Futuro Blockchain Technology Will Let Affiliates Earn From Stores

Imagine going into a coffee shop and offering them the opportunity to accept payment from their customers in both Bitcoin AND FuturoCoin. Then, after that, EVERY Futuro transaction that ever happens you’ll get a “cut” of the action from the transaction fees incurred by the store.

It is ideas like this that will allow us members to get our coin out there into the public much easier. When you think about it.. the majority of the world does not use cryptocurrencies yet. Maybe we will be the one to bring it to the masses. This is exactly how I see it playing-out.

MPA 2nd Anniversary Dinner Event – 2 Day Timetable Update

MPA 2nd Anniversary Dinner Event – 2 Day Timetable Update.

Members and partners attending our Dinner Event can also come to our unofficial lunch training sessions of Thursday 30th and Friday 31st, both at 12 noon in the Orchard Hotel Cafe, hosted by myself and several leaders. Ask questions in a fun informal environment.

Timetable of events:

Thursday 30th March 12 noon Orchard Cafe.
Join me and several leaders for lunch and a training session.

Thursday night 7pm The Intermezzo Bar Orchard Hotel
Casual drinks with members, informal meet and greet.

Friday 31st March 12 noon Orchard Cafe.
Join me and several leaders for lunch and a training session.

Friday 31st March 6.30pm Grand Ballroom
Official MPA 2nd Anniversary 8 Course Dinner
Tickets $50 to be prepaid via this link https://goo.gl/QRrnp2

Dress code: Look your corporate finest.

Hotel accommodation:

Choose you own hotel location depending on your budget.
We have a Deluxe 5 star room for 2 people for S$235 including breakfast at the Orchard Hotel, but members can stay at their own choice of hotel.
There are hundreds in Singapore are very reasonable rates starting $50 a night, check them out at booking.com.

Looking forward to an awesome event and meeting everyone.

Please secure your dinner ticket asap before they are gone

Daily AdPack “Lottery” Comes To An End

Note: Due to strange malfunctions / manipulations within the ‘Win Adpack’ script (some members have won multiple times and even I was twice a winner) we decided to stop the daily adpack ‘lottery’ in MXR.
We will gave now a special drawing with James Lee Valentine once a month where James will pick some members from the pot and let them win special prizes.
100 ad clickers will still have better chances, but of course all adpack buyers will have chances to win as well. Inactive members cannot win anything.
More info about it during the next week.

MXR: Don’t Promote MXRevShare Here

“No more tolerance for stupid things. Eventhough everyone can read the sentence “Don’t promote MXREVSHARE here!” there are hundreds of Millionaire and Bannerads daily that steal my time, because members are promoting MXR on MXR! How idiotic is that?
Other members just post stupid links into the Banner-URL field or other senseless REALLY ANNOYING stuff. So now – if a member wants to buy an adpack – he/she must first have a VALID Millionaire ad (not only posting shit) to be able to buy adpacks.
On Youtube I found a good video about banners and 2 webpages where even newbies can . Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=947WmNwXYeA
Bannermaker: http://bannerfans.com/banner_maker.php
Image Hosting (upload your pictures): http://s5.photobucket.com/”   — Janus  

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My24HourIncome Twitter Trend – Are YOU Game?

“Lets start a trend on twitter today for my24hourincome. If every member in the group posts a tweet with hash tag #my24hourincome at the same time. It will become trendy and we will get lots of traffic with new members. Let’s do it guys. I request everyone in the group to post a tweet at 12:00(Indian time) with #my24hourincome. Let’s Make It Large Do comment on this post so that all members can see it.”  – Ashish (happy MY24 guy – taken from the FB group)

Click Intensity: Welcome To The Team

“Dear members of group Click Intensity I want everybody to welcome to the team our associates with these names and i wish you congratulations and much success to everyone.
With Appreciation for all gezim cerka.
Florentina Livadara Greece Athens My sponsor Argiri Afratis
Giota Γιωτα Kosma Greece Athens my sposnor gizali poul
Rafail Mavri Cipro My sponsor Elizabeth Philippou
Elizabeth Philippou Cyprus my sponsor andry constantinou
ELENI Chris Vernikos Greece My sponsor MARIA PARTSILIVA
MARIA Maria Partsiliva Greece my sponsor Gezim Cerka
Andry Constantinou Cyprus my sponsor maria partsiliva
Argiri Argiris Afratis Greece, my sharply gizali poul
Jonada Ziso Alvania My sponsor Gezim Cerka
Konstantinos Alexandridis Greece
Zizel Gizali Chalkida Greece my sponsor Gezim Cerka
Agim Çengeli brother my sponsor gezim cerka”  – Gezim
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10AdsPay: Happy Four Months Anniversary

Happy Four Months Anniversary!!

**Growing daily!
**Fast withdrawls!
**Smooth website with no major downtimes or issues!
**Awesome program growth happening!
**Close to 9,000 members!
**Over $193,000.00 in Payouts!
**Fantastic Advertisement Opportunities!

I love this program! Thank you Ashish Shivram Nake and 10AP family!

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