

And finally I have said a big YES to this opportunity! I always knewn, that Networking could be a sort of solving to our negative aspekt of our lifes. This could be the 8 hours minimal salary employee status and lack of the TIME.

The SOLVING is in our hands and we are ready to bring it to the worth of world with freedom and the abundance together.
This founder of this program is James Lee Valentine and it’s the MXRevShare Company.

Finally only ONE question is: The giant MLM Companies and Learders of the world can join to this common system, or it’s more important for them the self-determination?

As my guess it’s a better way the creation together in a team like separately. So LEADERS of big MLM Companies please BECOME ONE!

Go ahead WorldVentures, and Kairos, and Forever Living Products, and DXN, and Biocom and Dexcar!
I’m already a member of MXRevShare, but the question is: you will join also?

I’m waiting for your answer and I’ll happy if you will share your opinion with me. Of course you can like my comment also!

Thanks – Balazs Toth – Happy Member Of MXRS